Team M4G-Nation
A number of members from Team M4G-Nation. From left to right: Boba Fett, Yusuke Urameshi, Captain America, and Dante.
Members: Goku

Master Chief


Yusuke Urameshi

Boba Fett


Captain Falcon

Captain America



Debut: March 16, 2013
Origin: Dragon Ball Z (Goku, Bojack)

Halo (Master Chief)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Raphael)

YuYu Hakusho (Yusuke Urameshi)

Star Wars (Boba Fett)

The Legend of Zelda (Link)

F-Zero (Captain Falcon)

Marvel Comics (Captain America)

Devil May Cry (Dante)

Team M4G-Nation is a wresting stable in the M4G-Nation. While not a true stable at first in the traditional sense, the were dissatisfied with the rule of the Buu Supremacy and made their dislike known. Since their small start they have become a full fledged stable and the biggest in the M4G-Nation. With the Supremacy gone, their role in the company is uncertain as many of the members were not champions and not known to be the best wrestlers as well as moving to 2K 14 and many of them not appearing on the game



Goku had made his negative opinion of Jack-6 and the Buu Supremacy known as early as February 15, 2013, but had little success combating them on his own, failing to claim the Inter-Universal Championship from Jack-6 twice (once when Jack-6 was disqualified and once because Goku lost). On March 12, Master Chief offered Goku his help in the fight against the Supremacy. Four days later, Goku recruited Raphael to the cause, forming the then-called "Team Goku".

On March 24, Goku fought Buu and won to become the number one contender for Jack-6's title for the third time in a row. The next day, Jack-6 issued a challenge to the team for the next pay-per-view, Absolute Zero- a 3v3 match with Jack-6, Bojack, and Marcus Fenix fighting Team Goku, where the winning team's leader emerges with the Inter-Galactic Championship as theirs. Goku accepted the fight.

Supremacy retains controlEdit

Things did not go as planned for Team Goku at Absolute Zero on March 31. Marcus Fenix first pinned Raphael, with Master Chief pinning Marcus Fenix quickly afterward. Bojack pinned Master Chief, but Goku pinned Bojack, making the match Goku vs. Jack-6 once more. After a grueling fight, Jack-6 pinned Goku.

Four days later, Goku and Bojack fought with Raphael and Buu as managers, respectively. Goku defeated Bojack in a rather close match.

On April 19, Goku was ambushed during his entry to a triple threat match with Vegeta and Cookie Monster and injured by Captain Planet, who turned heel and joined the Supremacy the previous day. Goku has not yet returned to the M4G-Nation since. However, in a promo announcing his motives, Captain Planet was attacked by Yusuke Urameshi, joining Team Goku.

At Vernal Equinox, Yusuke cashed in his money won from a Money in the Bank match earlier in the event to fight Jack-6 for the M4G-Nation Championship, despite it being an open challenge. In a long, well-fought match, Yusuke ultimately was pinned by Jack-6. Three days after, Yusuke explained that he turned in the money because of his honor, and that he would fight Jack-6 again.

On May 13, Jack-6 challenged Yusuke and Boba Fett, the latter of who has injured before his fight with Jack-6 at Vernal Equinox. One week later, Yusuke and Boba Fett accepted the challenge, with Boba Fett joining Team Goku. At Sonic Boom, Jack-6 pinned Yusuke after Zangief helped beat up Jack-6's opponents. Boba Fett was taken away on a stretcher, and The Supremacy beat up Yusuke. Zangief officially joined the Buu Supremacy after this. The future looked grim for Team Goku, as Jack-6 was about to break Yusuke's leg, but Link appeared to save his friend Yusuke despite having been presumed dead for nearly 11 months.

Return and rise in powerEdit

The group saw no activity at all in the month following Sonic Boom other than Master Chief successfully defending his title at Galactic Throwdown II (2013) against Hulk, leading many to question whether Team Goku is still active. However, on July 4, Master Chief said he would fight Supremacy members Captain Pollution and Jesus with an unknown Tag Team partner to see if Captain Pollution could become number 1 contender for the Galactic Championship. At the match on the following day, it was revealed that Master Chief had teamed up with the pevious number 1 contender, the Hulk. However, Buu and Zangief attacked Master Chief backstage before he got to the ring, forcing the match to be a 2 vs 1, with Jesus ultimately pinning the Hulk. At Galactic Throwdown II, Captain Pollution managed to beat Master Chief, taking the title for himself.

