The Terminator
Origin The Terminator film series
Debut: July 26, 2013
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Hasta La Vista Baby! (Argentine cutter), T-101 Neckbreaker(former) (Arm trap snap swinging Neckbreaker), T-800 Slam (Falling full nelson slam)

The Terminator is a T-800 that was sent from the future to kill Sarah Connor, the mother of John Connor. He is an active member of the D-League roster and a former member of The IceBergs.

The Terminator is the main antagonist of the 1st film in the series. In the second and third films, other T-800s were shown as protagonists that protected John Connor.


Fans of the M4g-Nation voted for The Terminator to be one of the six people to represent IceBergs in the D-League. He made his debut by losing a 6-man battle royal to Joey Ryan, Burger King, Ronald McDonald, Curious George, and Waldo.

The Terminator was the 15th man to enter the D-League Royal Rumble of 2013. He eliminated Mr. Popo, Punisher, Ronald McDonald, and Dexter before being eliminated by Sonic The Hedgehog.

On the next week, he and James Bond would team up as Licensed to Murder and take on the BK Value Meal, Burger King and Woody, in a tag team gauntlet. The duo would be victorious and move on to lose to Johnny Bravo and Joey Ryan afterwards.

He would later reappear in the fifth TMNXT elimanation chamber match. He would be able to elimante Blade but he would get elimanted by Charmender.

Then on the Facebook page there was a vote to who would get fired from the Icebergs. It was between Terminator and Mr. Popo. Unfortunately for Terminator, he was voted off and released from the Icebergs.

Theme SongEdit

Terminator 2 Judgment Day Theme Song

Terminator 2 Judgment Day Theme Song


  • Arnold Schwarzenegger has played the character in the first (four) films of the series.
  • His character is similar to that of Jack-6 as they're both robots sent from the future to the past to help save the future.
  • The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man was in the same poll as The Terminator. Even though Stay Puft had more votes than The Terminator, Terminator was still put into to the M4g-Nation due to him also having a large number of votes.
  • Iamobeliskquake asked Goldentusk on FaceBook if the M4g-Nation could use his versions of the Terminator and James Bond themes. Goldentusk replied with a yes. The M4G-Nation was pleased with answer and said that they would try to contact Golden.
  • The Terminator and Wolverine share the same entrance.
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