Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift
Origin Real Life
Debut: July 23rd 2012
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Guitar Hero(poke of eye followed by inside arm wrap and then a sit down stunner)
Taylor Swift is a real life country music singer and is an active member of the M4G-Nation Harlot's Division.

Taylor is a two time Harlot Division Champion and is the first ever Harlot Division Champion. She aslo holds the distction of being one of the two women to debut the new harlot's Division. She has been a backstabber, cheater, and uses anything she can in order to win. Taylor also is one of the best women to ever walk the ropes of M4G-nation and has remained a strong force in her entire career in M4G-nation.


First ChampionEdit

Taylor Swift would be one of two women to debut the Harlots division the other being Catwoman on July 23rd 2012. She would defeat Catwoman to win the match. Becuase of her win she would be one of the 5 women in the championship scramble match at Solar Eclipse on August 19th 2013. Taylor would come out last and would score a pin on Black Widow to become the first ever Harlot Champion. 

Feud with Juliet StarlingEdit

On September 18th she was in a tag team match teaming with Misty vs. Black Widow and Juliet Starling. She would grab a sledgehammer and hit Juliet causing a dq lost for her team. On October 10th Taylor would cut a promo stating she would lead the Harlots as the strong champion. Juliet would come out questioning this and telling Taylor to watch her back. One week later they would have a one on one match. Taylor Swift would come out on top winning the match but would be assulted by Bulma after the match with an iron pipe. On October 24th Bulma and Juliet Starling would team vs Taylor and Taylor's friend Megan Fox. Megan would pin Juliet winning the match. This would set up a triple threat match between Taylor Swift, Juliet, and Bulma at M4Gamania. Bulma would win the match becoming the new champion. 

Losing StreakEdit

Taylor's first match post championship and in WWE 13 was in a fatal four match bewteen Emma Frost, Harley Quinn and Cammy. Cammy would win the match pinning the former champion. Taylor however was able to find a way into the Harlot's six pack championship match at Big Bang. Taylor would put in a strong effort but was pinned by Bulma.

Rise back to the topEdit

On January 28th 2013 Bulma was attacked causing by a hooded women leading  many to say she died. The Ice Cream Social was held to find a new champion. Taylor would beat Harley Quinn in her first round matchup and Catwoman before falling to Daphne Blake. In the other semifinal match Silk Spectre beat a weakened Princess Fiona who was attacked by another hooded women. It was revealed on March 27th Taylor was be given the DD Championships by Packard to do whaever she wanted with them. She had given them to Daphne and Hermione who attacked both Bulma and Princess Fiona. Taylor would take Daphne's spot in the finals of the tournament as the second half of the deal. Silk and Taylor would sign the contract but Bulma would return warning them both that whoever won was going to be dealing with her. The match would happen at Absolute Zero where Taylor would beat Silk Spectre, win the Ice Cream Social, and become the Harlot Division Champion for the second time.

Second Championship reginEdit

On April 14th 2013 she would cut a promo talking about how far she had come. She would issue and open chanllenge to any Harlot. Kim Possible would answer the call. Taylor would beat her in a rather easy fashion. Bulma would win a number one contendership match setting up former rivals Bulma and Taylor Swift at Vernal Equinox. At the PPV Taylor would beat Bulma. After the match Taylor would be attacked by Daenerys Targaryen with Daenerys wanting to become the champion. On May 8th Queens and Sevens with leader Harley Quinn would complain about the unfair treatment they had gotten. They would call out Taylor who questioned if any of them had even won a match. Taylor would proclaim them as nothing and would soon see them. Harley would request the help of Daenerys on State of the M4G-Nation on May 13th 2013. They would make a deal but Taylor would overhear this. On the next State of the M4G-Nation episode she would make a match between the three at Sonic Boom in a steel cage triple threat match. At the event both Daenerys and Taylor were climbing the walls when Harley would pull taylor down giving Daenerys the win and Taylor losing the championship. 

Road to reclaimEdit

On State of the M4G-Nation Taylor would question Bulma about the rumor that she was going after the Harlot's Championship. Bulma wanted a match right there to settle the issue and Silk Spcetre would come in saying she wanted in too starting a three person standoff. On the next State of the M4G-Nation Taylor would be in the ring saying she should be the number one contender. Bulma and Silk would tell Taylor there would be a triple threat to find the new number on contender. Silk Spectre would pin Taylor Swift winning the match and leaving both Bulma and Taylor in the dust.

Taylor would defeat the then undefeated Jessica Rabbit. Taylor would then challenge The Harlots Division Champion Daenerys to a match. Daenerys accepted and they both made speical stipluations for the match. They would have a inferno match and if Taylor won Daenerys would be out of a job as long as Taylor was champion. If Daenerys won Taylor would have to go to rehab. The Gang Bang would have there first full team match going vs Harlot Division Champion Daenerys Targaryen, Morgan, and Wonder Woman. They would win the match with Daphne pinning Wonder Woman. Taylor wound up losing her title match at Singularity.

Theme SongEdit

For All Those Sleeping - You Belong With Me HD (Lyrics)

For All Those Sleeping - You Belong With Me HD (Lyrics)