Ladies and Gentlemen i give you the M4G-Nation Draft game. This will be rules for a game you may be among yourselves as fans if M4G-nation. The game is something i have seen played before on many iwc sites and could be a fun game for members of the M4G-nation. 


Max amount of players is 4 Min 2

Game must have start and end time

All players must be respectful

How to startEdit

So we begin by picking superstars from the roster of M4G-Nation and Harlots Division. Players pick order will be lottery drafted with the order decided. Players will then in ten rounds pick any male wrestler they want. Then in 3 rounds must pick three Harlots. At the End each player will have ten wreslters and three harlots. This will be there team. If a Player picks a tag team then it will count as two people and they must skip the next round becuase they had choosen two men.

Points systemEdit

Whenever a wrestler from a players team wrestles they can pick up points or lose points. A pinfall or submission win gives the player 10 points and a pinall or submission lost loses them 10 points. If there are muti man matches then this only counts if the wreslter is in the finish(If your guy does not pin or does get pinned you lose no points).

If a wrestler holds a championship then they will bring a certain number of points and if they lose it they will lose the points. (It your guy holds the Galactic Championship they will get ____ number of points and will keep those points until they lose the title, they will lose ____ amount of points. For tag teams the number of points will double so 20 points for pin win and 20 points for pin lost.

For royal rumble matches 10 points for elimating a man, 50 points for having a guy on your team with the most elimations in the rumble match. and 100 points for winning the event outright.

Money in the bank gives out 30 points for the winner.

Elimination chamber matches will award 10 points for each pinfall gained by a wrestler and 30 points for winner of event.

Winner of a tournament will get 100 points with normal pinfall and submission point rules used in each match. 

In muti man matches the winning pinner will get as many points as men in the match 3 wrestlers x 10 = 30

In the event in which two members of a players team fight one on one no points are given or lost. If this happens in muti man matches again it depends on who gets the pin or who gets pinned. If one member gets a pin on a fighter not on the teams pin 10 points are given. If a fighter not of the players team pins the players fighter he loses 10 points.

For D league the rules of pinall and submission apply. However should a D league member make it to the main roster then the player who picked him will get 50 points and will have the fighter added to there team. They will then have an option to pick another D league member.  If a member of a team is fired or released then the manager may be allowed to replace him but will be fined 50 points. If a wrestler is injuryed they may put him on injury reserve and replace him with someone esle however they will only be allowed a set amount of active wrestlers. The Only time that the number of wrestlers can be expanded on a team is when a wrestler from D league goes to A Roster. Thus for example a team can have more then 10 male roster members.

A Captain must be appointed to the team. The captain's matches are double points so if they win a match then double the nomral points but they also lose double the points.

Something new is the wavier wire. After the third Pay per View team general managers will be allowed to let go of there guys and Harlots and D league at any time other then fired or injuryed. The order will be based on points(Last  place can get wrestlers first, second second, first place is last) It takes a day for the system to change a wrestler. No -50 point peanlty happens. 

Championship point values

Atom-Weight ChampionshipTMNXT ChampionshipTMNXT Tag Team Championship Hardcore Championship Tag Team ChampionshipDD Championship 30 points(Tag team and DD 30 per member)

Galactic Championship , Harlot Division Championship 50 points 

M4G-Nation Championship 100 points

Should a wrestler retain his or her championsip they will win 20 points for your team. 


Winner is the person who has most points at end. Prizes will be picked by people playing or it can be done for fun.