Anthony Frank "Tony" Hawk
Origin Real Life
Debut: May 16, 2012
Career: Released
Finishing Move: The Birdman (450° splash - with theatrics)
Anthony Frank "Tony" Hawk is a real life American former professional skateboarder and actor, and is widely considered to be one of the most successful and popular pioneers of modern skateboarding. He was a fictional wrestler in the M4G-Nation under the name Tony "Birdman" Hawk.

During his stint in the M4G-Nation, he has garnered both fame and notoriety in several matches, the most infamous of which was during the Atom-Weight Tourneywhen he defied the odds by defeating Blue Ranger, who was largely expected to win the tournament. He was also one part of two tag teams, one paired with Krillin, and another team formed with Piccolo. Tony Hawk was even inducted into the M4G-Nation Hall Of Fame on June 30th 2013.


Tony Hawk made his debut on May 12, 2012, making an appearance in a backstage segment following the match between Bojack and Tim Tebow where he was viciously attacked by Android 17. The fight continued to the arena mainstage as Android 17 utilized a sledgehammer and several steel chairs to compound his assault to an already battered Hawk. As Tony was thrown to the ring, Piccolo intervenes to his aid and starts a match between him and the attacker. Tony was set aside during the match as Piccolo defeated Android 17 effortlessly via knockout. This began a minor feud between Tony paired with Piccolo against Android 17. In the culmination of the rivalry, Tony was ambushed once more at the hands of Android 17 while shooting a promo explaining what had occured between him and his assailant. However, much to Android 17's dismay, Piccolo interjected a second time, leading up to a handicap match where the team of Tony Hawk and Piccolo triumphed over Android 17.

Tony then made a return after a brief hiatus, fighting in a 4 team tag tournament against Big Red Machines (consisting of Dante and Darth Maul).  They would be eliminated in the first round, while their opponents would proceed to win the tournament and thus earn #1 contendership for the Tag Team Championship at Galactic Throwdown. Hawk then participated in the Atom-Weight Tourney as the number 10 seed, gaining notoriety in the first round when he shocked the M4G-Nation by defeating top contender Blue Ranger in a steel cage match. Attaining the support from play-by-play announcer M4gnitude and the disdain from color commentator Packard simultaneously, Tony then advanced on to the semi-finals by reigning victorious over Sonic in a tables match, thus pitting himself against Trunks, where he was pinned by the half-saiyan wrestler. Afterwards, Tony took yet another hiatus from the company.

At the second Royal Rumble match, Tony Hawk made his return emerging as participant #20. The Birdman fought relentlessly against the likes of Hulk, Sub-Zero, and Trunks, who he carried a slight vendetta over due to him being responsible for Tony's elimination from the Atom-Weight Tourney. Ultimately, Tony was thrown over the top rope and thus eliminated by Space Ghost, scoring no eliminations in the process. Exactly 20 days later, Krillin teamed with Tony Hawk to form an unnamed tag-team in order to join the TMN Tag Team Tourney. In the event of a seemingly far-fetched endeavour towards #1 contendership for the Tag-Team Championship, Tony and Krillin - dubbed by the M4G-Nation as 'One and a half men', had nevertheless lost against Spartan Fury in the first round. A reappearance was made a month later by Tony Hawk, who was voted by the fans to partake in a last man standing match against Space Ghost in the latter's own M4G-Nation exclusive television series, Saturday Night Ghost. In what was episode 4 of Space Ghost's weekly televised wrestling matches, the Birdman was promptly k.o'd after receiving a chokehold facebuster from the host.

This marked the last match Tony Hawk had participated in. Hawk had never been seen since the M4G-Nation's transition to WWE '13. He did get inducted into the M4G-Nation Hall Of Fame class of 2013 alongside Optimus PrimeBlue Ranger, and Soild Snake. Hawk was inducted for his acrobatic abilities and his contributions to making the budding Atom-Weight Division a success. 


  • Tony has made appearances in the TMN Tag Team Tourney, the Atom-Weight Tourney, and the 4 team tag tournament, tied with Dante for the most amount of participations in M4G-Nation held tournaments.
  • In all three of these tournaments, the team/wrestler who defeated Hawk eventually became the winners of the tourney itself. (The Big Red Machines in the 4 team tag tournament, Trunks at the Atom-Weight Tourney, and Spartan Fury at the TMN Tag Team Tourney)
  • Over the course of his stint in the M4G-Nation, he holds a 3-4 win/loss record (excluding Royal Rumble Matches)
  • During the Atom-Weight Tourney, only one participant had predicted the match between Blue Ranger and Tony Hawk correctly out of a total of 19 submitted predictions.
  • He is one of the few wrestlers who debuted backstage.