Origin Real Life
Debut: December 22nd 2012
Career: Inactive
Finishing Move: Unknown
Trevor, born on June 15 1985, is a member of the M4G-Nation crew and is a former wrestler.

Trevor has been a member of the M4G-Nation since near the begining can be heard as early as 1 month after the lanuch of M4G-Nation. Of all the color commentators, Trevor tends to favor faces the most frequently.


Trevor has been with the crew since one month after the lanuch of the M4G-Nation. Trevor always start off a video by introducing himself as someone other than himself. Normally, Trevor would introduce himself as an actual professional wrestler or ex-pro wrestler such as Jake "The Snake" Roberts. On themed matches and promo matches he sometimes refers to himself as someone relevant to that theme. For example during the "DBZ: Battle Of Gods" promo match between Goku and Bills, Trevor refered to himself as Dragonball Z character Nappa.

Tervor will often be the butt of jokes such as the butterfly and dolphin joke where if a Harlot is pinned or submissioned on these spots he has to pay for stuff. He also has been on of the guys who makes many of the jokes such as being the one to start the singing of With Arms Wide Open by Creed during Jason Voorhees finisher, Iron Sheik Tweet of the day and Trunks sexual and emotinal poweres being doubled by wishing Link back to life.

As a running gag, M4G-Nation commentator Trevor would cut a promo during Marcus Fenix's matches assessing his opponents chances of winning the match. This is a parody of a promo Scott Steiner cut talking about the percentages of Samoa Joe retaining the TNA World Title at Sacrifice. This also due to the M4G-Nation comparing Marcus to Scott due to their size This is the promo it parodies...
Professor Scott Steiner Typography

Professor Scott Steiner Typography

Trevor also intentionally mispronounces the name Slenderman. Whenever Cookie Monster enters the ring Trevor shouts "IT'S DEVOURING TIME!" and "BEST IN THE STREET!" due to Cookie Monster's likeness to CM Punk.

In Ring CareerEdit

Trevor has had one match in his career fighting in the Royal Rumble match of December 22nd 2012. He would come out at number 4 and would surprize everyone by lasting 8 minutes and elimating Captain Planet before being kicked out by King. When asked by Pat James Reagan how it felt to toss Captain Planet out if the ring Trevor said it felt "fucking great."


Ever since the Supermacy's return and Packard's turn to the dark side Trevor has become the foil for Packard much like JR to Jerry the King Lawler in the attitude era. Trevor would love any chance for the Supermacy to lose matches and cheer for the other stars to beat them just so Packard suffers. He also started making jokes just to annoy Packard such as Trunks's sexual powers.


Due to being the Commenatators Champion, he was given the first pick of every round for the D-League. He named his team Trevolution and picked Thor, Ronald McDonald, Nightcrawler, Punisher, Nappa, and Kick-Ass.

Wrestlers loved and hatedEdit

Hates: any member of the Supermacy, Ash, 

Loves: Mega Man, Link, Trunks, and every member of the Neo Underworld, King, Seriously Too Cool, Bane

Theme SongEdit

Steven Regal Custom 1998 Titantron (Tri

Steven Regal Custom 1998 Titantron (Tri.Moon)

Personal LifeEdit

Trevor is a real life New England Patriots fan and acts much the way he does in life as in the videos.

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