Stone Cold Steve Austin
Stone cold steve austin11
Origin Real Life
Debut: December 22nd 2012
Career: Released December 22, 2012
Finishing Move: Stone Cold Stunner (Toe kick followed by a seated three-quarter facelock jawbreaker)
Stone Cold Steve Austin is a real life former professional wrester in the WWE. He has made one special appearance in a royal rumble match.


Steve Austin entered the WWF as the Ringmaster and had aligned himself with the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase. After Ted left for rival WCW, Austin began to forge his own path. This began when Steve Austin won the 1996 King Of The Ring. After defeating Jake The Snake Roberts in the final, Steve was not so humble about his victory...

"The first thing I want to be done is to get that piece of crap out of my ring! Don’t just get him out of the ring, get him out of the WWF, because I’ve proven son, without a shadow of a doubt – you ain’t got what it takes anymore. You sit there and you thump your bible and you say your prayers, and it didn’t get you anywhere. Talk about John. 3:16, Austin 3:16 says: I’ve just whipped your ass!!"

The speech is sometimes credited as the beginning of WWF's attitude era and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin soon rose to stardom with his new rebel attitude. Stone Cold eventually became the WWF Champion at Wrestlemania 14 to officially begin the "Austin 3:16" era! 


Stone Cold Steve Austin would make his first and only appearance on December 22nd 2012 in the first ever 40 man royal rumble match. He would come out at the number 25 postition. He would fail to get rid of anyone in the rumble and would be taken out by Ezio in about five minutes of action.

Theme SongEdit

Stone Cold Theme Song

Stone Cold Theme Song


  • Steve Austin is the first real life wrester to make an appearance in the M4G-Nation.
  • Daenerys Targaryen attacked Bulma and Harlot Division Champion Tayor Swift at Vernal Equinox. She would give Taylor and the crowd the double bird mirroring Stone Cold whenever he suprise attacked a wrester.
  • Steve Austin is liked by everyone and nothing was more wanted in the rumble match than a stunner.