As many of you know Jack-6 is the current MG4-Champion. Before that he owned the Galactic Championship for a record 214 days. he has destoryed everyone in his path. Someone new needs to step up and take on the fight. Goku and his team while strong have had many chances. Vegeta and Cookie Monster does not seem like a fit nor do i see him being able to take the title. Tein is still very new to the roster. The Tag champs are in a feud with  So who esle can defeat Jack-6? Enter Jason


When Jack-6 was the Galactic Champion he was much the same was as no one could beat him. He called out the roster looking for someone to fight him. Jason winner of the Halloween Royal rumble steps up and defeats Jack-6 in a non title match. Jack-6 and Jason have an iron man match with Jason about to beat Jack-6 when Jack-6 tied it with 1 second left. Jason then defeats Jack-6 in a chamber matcha and the other men to become Galactic champion. He then beats Buu, Marcus Fenix, Master Chief, and Cookie monster. In other words a former MG4-Champion, former HardCore Champion, a former Galactic champion in ladder match, Triple Threat, and Inferno. He just lost the title to Master Chief but Jason's Regin as Galactic champion lasted 120 days. As far as Jack-6 is concerned he was has never beaten Jason and Jason has everything needed to beat Jack-6.


Jason has proven over his time that he can do some very nice wrestling skills. He has a decent amount of speed and can keep up with other fighters. Jason's power is amazing as he can hit people with many types of power moves. Including Tombstones pile drivers, Crystal Creek Powerbomb, and his finisher With Arms Wide Open powerbombs. Jason has been a vetran since entering the M4G-nation and has faced all types of fighters on the roster. Something big to point out is unlike most wresters he knows when and how to end a match with out slowing down. As a result Jason is among the best powerhouses outside of the Supermacy.


As of this blog Jason has the most points in the entire M4G-Nation. Jack-6 is number two. Considering that Jack-6 has been on the roster since May 18th 2012 and Jason joining October 31st 2012 this is huge. It means Jason has had more matchs or he has done better at certain events then Jack-6. When you look at the top ten most of the champions are in the top ten and since Jason has more points then all of them. Well you get my point.


Will Jason get the title shot? Only time will tell. But as a editor of a major part of the wikia(Including the building of Jack-6 and Jason's profiles) I had to look at the history of the nation. To me there is no one esle except Jason who should challenge for Jack-6's M4G-Nation Championship.

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