Tien Shinhan
Origin Dragon Ball Z
Debut: January 21, 2013
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Tri-Beam (Two handed chokeslam)

Tien Shinhan is a Z fighter from the Dragonball Z franchise, who currently competes in the M4G-Nation.

Tien is a relatively new member of the M4G-Nation having only debuted in January. Regardless, he has already established himself as one of the top contenders in Atom-Weight Division , and has even become the Atom-Weight Champion twice , upsetting Ash Ketchum at Northern Lights and Adolf Hitler at Solar Eclipse 2.


Tien Shinhan was initially brought up having been taught very cold and pain-inflicting ways of fighting by Master Shen for many years. He proved himself to be one of the strongest earthlings in the world during the early days of Dragon Ball. Competing in his first World Martial Arts Tournament, he broke the leg of Yamcha and eventually went on to win the whole thing only just defeating Goku. However he realized after his victory the error of his master's teachings and soon became one of Goku's most trusted allies, fighting alongside him against the Demon King Piccolo.

He had fought alongside Goku and the Z Fighters for years with an intense training schedule and an unquenched passion for fighting that never seemed to disappear during Dragonball, Dragonball Z or even GT. Tien has courageously fought a number of enemies much more stronger than himself including the Saiyan Nappa, Cell, Buu and even the God Of Destruction Bills. Tien gives it his all no matter who he's fighting and has proven to be prepared to give his life to aid his friends.


Tien debuted on January 21st 2013 as part of an Atom Weight Title eliminator to determine who would face Ezio for the right to challenge for the Atom Weight Title. He was put in a fatal four way with Red Ranger , The Flash and Ryu Hayabusa for the Atom Weight Title elimnator, but was unsuccessful in winning. 

Tien would get a second oppurtunity to fight for the Atom Weight title, and was booked in an Elimination Chamber on February 21st 2013 to decide the number one contender for the title at Northern Lights. He came out as the 6th and final entrant of the match, and despite not being a heavy favourite to win the match he put on a very high-risk, high-flying performance to the enjoyment of the M4G-Nation commentary booth. Tien would go on to win the match itself eliminating Jesus Christ and then The Flash to get his first oppurtunity at the Atom-Weight Championship at Northern Lights.

At Northern Lights, Tien defeated Ash Ketchum in a huge upset to win the Atom-Weight championship when the lights went out and someone attacked Ash in the ring. Tien justified the attack post-match by stating that Ash got what he deserved. In retaliation, Ash jumped Tien during an interview. Tien and Ash had a rematch in the form of a ladder match on the 17th of March. However, the rematch saw Tien losing the Atom-Weight title back to Ash. Ash and Tien argeed to one final match at Absolute Zero. If Tien lost, he would be banished from the M4G-Nation as long as Ash was the champion. If Ash lost, he would never compete for the Atom-Weight title again. At Absolute Zero, Tien was defeated and per the pre-match agreement, left the M4G-Nation.


He was re-instated after Ash lost the title to Darth Maul at Vernal Equinox. He would return by helping Darth Maul and Ezio beatdown Ash Ketchum. He was scheduled to compete in an Elimination Chamber to determine the number one contender for the Atom-Weight title at Sonic Boom. However, while making his way down to the chamber he was assaulted by the newest Buu Supremacy member Captain Pollution who took his place in the match. Tien would been challenged by Deadpool to which Tien accepted. They had a good match where Tien would win the match. Tien would give Deadpool praise stating he would be a fine fighter and wished him nothing but luck. Tien has been given a Atom-Weight title shot by new champion Adolf Hitler, who proposed a triple threat match between himself, Tien and former Atom-Weight Champion, Trunks at Galactic Throwdown II (2013). Hitler would climb to the top of the ladder to win the match and retain his championship. Afterwards, Tien defeated Dale Earnhardt Jr. in the first round of the Atom Weight Tournament(2013). In the second round, he was defeated by Deadpool. Tien was the 24th entrant in the August 2013 Royal Rumble. He managed to eliminate Skeletor, Raphael, Bojack, MegaMan, and Sub-Zero before being eliminated by Ezio. Tien was involved in a Road To Gold Series qualifier with Space Ghost on August 18th, but was unable to qualify.

Second ReginEdit

At Solar Eclipse 2, Tien successfully managed to defeat Adolf Hitler in an I Quit Match for the Atom-Weight Championship, making him a 2 time Atom-Weight Champion. He would then defeat 5 other men in Hell In A Cell at Big Bang 2 (2013). On the State of the M4G-Nation of October 2nd Tein would ba attacked by former Shadow Force Wrestling champion The Joker who would put Tien through a car window. Tien would be shown making a full recovery and on his way to the ring on the next State of the M4G-Nation. However, he would nearly be run over by the Joker driving a car. Tien then managed to defend his title in an Armageddon 6-man Hell in a Cell match at Big Bang 2 (2013) and in a fatal fourway match at M4Gamania 2. Tien would lose the Atom-Weight Championship to Android 17 at Supernova 2. Tien could not put in for a rematch due to Android 17 losing the title the next day to Frieza.

Bad Luck Edit

Tien would try to move up from the atom weight division and try to earn a number one contender-ship for the Solar Flare Championship but would fail. He would later be put in a ladder match to determine a number one contender for the M4G-Nation Green Championship but would fail once again.

Back in the Picture Edit

Tien would be placed in a tournament for a #1 contender-ship the Solar Flare Championship. He would show that he belonged in the tournament after pinning Yusuke in the first round. Tien would later face off against Ezio in the semi's and would pull off another win. Later the same day he would face Kakashi in the finals. The match was hard fought but Tien would emerge victorious and will face Raiden in the next ppv.


  • Tien has the distinction of having one of the shortest Atom-Weight Title reign in the M4G-Nation, with his reign lasting just 14 days.
  • Tien also has the distinction of taking the shortest amount of time since he debuted to win the Atom-Weight title, with Adolf Hitler coming a close second.
  • Tien is the second Dragonball Z character to win the Atom-Weight Championship after Trunks became the first champion. Fellow Dragonball Z characters Android 17, Frieza, Vegeta, Buu, Bojack and Bulma have also won gold in the M4G-Nation.