Championships. By them we measure a wrester by how much they fight for them. Championships mean so much to the fighters as they are the life blood of any promotion and they need top be kept in tact. If a title has meaning then the wrester holding it has meaning. M4G-Nation has many championships such as the Atom-Weight ChampionshipHardcore ChampionshipHarlot Division ChampionshipTag Team Championship. However two championships in particular mean so much the M4G-Nation and stand above all others. The Galactic Championship, and the M4G-Nation Championship are the two highest titles in the M4G-Nation but which one is the most important?

Factors of a Championship


A important Championship factor is the image of the title. By image we mean to say what is it thought of when a championship is under consideration. The Galactic Championship has always been viewed as the secondary championship. It holds the future main eventers who fight and strive to become the best. But the M4G-Nation Championship is held by the best of the best. To be M4G-Nation Champion is to be the best of the whole nation and no one esle can defeat you. This is not close Edge---M4G-Nation Championship.


Prestige means to hold a good reputation or be held in high esteem. Overall both titles are held in the highest prestige. Both are seen in the eye as main event titles. However once again while the Galactic Championship is for the future main eventers the M4G-Nation Championship is the main event. Edge---M4G-nation Championship

Quality of Wresters

One of the most important factors is the wresters holding the belt and the people fighting for the belt. The M4G-Nation championship only can be fought for by the top ten while the Galactic championship can be fought for by anyone in the top 35. However there is something important that needs to be noted. The Galactic Championship has only had three people hold since the title inception. Jason VoorheesJack-6 and current champion Master Chief. While the M4G-Nation championship has had Captain AmericaYusuke UrameshiDarth VaderBuu and current champion Jack-6. Taking away everyone who has ever tried to win the titles if you look at the former champions listed the Galactic championship has been held by only three people compared to five. Another thing to notice is that those three are all in the top ten and former champion Jason being number 1. The M4G-Nation fomer champions are 32, 26, 16 and 14 and current champion Jack-6 is second. Anyone who has never seen the titles before only having to go off the stats then they would guess that the one with a shorter list and better stars was the top title. They would aslo guess that all the former champions have dropped off the face of the earth after losing there titles which they all have at some point after losing the titles. Edge--- Galactic Championship

Quality of regins

Title regins are judged by the length of which they were held and the matchs had which will be talked about below. The Galactic championship holds the longest title regin of 215 days by Jack-6 and Jason's regin of 120 days which are two very long title regins. Yusuke's, Captain America's, Darth Vader's, and Buu's, regins are very short with all four's regins not lasting longer then 60 days. Only Jack-6 has had a decent run as champion which as of this blog is 112 days long.  Another is that the regins of the four former title holders were all not very memorable and only Jack-6's is. Jack-6 and Jason had many good matchs in there regins as Galactic champion. Edge--- Galactic champion.

Quality of matchs

Matchs and how they are fought are what really make for a championship. The more really good matchs a champion has during there regin the more that title means as well as how a champion is crowned. What defines a good match is by the number of spots in a match, the wresters using many types of moves and all types of stiplations used to defend the title. What makes for a great match is the emtion and tension of the fighters on display as well as the moments that will be remembered by all time. An important factor is rivalries such as Jack-6 vs JasonJason Vs. Master Chief, or Goku vs Jack-6. The M4G-Nation champion Jack-6 has had two of the best matchs in the nation which are MOY candidates which are Jack-6 vs Goku at Northern Lights and Jack-6 vs Yusuke Urameshi at Vernal Equinox. Master Chief won his title from Jason in a very good match at Vernal Equinox. Other matchs of note inculde the Championship scramble match at the Big Bang won by Darth Vader, as well as the iron man match of Novmember 13th 2013 between Jason and Jack-6. Overall it is hard to guess which one has had the better matchs as they are so very good so no one title has an edge. Edge---Draw


Overall both titles mean a lot to the M4G-Nation becuase without them the nation would not survive. However to answer which title means more is tough. Overall both have things that make them better than the other while both are drawed in different places. However Image and Prestige are the major factors and the fact that the M4G-Nation title is The Championship. Therefore the M4G-Nation Championship is the championship but should something happen in the future the Galactic championship could become The Championship.

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