Sports Authority
Sports Authority
Members: Lebron James

Eli Manning

Origins Real Life
Debut: January 4, 2013
Careers: Released February 5, 2013
Finishing Moves: Eli Manning - The Fourth Quarter (Fireman's carry double knee gutbuster)

Lebron James - Release Powerbomb

Sports Authority is a fomer tag team that completed in the M4G-Nation. It was made up of Lebron James of the Miami Heat and Eli Manning of the New York Gaints.

They had two chances for the to win the Tag Team Championships from Spartan Fury. Desptie this the team never won the titles in there short history.


Pre teamingEdit

The first apperance of either of these two Eli Manning who debuted vs Batman on November 19th 2012. Eli would win the match. Next for the guys was Lebron James taking part in the crowning of the first HardCore Championship on December 6th 2012. He was among the six men along with Captain Planet, Bandit Keith, Speed Racer, Jesus, and eventual winner Vegeta. The next appreances for Lebron and Eli was the Royal Rumble of December 22. Lebron James would come out 28th and Eli one spot later. Neither man would make it far and be out in 6 mins combined.

Tag TeamingEdit

Eli Manning and Lebron became Sports Authority and would take on Myotismon and Skeletor on Januray 14th 2013 in there first tag team match. They would defeat them to move on and try to take on Team Mortal Kombat. But before there match Sports Authority would pay off Mortal Kombat $100,000 to not fight. Mortal Kombat would give up there spot giving Sports Authority a straight up shot at the Tag Team Champions Spartan Fury at Supernova . They would put up a strong effort and win by countout but fail to gain the championships as the titles can only change by pinfall or submission. Sports Authority would get a rematch vs Spartan Fury in a tlc match on February 5th 2013. Spartan Fury would retain easily.

Team Sports Authority would be released soon after.


  • Both Eli Manning and Lebron James are the first "Real" life tag team in M4G-Nation history as well as first real people to complete in M4G-Nation History.
  • Overall they are 2-1 in tag team action