Yusuke Urameshi
Origin Yu Yu Hakusho
Debut: April 4, 2012
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Spirit Gun (Spinning argentine slam)

Yusuke Urameshi is a paranormal detective from the popular anime series YuYu Hakusho. He is an active member of the M4G-nation and completes on a regular basis.

Yusuke is a former Inter-Universal Championship winner, a Money in the Bank winner, and the winner of the first ever M4G-Nation Royal Rumble . Yusuke has been fighting for a long time debuting on Team Urameshi on the 7th episode of the M4G-nation history. He has been bruised, broken, stolen from but remains a strong member of the roster as one of the best.


Early WinsEdit

Yusuke debuted on April 4 2012 alongside Kuwabara as Team Urameshi vs. Ash Ketchum and Brock as Team Old School to crown the first tag team champions. Yusuke put in a hard effort but was pinned by Brock losing the titles. Yusuke would rebound by completing in the first royal rumble on April 27. He would come out at 27 and eliminate Ash, Cid Highwind, and Matt Ishida to become the first ever Inter-Universal Championship.

He would defend the title vs. Goku in a three stages of hell matchup. It was a very destructive match but in the end Yusuke won the match. Yusuke was then able to defeat King in steel cage match at Galactic Throwdown.

But a new fighter would put Yusuke's title reign to a hold. Buu would debut shortly after Galactic Throwdown and make it known he wanted the title. Buu would steal the title away from Yusuke and would become the champion. As Buu built his Supermacy adding more and more members Yusuke would made a bet with Buu. If Jesus could beat Trunks for the Atom-Weight Championship Yusuke would not get his chance, but if Trunks won Yusuke would get a match at Solar Eclipse. Then at Solar Eclipse if Yusuke won Buu would leave M4G-nation forever. Buu accepted and tried to help Jesus win but Yusuke would not let that happen and Trunks won the match setting up Buu vs. Yusuke for the Inter-Universal Championship at Solar Eclipse. The match was contested under a hell in the cell but Buu came out on top.


Yusuke would try to win the second ever royal rumble coming out at 15 but it did not happen as he was knocked out by Subzero. Yusuke would take a month off and return to want a rematch vs. Buu. But Bojack came out saying if he beat Bojack Yusuke would get a rematch with Buu. Yusuke was able to win and became number 1 contender. However Darth Vader was the winner of the second Royal rumble. Buu made a match of Yusuke vs. Darth Winner. The winner would take on Buu at MG4aMania. Darth Vader would win foiling Yusuke's plan to become the champion. Yusuke then took a break from fighting and left for a long time.

Yusuke would return on November 7th beating down the Inter-Universal Champion Captain America turning heel. Yusuke would five days later challenge the Inter-Universal Championship for the title. Captain America made a deal, if Yusuke would beat Captain Planet he would get a shot. Yusuke would use a chair and get DQ giving Captain Planet the win. Yusuke would cut a promo on December 15th stating he wanted Captain America to give me him a shot no hurdles. However Darth Vader came out also wanting a shot. Captain America would come out saying he would take both of them on and the winner of the royal rumble which turned out to be Packard. However Buu the winner of Money in the Bank would cash in to get in on the match. It would be a Championship scramble match at Big bang PPV on December 30th 2012. Yusuke would come out third but was unable to win the match ad Darth Vader would get the only pin. Yusuke would next fight in a exterme rules match vs Skeletor vs Bandit Keith vs Space Ghos t. Yusuke would be unable to win the match when Bandit Keith pinned Skeletor.

Danger of leavingEdit

By this time Yusuke Urameshi had fallen to the bottom of the M4G-Nation points and as of 2/5/13 had a grand total of 961 points and 46th out of 46 fighters. He would take time off to try to rebound from this. Yusuke would return to face Wolverine March 7th 2013 winning the matach and getting key points.Still he had hit the bottom of the ranked of the M4G-Nation. He would faceoff vs Blackwing on April 11th 2013 and if Blackwing won Yusuke would leave the M4G-Nation. Yusuke would win the match to retain his job. He would next try to win the royal rumble match on April 13th 2013. He would enter 31st but would be taken out by Ryu and fail to get back to the main event.

Quest for the M4G-Nation ChampionshipEdit

Yusuke however would change his luck around as he completed at Vernal Equinox in a money in the bank match. The match is notable as it had Yusuke, Darth Vader, Captain America, and Buu. All four men were former M4G-Nation Champions and Captain America and Buu were former Money in the bank winners. Yusuke won the match and the money in the bank contract. He would use it later that night when he answered M4G Champion Jack-6's open challenge. Yusuke narrowly lost when Jack-6 used Yusuke's Sprit Gun. After the PPV Yusuke would sit atop a ladder and cut a promo saying he wanted to prove himself to Goku, Master Chief, and everyone fighting vs. the Buu Supremacy. Yusuke then claim he put on a hell of a match and that he was tried and that Jack-6 needs to watch his back turning face in the process. Jack-6 would then announce that he would take on Yusuke and Boba Fett in a triple threat match at Sonic Boom to end talk of who should fight for the M4G-Nation Championship. Yusuke and Boba accpeted stating it did not matter who won as long as the title is no longer belonging to a member of the Supermacy. Yuske and Boba would control the match until a new wrestler Zangief  would come out and destory both Yusuke and Boba. Yusuke would take a double chair shot from the new man and Jack-6. Jack-6 would try to break Yusuke's leg but Link who was thought to be dead would return to save Yusuke from the attack.

Team M4G-NationEdit

Yusuke would not appear for a while in the M4G-Nation, but showed up July 15th with fellow Team Goku members Boba Fett, Captain America, and Dante during a State of the M4G-Nation event. He announced the group's return as Goku was absent, saying the Supremacy would soon fall. He was strangely not seen in the limousine a week previous when many members of the stable returned.

Yusuke was the final entrant in the August 2013 Royal Rumble and was eliminated by Boba Fett. He lost inaugural Royal Rumble of the Road To Gold Series. He and 6 other members of Team M4G-Nation defeated The Supremacy in a 7 on 7 elimination tag match at Solar Eclipse 2. Afterwards, Yusuke lost a fatal fourway match in the RT.GS He would then lose to Vegeta in the Road to Gold series.

Hiatus and Return Edit

During the brand changes, Yusuke would take some time to train and hone his skills. He would return as the surprise 7th man for the 7v7 tag team match on M4G-Nation Greens side in a losing effort. He would then call out Devimon and would face him later the same night in a match. Yusuke would put up a good fight but he would accidentally knock down the referee causing Devimon, with help of Cell, to use a chair giving Devimon the win. Yusuke would be featured in a couple of matches but he would lose each time. He and Goku would team up once more to face the Neo-Underworld for a shot at the Tag Team Championship and would win the match. He and Goku would go onto face the Xotica Xpress at Solar Eclipse III. The two would throw everything they had at the Xotica Xpress and would win the match.

Theme SongEdit

Yu Yu Hakusho Yusuke Power Up Theme Music

Yu Yu Hakusho Yusuke Power Up Theme Music


  • Yusuke is the first ever Inter-Universal Champion, first ever royal rumble winner, and third ever money in the bank winner.
  • Yusuke has taken a long amount of time off as a result of injuries and setbacks.
  • Yusuke has been referred to be deaf and an idiot by the members of the commentating crew (Packard especially).
  • Yusuke has been known as "Dashing Yusuke" for his close likeness to real life WWE superstar Cody Rhodes.
  • Yusuke is the first man to go from bottom of the points to fighting for the M4G-Nation Championship.
  • Yusuke has a career 7-11 record not counting royal rumbles.