The following page is the Wiki M4G-Nation Draft game played among the three makers of the M4G-Nation wiki. The game was made for fun and rules can be seen here The M4G-Nation Draft Game.

This game is the M4G-nation version of Fantasy Football in which the players draft wrestlers and see how well they have done when it comes to picking fighters. 

Game 1 Start date June 11th 2013 End date M4GamaniaEdit

Players: Captain97G, KookyKaptainKrunch, TomRobinson5199

Draft results      Edit

Link to Draft seen here Round 1: Captain97G Jason Voorhees TomRobinson5199 Vegeta KookyKaptainKrunch Buu

Round 2: Captain97G Kratos TomRobinson5199 Cookie Monster KookyKaptainKrunch Ezio

Round 3: Captain97G Captain Pollution TomRobinson5199 Bojack KookyKaptainKrunch Bane

Round 4: Captain97G Ash Ketchum TomRobinson5199 Captain Falcon KookyKaptainKrunch Sephiroth 

Round 5: Captain97G Master Chief TomRobinson5199 Yusuke Urameshi KookyKaptainKrunch Deadpool

Round 6: Captain97G Dale Earnhardt Jr. TomRobinson5199 Zangief KookyKaptainKrunch Trunks

Round 7: Captain97G Adolf Hitler TomRobinson5199 Jack-6 KookyKaptainKrunch Jesus

Round 8: Captain97G Ironman TomRobinson5199 Megaman KookyKaptainKrunch Mortal Kombat

Round 9: Captain97G Seriously Too Cool TomRobinson5199 Goku KookyKaptainKrunch none

Round 10: Captain97G none TomRobinson5199 Batman KookyKaptainKrunch King

  • For the Harlots order would switch and KookyKaptainKrunch would go first while Captain97G would go last

Round 1: KookyKaptainKrunch Daphne Blake TomRobinson5199 Bulma Captain97G Cammy

Round 2: KookyKaptainKrunch Dawn TomRobinson5199 Harley Quinn Captain97G Hermione Granger

Round 3: KookyKaptainKrunch Jessica Rabbit TomRobinson5199 Chun Li Captain97G Taylor Swift

TMNXT Draft ResultsEdit

Teams Edit

KookyKaptainKrunch Team Hell Yes 

Ezio, Bane Sephiroth, Deadpool, Trunks, Mortal Kombat, King, Ryu(M4G-Nation Champion), Raiden, Daphne Blake(Harlot Divison Championship, Dawn, Jessica Rabbit      Points: 715

D League:, The Punisher(TMNXT Champion), Waldo, Popeye

TomRobinson5199 Super Saiyan Smash Bros 

Vegeta (Captain), Cookie Monster (Vice-Captain), Captain Falcon, Tien Shinhan(Atom Weight Championship) , Zangief, Megaman, Goku, Skeeter Valentine, Earthworm Jim, Posedion(Tag Team Champion), Bulma, Harley Quinn, Poision Ivy     Points 660

D League:The Juggernaut, Piccolo, Nappa, Kick-ass a.k.a. Super Saiyan Dragon Brawlers

Captain97G 13 Lucky Charms 

Jason(Captain), Kratos, Captain Pollution, Ash, Master Chief(Galactic Championship), King Leondias,Yusuke Urameshi, Link ,V, Khal Drogo(Tag Team Champion) Cammy, Hermione Granger, Taylor Swift      Points 500

D League: James Bond, Iron Patroit, Charmander, Joey Ryan, Johnny Bravo

Daily points awarded/lostEdit

M4Gamaina 2Edit

Atom Weight fatal four way Tien pins The Joker Tom wins 10 pinfall points and 20 retainment points

Road to Gold series matchups. Vegeta beats Kratos, Zangief beats Vegeta, Ryu beats Zangief. No points for Captain97 or Tom. KookyKaptain wins 10 pinfall and 100 tournemnt points

Tag Team Ezio and V vs Bane and Space Ghost. none of our guys gets pinned

Hardcore Championship fatal four way Big Daddy wins. Tom loses Hardcore Championship

Galactic Championship no points won or lost.

M4G-Nation Championship Ryu beats Bandit Keith. KookyKaptainKrunch wins 10 pinfall points and 75 championship points

Captain97 gains nothing Tom gains nothing KookyKaptainKrunch wins 295 points.

Final standingsEdit

3rd Captain97 500 pointsEdit

2nd Tom Robinson 660 pointsEdit

1st KookyKaptainKrunch 715 pointsEdit