The Gang Bang
Members: Taylor Swift

Hermione Granger

Daphne Blake

Debut: March 27th 2013
Origin: Real Life (Taylor Swift)

Harry Potter (Hermione Granger)

Scooby-Doo (Daphne Blake)

The Gang Bang is the name of a stable of female wrestlers from the Harlot's Division that remains active to this day.

The Group consists of Taylor SwiftHermione Granger, and Daphne Blake. The group has in it's short time caprtured the Harlot Division Championship once and the DD Championship once. This group was made by Taylor Swift with the hope to control the whole division and have all the power. Overall this group is the biggest Heel group in the female side of M4G-Nation.


Beginnings and Ice Cream SocialEdit

The group was started sometime after the Big Bang when both Taylor and Daphne were unable to get the harlot's Championship. They planned to take out Bulma and control both the Harlot Division Championship and the newly made DD Championship. The first part of the plan was for Daphne dressed as a Hooded women attacking Bulma the day after Absolute Zero. The Harlot Division Championship was left open and a tournment was held to crown the new champion which would be called the Ice Cream Social. Taylor, Daphne, and Hermione would all enter the event. Hermione would be easy taken down by Princess Fiona. . Taylor would beat Harley Quinn in her first round matchup and Catwoman in her second round match. Daphne would beat Emma Frost and Cammy to move on to the semi finals. Taylor realized that Princess Fiona was a real threat and had Hermione dress as the hooded women to weaken her. It worked becuase Silk Spectre would beat Fiona. Daphne would beat Taylor but Taylor would get the spot in the finals and would give to both Daphne and Hermione the DD Championships. The day of the contract signing Bulma would return to warn the finalest that she was coming. Taylor would win the match at Absolute Zero vs Silk Spcetre to become the champion.

With Power comes problemsEdit

Bumla would come out a few days afterwords proclaiming she was after the Gang Bang. On April 14th Taylor would give an open chanllenge answered by Kim Possible who Taylor beat easliy. On April 17th Bulma would  warn the rest of the division and would target Daphne. Daphne would come out to warn Bulma not to take her lightly. Bulma would then have M4G-Nation security arrest her and take her away. Herimone was then forced to depend the DD Championships vs Harley Quinn and Blood Ryane of Queens and Sevens. Herimone would fight a long battle but was able to defend them and beat Queens and sevens. Taylor however still had to deal with Bulma. they would faceoff at Vernal Equinox for the Championship. Taylor would win the match but was assulted after the match by Daenerys Targaryen.

Return of Daphne and fued with Queens and sevensEdit

Taylor would go to Packard as does Herimone and of all people Freddy Jones asking for Daphne to be returned. Packard would agree and would have Taylor and Herimone greet her when she came out of the prison. When Herimone and Daphne were together it would be revealed that they were lesbains and had been dating for a while without Taylor or anyone esle know. 

Taylor would on May 8th talk with Queens and Sevens leader Harley Quinn who complain about the unfair treatment they had gotten. They would call out Taylor who questioned if any of them had even won a match. Taylor would proclaim them as nothing and would soon see them. Harley would request the help of Daenerys on State of the M4G-Nation on May 13th 2013. They would make a deal but Taylor would overhear this. On the next State of the M4G-Nation episode she would make a match between the three at Sonic Boom in a steel cage triple threat match. Meanwhile Daphne and hermione would have their first match as a team vs the returning harlots Hit Girl and Juliet Starling. herimone would take out Fred jones, use a sledgehammer on Hit Girl, and win the match. 

Sonic Boom and recoveringEdit

At Sonic Boom, all three members of the group were scheduled to defend the titles. Hermione and Daphne were to fight the team of Misty and Dawn known as JiggyPuffs. Herimone and Daphne did what they could but Daphne would be distracted by Misty while Herimone would be destoryed Dawn who monnsaulted her through the announce table, speared through the barricade, and a superkick. Dawn would pin Herimone to win the titles. Later Taylor would try to win her match. At the event both Daenerys and Taylor were climbing the walls when Harley would pull taylor down giving Daenerys the win and Taylor losing the championship. On State of the M4G-Nation Taylor would question Bulma about the rumor that she was going after the Harlot's Championship. Bulma wanted a match right there to settle the issue and Silk Spcetre would come in saying she wanted in too starting a three person standoff.

The Gang Bang would have their first full team match going vs. Harlot Division Champion Daenerys Targaryen, Morrigan Aensland, and Wonder Woman. They would win the match with Daphne pinning Wonder Woman.


  • Despite the group having planned things before hand March 27th is the debut day becuase that was the day the group became offical.
  • This is the first ever heel group in the M4G-Nation Harlots Division and the first to get both titles.
  • The group was also given the nickname of "Slut Wagon" by Trevor on June 19th, when Taylor Swift got DDT'd through the announce table by Silk Spectre. Trevor randomly shouted out "Take That You Slut Wagon" promoting several comments about the name Slut Wagon. Trevor would then call Hermione and Daphne a "Slut Wagon" too during a 6 women battle royal on the 25th of June, meaning that the term was applicable to all members of the group. Eventually, the "Slut Wagons" became an unoffical name for the group.