On July 8, Team Goku made an appearance at the end of a State of the M4G-Nation event, with Captain America (who was not previously associated with the team, just with being anti-Supremacy), Raphael, Boba Fett, new member Dante, and Goku arriving from a limosine, returning to the M4G-Nation after a long absence. The next week Goku offered Bane a chance to join the team, but in the July 22nd State of the M4G-Nation event Bane declined.

Boba Fett would win the fifth Royal Rumble event, winning himself a match with Jack-6 and Bane at Solar Eclipse 2.

Final Battle with the SupremacyEdit

On August 12, Goku made a proposition to the Supremacy. He offered a 3vs3 tag match with himself, Dante, and new member V to fight against Buu, Bojack, and Zangief. If the Supremacy loses, they would be forced to break up and never be allowed to work together again, but if the Supremacy wins, the GoKrew is to leave until 2014. The match is scheduled for Solar Eclipse II on September 1st. On August 19th, the match was re-negotiated between both teams, with it being determined that the group that leaves will leave until 2014. After this deal was made, Bojack turned on the Buu Supremacy and joined Team Goku.

Captain Falcon would win the Hardcore Championship in a fatal fourway on August 24th, 2013, against Red Ranger, Myotismon, and Cookie Monster.

On August 26th, Goku and The Supremacy would come to a final agreement for the match at Solar Eclipse 2 where the losing team would be fired until 2014. The match was scheduled to be a 7 vs 7 elimination tag team match.

At Solar Eclipse 2, Master Chief would fight Captain Pollution again to regain his title. Though he put up a good fight, Master Chief would fail to win the Galactic Championship. Boba Fett would similarly fail to win the M4G-Nation Championship.

For the main event, the stable would finally be named, going by the moniker Team M4G-Nation. Goku, V, Dante, Yusuke, Bojack, Boba Fett, and Master Chief would be their entrants into the event, and in one of the most intense matches in the company's history, Team M4G-Nation would win when Dante went wire-to-wire and pinned Spiderman.

Goku would then try to win number-one contendership for the M4G-Nation Championship once again in a triple threat match with fellow Saiyan Vegeta and former champ Bane, but the team leader would be pinned by Bane, losing his chance. However, Master Chief gave them team another shot at the gold by winning a 6-man ladder match to fight Captain Pollution at Big Bang 2 (2013). Captain Falcon also participated in that match. At Big Bang 2, Master Chief would become a 3-time Galactic Champion when he pinned Captain Pollution in a triple threat match also featuring Captain Pollution.

Post Big Bang 2 and betrayalEdit

Captain Falcon would then defend his title against fellow member V successfully, ending the latter's undefeated streak. At the State of the M4G-Nation for October 9, Boba Fett would attack Master Chief for reasons unknown, marking the group's first defector since its inception. As a result of the injury Master Chief would lose the Galactic Championship to Pollution. Due to the move to WWE 2K 14 the group no longer appears together and as a result it is to be assumed that they are no longer an active stable.


Goku - Leader (March 12, 2013 - Present)

Master Chief - (March 12, 2013 - Present)

Raphael - (March 16, 2013 - Present)

Yusuke Urameshi - (April 20, 2013 - Present)

Boba Fett - (May 20, 2013 - October 9th, 2013) 

Captain America - (July 8 One time appearance )

Dante - (July 8 - Present)

V - (August 12 - Present)

Bojack - (August 19, 2013 - Present)

Trevor - (Unknown - Present) (Unofficial Supporter of the group)


  • For several months Team M4G-Nation had no official name. It was colloquially called Team Goku or the GoKrew, with the official name being revealed at Solar Eclipse 2, when they first appeared as a team in a match.


  • Galactic Championship (3 Time) - Master Chief (3) 
  • Royal Rumble Winner (2 Time) - Boba Fett (2)
  • M4G-Nation Champion (1 time) - Yusuke Urameshi (1)