Spartan Fury
Spartan Fury
Members: King Leonidas


Origins 300 (King Leonidas)

God of War (Kratos)

Debut: September 6, 2012
Careers: Active
Finishing Moves: King Leonidas - Spartan Kick (Bicycle Kick)

Kratos - Blades of Chaos (Samoan drop transitioned to a swinging side slam.)

Spartan Fury is a tag team that completes in the M4G-Nation. The team is made up of The Kratos from the God of War Video games, and King Leonidas a charecter in 300.

They are former Tag Team Champions having won the titles once. They are the longest holders of the tag team titles so far. They have many major victories in there histroy and are one of the best that there is.


Tag Team Tournament and Rise to greatnessEdit

They would make there debut together on Sepetember 6th taking on 50 Cent and Voldemort in the first round of a tag team tournement winning the match, they would move on winning the second round of a tag team tournement vs Tony Hawk and Krillin . The would then take on Team Badass in the quather finals of the tag tourenment. Spartan Fury would end the inprobable run of Team Badass and move on to take on Ghost to Gotham . The match would take place in a steel cage match and was one half of the semi finals. Both Kratos and King Leonidas would make it out of the ring and make it to the finals. The would take on Blue Ranger and Sonic The Hedgehog and knock them out to become the number one contenders for the Tag Team Championships. They would take on the champions Optimus Prime and Sephiroth at M4GaMania. They would knock off the champs and become the champions winning a ladder tlc match.

Regin as ChampionsEdit

The first post match for them would be Kratos taking on Master Chief in a one on one match. Master Chief would get the pin and win the match. They would then take part in a six man tag match on December 14th. They would team with The Hulk vs Batman , Rorschach , and Ezio . they would lost the match with Leonidas getting pinned by Rorschach. They would then be a part of the royal rumble of december 22nd. Leonidas would come out at 23rd and last 3min and 15s. Kratos would come out at 36th elimimte 2 men and would last 5min 23s.

There first title defense would be vs Darth Maul and Myostisman at Big Bang ppv. They would win the match and retain there titles. They would then face off vs Sports Authority at Supernova ppv. At supernova Eli Manning would spear Leonidas into the barcade. Leonidas would be counted out losing the macth, however championships can only change hands by pinfall or submission so Spartain Fury would retain. They would faceoff in a rematch on Feburary 5th 2013 in a tornado tag team tlc match. Kratos would win the titles and Spartain Fury would retain. Spartain Fury's next match was vs Atom-Weight Champion Ash Ketchum and M4G-Nation Champion Jack-6 of the Supermacy . In one of the biggest shockers of all time they would win when Leonidas would pin Ash beating the Supermacy and becoming two of only 5 men to ever beat Jack-6. There next match was another title defense vs Mortal Kombat at Northern Lights Lights. They would lose however when Sub-Zero pinned King Leonidas. 

After Championship reginEdit

They would retry to win the titles by winning a number one contender vs Red Ranger and Skeeter . The rematch would happen at Abosulte Zero but Spartan Fury would be unable to win the championship. They would break up and would try to win singles titles.


However Kratos would announce on the State of the M4G-Nation of June 17th that he and King Leonidas would reform Spartarn Fury and get in on the Tag Team Gantlet match at Galactic Throwdown II (2013) and that he would forgo his rights for the Galactic Title thus reforming the tag team. Spartarn Fury would draw number 3 and would fight in the most matches beating Neo-UnderworldBuu Supremacy, and 2 Fast 4 Speed, before falling to the Champions Super Smash Bros.

Theme SongEdit

300 OST - Returns a King (HD Stereo)-1

300 OST - Returns a King (HD Stereo)-1


  • They are only two of five men to ever beat Jack-6 in a match (Jason, Bane, and Goku are the others)
  • They made there debut in a tag tournament winning it becoming the first to do so.
  • Their reign as champions lasted 125 days.