The M4G-Nation Drinking Game is a game frequently played in several of the M4G-Nation's episodes, and is one of the more prominent recurring jokes in the M4G-Nation series.

Despite generally being performed by its commentators, the participants extend to the viewer audience as well.

Rules Edit

Participants in the drinking game are required to consume a portion of their beverage (In spite of the common drinking game's association with alcohol, alcohol is not mandatory for inclusion) should a particular situation occur in a recorded wrestling match, this can range from a certain professional wrestling move being performed, or an in-game event taking place. Often times, a commentator, either Pat James Regan  or Packard, would recognize the event occurring, and name the appropriate event that transpired, following it with the command "Take a drink".

The current rules of the drinking game are as follows. Players are required to take a drink should the following events take place:

  • A one-handed Bulldog is performed.
  • A Springboard of any variation is performed.
  • A Float-Over DDT is performed.
  • Pat James Regan mentions a random, often unnamed girl during the video.
  • Pat James Regan berates an in-game wrestler for various reasons.
  • Pat James Regan mentions Twitter.
  • The referee is knocked down by a wrestler.
  • A female wrestler lands supine to the ground facing the audience, revealing her undergarments to the camera. (this is often cited as "Umentionables")
  • Any member of the commentating booth breaks the 4th wall (Mentioning events related or pertaining to real life-events, breaking character, or acknowledging that they are involved in a video.)

Additional RulesEdit

A notable amount of alterations to the drinking game were established to accomodate rare and significant events in-game. Listed below are a few additional regulations that modify the rules of a single drink:

  • Participants are required to take two drinks in the event that an in-game wrestler draws blood, often indicated by a brief flash of red on the gameplay screen, and followed by the commentator's acknowledgement and confirmation of said bleeding wrestler.
  • Should a referee be knocked down by a wrestler's actions, players are given the choice to either drink a single portion of their beverage, or to drink continuously until the referee recovers.