"The Rapid Wolverine" Wolverine
Origin Marvel comics
Debut: November 17, 2012
Career: Active
Finishing Move: "(Forward fireman's carry slam")

James 'Logan' Howlett, better known as Wolverine, is a superhero from the X-Men comic book and movie series, and was a fictional wrestler that competes on the M4G-Nation Blue .

Debuting on November 17, 2012, Wolverine has appeared in numerous matches, has participated in the Royal Rumble twice, and is one part of the tag team Kings of the Jungle, formed with King, who are former #1 contenders for the Tag Team Championship. However, he was fired from the M4G-Nation on the 6th of July 2013.


Wolverine's debut came near the beginning of the M4G-Nation's WWE '13 transition on November 17 in a singles match against former Galactic Champion #1 contender Bane, where he would acheive victory over the Batman villain. Wolverine then made an appearance in the third canon Royal Rumble match, entering at #21 and garnering no eliminations before being eliminated himself at the hands of former Marvel comics canon rival The Hulk. The superhero then appeared in the second of three triple threat matches to earn #1 contendership for the Galactic Championship. In this match, which also included former Galactic Champion Master Chief and former #1 contender for the aforementioned title Bojack, the former of the two left the ring victorious, pinning Bojack while Wolverine was occupied at ringside. The final of Wolverine's sporadic appearances was against former Inter-Universal champion Yusuke Urameshi, where Wolverine was unsuccessful in toppling the former world title holder.

On April 12, 2013, Wolverine teamed up with veteran wrestler King to form a tag team called Kings of the Jungle. Together, they reigned victorious over the Million Dollar Bounty and Buu Supremacy's own The Supremacy, therefore earning #1 contendership for the Tag Team Championship against Mortal Kombat at Vernal Equinox. The two tag teams squared off under Hell in a Cell rules, but the Kings of the Jungle failed to dethrone the team of Sub-Zero and Scorpion. A second appearance in the Royal Rumble was made by Wolverine, who participated as one of the starting entrants alongside Bandit Keith. This time, Wolverine was able to eliminate Django and Bojack before being the fourth wrestler to be eliminated in the rumble by the Hulk.

Having sought after the Tag Team Championship once more with King, the duo were unsuccessful in replicating their title pursuit once more due to their loss to former tag team contendership rivals The Supremacy. His final match would be of a pink slip triple threat tables match also including Skeletor and Khal Drogo, where the first person to go through a table would be fired from the M4G-Nation. In the relatively brief confrontation, Wolverine was sent through a table via a powerbomb courtesy of Khal Drogo, and therefore Wolverine departed from the M4G-Nation.

Despite his resignation from the M4G-Nation, Wolverine made a temporary return in a Promo Match celebrating the release of his own film. He appeared accompanied by fellow Marvel Comics characters Cyclops and Sabretooth as the X-Men to face the Avengers in what was the latter's fourth ever six-man tag team elimination match. In retribution of The Hulk eliminating him in the last two Royal Rumbles, Wolverine made The Hulk submit to the Crippler Crossface (Ironic in that the submission hold was popularized by former real life professional wrestler Chris Benoit, who owned the nickname 'The Rabid Wolverine') to score the first elimination. Cyclops pinned both Captain America and Iron Man to successfully sweep the Avengers in their first encounter as a three man tag team.

Wolverine would appear to be drafted back to the M4G-Nation on the Blue roster and would win the first of the fatal four way matchups for the new M4G-Nation Blue Championship vs KratosScorpion, and Robin. Wolverine would end up losing the match for the Blue title and would be featured in other matches along the way but would not gain a lot of recognition, except from Royal Rumbles where he would be in the top five on separate occasions, through the rest of 2K14.

2K15 Edit

Wolverine would be featured in the Blue and Comic Book Royal Rumbles but would fail to win either one. He would later face Ironman and Nightwing in a triple threat match as a Money in the Bank qualifying match which he would win.

Theme SongEdit

Old Singles

X-Men Origins Wolverine Theme

X-Men Origins Wolverine Theme

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Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Theme of Wolverine-0

Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Theme of Wolverine-0

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X-MEN Theme(90's Cartoon) HD Quality

X-MEN Theme(90's Cartoon) HD Quality


  • Wolverine appeared in the M4G-Nation without his adamantium claws retracted. This is due to a ficitional rule imposed on wrestlers, forbidding them from utilizing their superpowers during a match. In reality, though, the lack of claws are due to the inability for players to create claws located between one's knuckles (which would mirror the location of Wolverine's claws) in the create-a-wrestler mode.
  • He currently holds a win/loss record of 3-5 (excluding Royal Rumble matches).
  • In both of his royal rumble match appearances he was eliminated by long-time rival in Marvel Comics The Hulk.
  • Wolverine and The Terminator share the same entrance.