Fresh off Sonic Boom we are at the one year mark with the M4G-Nation. Overall there have been many cool moments in the history of M4G-Nation. Spots in matchs that make them really cool, storylines moments that make us all go WTF, and debuts and returns that are all amazing. This is a countdown of the 10 coolest moments.


Honorable Mentions

On October 1st 2012 there was a fatel four way match for the Atom Weight championship. Trunks vs Ezio vs Captain Planet , vs Jesus in a tlc match. Ezio would get on the top rope as the other three were fighting in the middle of the ring. Ezio would then springbroad off the rope and hit all three men. Ezio would lose the match but is a cool moment in history. moment happens 9:05-9:13

At Big Bang ppv it was a triple threat match for the Atom Weight title with Trunks, Ash, and Sketeer. Ash would climb the ladder and get to the title but Sketeer would knock the ladder over. Ash would hang from the title for the thrid time. Trunks would take out Sketeer and then get to the top rope and hit Ash with a mid air spear into a ladder. While this moment was cool it did not lead to the end of match and the result in the end did not matter.

10. Fucked off

Ash would enter the royal rumble of April 13th on a mission to become a two title holder. He would enter the ring, punch Myotismon, bounce off the rope, take a punch from Myotismon, and then gets kicked out of the ring by Myotismon. There were three things that made this awesome. The first was the fact that it was a record. The second was that Ash's theme song ended right after he landed outside the ring. The third was the fact that he was limping after landing lending to the famous qoute "How are you limping?". One of the coolest moments to the most hated man.

9. Dale Earnhardt Jr. and cars

Vegeta was the Hardcore Championship holder at the time. At Absolute Zero he was walking home when a car came out of nowhere and ran him over. Dale Earnhardt Jr. would be the driver and would take out Vegeta in five minutes to become the Hardcore Champion in his debut. This moment is low on the list because it is the hardcore championship and there have been many more meaninful moments with higher titles. But this was a cool moment.

8. Ash steals one

At the Big Bang ppv in the triple threat for the Atom weight championship was winding down. Trunks was climbing the ladder on one side while Sketeer was on the other. Sketeer would grab Trunks and hit the rock bottom onto a table that was set up and then hit a frog splash. But Ash would use this time to climb the ladder and get the championship. This moment was cool but for all the wrong reasons and cements Ash as one of the hated men in M4G-Nation history.

7.  Bulma is killed

Harlot Division Champion Bulma would be in the ring cutting a promo the day after Supernova as well as her attacks at the event.She would be attacked by a masked firgue who would throw her into the ring and set her one fire killing Bulma. This moment in time shocked us the M4G-Nation and fans.

6. Glass Breaks

From the start the royal rumble of December 22nd 2012 was going to be special. Wether it was the M4G-Nation booth taking part in the match, to Ezio's history making run or Packard winning the rumble. Something about it made it the best. But it was not until number 25 would it really be highlighted. The HulkKing Leondias, Buu , and  Ezio when 25 was to come out. The Glass broke and out came Stone Cold Steve Austin. Stone cold would go head to head with members of the M4G-Nation and it would be an amazing moment in time.

5. Superkick

The major reason for this list was this moment. At sonic boom it was a match for the DD Championship between The Jigglypuffs and The Griffonwhores. But it would not be Hermione Granger her partner Daphne or longtime roster member Misty that would shock. Dawn a new comer proved why she would be a superstar. She would destory Hermione by hitting a moonsault from the top road to the announce table to spearing Hermione through the barricade. But it was when Hermione would try to hit a flying axehandle that moment happened. Quick thinking Dawn would hit a superkick and knock Hermione out allowing her to pin the champion and win the match and titles for her team. It is a moment you all will speak of.

4. Cash in

Darth Vader had just beaten Buu to become the Inter-Universal Championship at M4Gamaina. It was long hard fought and Darth Vader was tired. He was going to go from WWE 12 to WWE 13 with the championship. Enter Captain America. The Money in the bank winner had yet to cash in and took two months off. So no one thought that he would cash in. But he would beat down a wounded Darth Vader and become the champion in the span of about four minutes.

3. Whoa with only cuts and Bruises

Yusuke Urameshi has not had an easy M4G-Nation career. He had been the first ever Inter-Universal Championship winner. It was stolen by Buu who destoryed Yusuke. Yusuke was last on points and was nearly fired two different times. So at Vernal Equinox when Yusuke won money in the bank many thought he would wait. He did wait for about 1 hour and woudl cash in on Jack-6's open chanllenge. Yusuke was called the dumbest person in M4G-Nation history by packard but would provide an awesome match. The moment of cashing in stands out.

2. Who the fuck is that?

This was the question asked about Zangief. He ran to the ring while the triple threat match for the M4G-Nation Championship between Jack-6, Yusuke, and Boba Fett. Jack-6 would have issues with the match for even he can't handle the two fighters when they worked together. So Zangief would come out hit both men with his finisher and allow Jack-6 to get the win. Boba would be broken and carted away while Zangief and Jack-6 would destory Yusuke. Zangief made himself known in the biggest way.

1. WHAT?????

Jack-6 was not done with Yusuke. After the title match and beat down at Sonic Boom Jack-6 wanted to end Yusuke's career by breaking his leg. He would wrap a chair and was about to stomp on it when music came on. Out comes Link who was thought to be dead. He would come back from 11 months of being gone and attack Jack-6 and save Yusuke Urameshi. This moment stands out among the others who have watched M4G-Nation from the beginning can like this the most.

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