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Origin Street Fighter 2
Debut: May 26, 2013
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Red Cyclone (Three rolling german suplexes)

Zangief is a character from Street Fighter and is an active member of the M4G-Nation Green roster. 

Zangief was a member of Buu Supremacy, a former Internet ChampionSolar Flare Champion, and Tag Team Champion as a  member of Red Death and may have been the biggest man in M4G-Nation history.


Buu SupermacyEdit

Zangief would make his debut by going into the ring. He would hit the three amigos on Yusuke Urameshi then he would hit three devastating german suplexes on Boba Fett breaking Boba's neck and allowing Jack-6 to pin Yusuke. He would then get two chairs and they would double chair shot Yusuke. Zangief would get a round of support from Buu and Bojack welcoming him to the roster. Zangief would make his in ring debut on June 6th vs Darth Vader. They would faceoff in a brutal last man standing match where Zangief would defeat him. Zangief tried to break Darth Vader's leg but was stopped by Captain Falcon. Zangief would battle Bane and if Bane could beat Zangief then Bane would fight Jack-6 for the M4G-Nation Championship. They would both be counted out ending the match in a draw. He was seen backstage with Buu assaulting Master Chief. This caused a tag team match that Chief was supposed to be scheduled in to become a 2 on 1 handicap match involving Supremacy members, Captain Planet/Pollution and Jesus, against The Hulk. He would later slam Hulk's head through a car window to convince Master Chief to give Captain Pollution a shot at the Galactic Championship at Singularity. In a tournament for a shot at the Internet Championship, Zangief defeated Raphael in the first round, Red Ranger in the second, and V in the finals. He then beat Sephiroth after spearing him through barricade and became the new Internet Champion. Zangief was the 32nd entrant in the August 11th, 2013, Royal Rumble for a shot at the M4G-Nation Championship and was eliminated by King. On a State of the M4G-Nation, he was scheduled to fight alongside Buu and Bojack against Goku, V, and Dante at Solar Eclipse 2 in a match where the losing team must disband forever. However he betrayed his allies siding with Captain Pollution and Jesus to join La Pollution.

Road to GoldEdit

Zangief was the 3rd competitor to enter the inaugural Royal Rumble of the Road To Gold Series. He eliminated Cookie Monster, Sephiroth, Deadpool, The Hulk, Jason Voorhees, and Vegeta before being the last man eliminated by Ryu. Zangief defeated Hulk after a sidewalk slam from the top rope during the Road to Gold Series. A few more wins and he would end Road to Gold second. In the gauntlet matchup at M4Gamania 2 Trouble in Jamaica he would enter the match third beating Vegeta before ralling to Ryu.

Change of heartEdit

Zangief would join La Pollution members Captain Pollution and The Joker to battle Mortal Kombat where Zangief would be pinned by new roster member Reptile. With the brand split Zangief would have a change of heart as Pollution say no more use for Zangief. Zangief had not learned English and thus was forced to work for those who used his power. He would win a fatal four way matchup to become the first Solar Flare Champion beating Raiden, Hulk, and Space Ghost. He then teamed up with the debuting Red Tornado to form Red Death in a match against Captain Falcon and Paul Phoenix and won by making Falcon submit to a bearhug. Red Death would pick up another win vs Chaos Theory to represent M4G-Nation Green and defeat Mortal Kombat to win the titles at Space Jam but would lose them to New Mortal Kombat at Supernova 2.

Theme SongEdit

Zangief Theme (Remix)

Zangief Theme (Remix)


  • Zangief has only been pinned by three men. These include Reptile, Ryu, and Dante. However, Dante's pin is debatable due to Zangief having lost the match on purpose.
  • He is one of two roster members to be actual wrestlers in their series' canon storylines, the other being King.
  • His moveset in Street fighter was based on grappling and was much slower. In M4G-Nation he is much faster and uses grappling moves to control matches.
  • In Street Fighter his special move was the Spinning Piledriver while in M4G-Nation he uses German Suplexes.
  • His Nickname is The Red Cyclone.
  • Zangief's championship entrance mimics that of The Rock.