The TMN Tag Team Tourney was a tournament held by the M4G-Nation with the winner receiving a number one contenders opportunity for the Tag Team Championship at M4GaMania. The tournament was held at a much grander scale than the previous four seed tag team tournament, containing sixteen members instead.

Basic Info and rulesEdit

16 teams of two would be ranked from 1 to 16. Then the members of the M4G-Nation commentary team and fans would make brackets to try and see if anyone could guess the results right with the winner getting a t shirt. The matches would each have different types of matches to test the teams so that only one would be the winners. The Fans would vote on Facebook for the stipulations. There would be four rounds of single elimination matches.


Round 1Edit

This round, all matches were Tornado Tag Team matches. The results are as follows:

  1. 1 Team Old School defeated #16 R2D2
  1. 9 Ghost to Gotham defeated #8 Imperial Destruction
  1. 13 Team Badass defeated #4 The Iron Giants
  1. Spartan Fury defeated #12 One and a Half Men
  1. 2 Blue Crush defeated #15 Big Red Machines
  1. 7 Solid Snake & Ezio defeated # 10 Z Warriors
  1. 14 The Supremacy defeated #3 Night Stalkers
  1. 6 Trunks & Raphael defeated # 11 Team Excitement

Quarter-Final RoundEdit

This round consisted of Tornado Tables Elimination matches:

  1. 9 Ghost to Gotham defeated #1 Team Old School
  1. 5 Spartan Fury defeated #13 Team Badass
  1. 2 Blue Crush defeated #7 Solid Snake & Ezio
  1. 14 The Supremacy defeated #6 Trunks & Raphael

Semi-Final RoundEdit

Each match in the Semi-Finals was contested inside a Steel Cage under Cage match rules:

  1. 5 Spartan Fury defeated #9 Ghost to Gotham
  1. 2 Blue Crush defeated #14 The Supremacy

Final RoundEdit

The Final match was a best 2 out of 3 pinfalls or submissions:

  1. 5 Spartan Fury defeated #2 Blue Crush to win top contendership for the Tag Team Championship.


Ash would break off his team with Brock as Team Old school for their inability to rewin the titles. Brock would be released soon after while Ash would begin his singles career. Ash would challenge Atom Weight Champion Trunks. They would fight each other many many times. They would faceoff at M4Gamania with Ash winning and becoming the Atom Weight Champion and would begin a very long regin. Ash would rule over the Atom-Weight Division and become it's leader.

Winners of the event Spartan Fury would become the number one contenders and face off with Sephiroth and Optimus Prime for the Tag Team Championships at M4Gamania. At M4Gamaina Spartan fury would win and become the Tag Team Champions. They would embark on a 125 day run as champions and score many major victories. One of these was the defeat of Atom-Weight Champion Ash and M4G-Nation Champion Jack-6 in a major upset on Febuary 19, 2013.