Team Old School
Team Old School
Members: Ash Ketchum


Origins Pokemon
Debut: April 4, 2012
Careers: Dissolved October 12, 2012
Finishing Moves: Ash - The Ketchum (Fisherman driver)

Brock - Fissure (Sitout double underhook powerbomb)

Team Old School was a former Tag team in the M4G-Nation. It was made up of Brock and Ash Ketchum, two Pokemon Trainers from the Famed Pokemon Game and TV series.

They were the first ever Tag team Champions winning the Tag Team Championships in the 7th episode of the M4G-Nation. They members of the early Buu Supremacy and ruled the tag teams while they were together.


Early SucessEdit

There first match was vs Team Urameshi in the 7th episode on April 4th, 2012 to crown the first tag team champions. Brock was able to get the pin and Team Old School to become the new champions. Team Old School would then beat Final Fantasy on April 21, Both members would take part in the first royal rumble Ash at 25, and Brock at 26. Neither were able to win however and both were elimanted. They would make their next appearance on the first ever PPV Galactic Throwdown defending the Tag Ttitles vs. Big Red Machines. They would fight in a best two out of three falls match. Ash would score the first fall followed by Dante, Brock get the final pin and won the match for his team. 

Strange ActionsEdit

Ash and Brock would next have a match vs Darth Vader and Ganondorf who called out the champions. During the match Darth Vader hit a bulldog on Ash, Suddenly the bell rang stating that Team Old School won by K.O even through Ash was the one K.O. It would be revealed that they joined The Buu Supermacy and that Buu had helped them get a K.O win to remain undefeated. Their next title Defense would be at Solar Eclipse vs. Optimus Prime. Team Old School would lose the titles to the new champions.

Hard Times and DisslovementEdit

They would try to win back the titles facing Team R2D2 in the first round of a tag team tournament. Brock would pin Ryu to move on. In the second round they would fight Ghost to Gotham. They would be knocked out by Ghost to Gotham ruining their chances to become the Tag Team Champions again. Ash would call out Brock for losing the titles and saying he would be better off without him. Brock said he was not the reason they lost and that Ash was being to hard on himself. They then split and went their different ways


Ash would go on to face Trunks for the Atom-Weight Championship and win, becoming the champion. Ash would become a two time Atom Weight champion and is still a member of the Buu Supremacy and roster.

Brock was released from his contract from M4G-Nation and has not been seen since.


  • Ash and Brock are the first ever Tag Team Champions and the first to retain them on a PPV.