Solar Eclipse was the second Pay-Per-View event by The M4G-Nation, that took place on August 19th, 2012. It was the first Solar Eclipse event.

The main event consisted of Buu defeating Yusuke Urameshi in a Hell In A Cell to win the Inter-Universal Championship. The event also introduced two new wrestlers to the M4G-Nation. Furthermore, this event hosted the debut of the Harlot Division Championship and its first title match, simultaneously becoming the first pay-per-view to involve female competitors.


The event consisted of 5 matches (4 of which were championship matches), that involved different wrestlers from pre-existing feuds, plots, and storylines, which were played out on the M4G-Nation's daily show. Wrestlers were either potrayed as villians or heroes as they followed a series of events, culminating in a match or series of matches.

The predominent feud leading up to Solar Eclipse was between the Inter-Universal Champion Yusuke Urameshi and Majin Buu over the Inter-Universal Championship, inside Hell in a Cell . After a successful title defense at Galactic Throwdown (the previous Pay-Per-View) over King, Buu assaulted Yusuke and stole the Inter-Universal title belt from Yusuke. Instead of taking back the championship, Yusuke proposed a challenge for Buu. At the time, the finals for the Atom-Weight Championship tournament was about to be held, which pitted Trunks vs. Jesus. Yusuke told Buu if Jesus won the Atom-Weight belt, he would let Buu keep his Inter-Universal belt. However, if Trunks was victorious, Buu would face Yusuke at Solar Eclipse for the Inter-Universal Title, and if that match took place, Buu would have to leave the M4G-Nation forever. During the finals of the Atom-Weight tourney, Buu came to the ring and hit Trunks with his finisher, the Buu Ball to aid Jesus. Yusuke quickly followed Buu and attacked him at ringside, delivering his finishing move, the Spirit Gun to Buu. Eventually, Trunks won the match and became the innagural Atom-Weight Champion, setting up the match between Yusuke and Buu.

Another feud building up to Solar Eclipse was between the Galactic Champion Jack-6 and Bane for the Galactic Championship (known then as the Extra-Solar Championship). Bane became the number one contender by defeating Dante, Mace Windu, and 50 Cent in a Fatal 4 Way match.

Solar Eclipse was also the event that is notable for introducing the Harlot Division Championship, to acknowledge the most successful member of the then recently unveiled, female based Harlot's Division. To prepare for this, five matches were conducted between female wrestlers to decide the participants for a Championship Scramble match held at this pay-per-view. Taylor Swift defeated Catwoman under extreme rules to earn the right to be competing first. Poison Ivy reigned supreme over Misty to become the second participant. Storm defeated Juliet Starling, earning her spot at the multi-woman match. Black Widow beat Videl to become the penultimate competitor, and Chi-Chi pinned Hit-Girl, and thus was the final participant. 

Another feud leading up to Solar Eclipse was between the Tag Team Champions Ash Ketchum and Brock (Team Old School) vs. Sephiroth and Optimus Prime (Sephiroth Prime) for the Tag Team Championship.  Optimus Prime and Sephiroth became the number one contenders by defeating the Z Fighters (Goku and Vegeta) and R2D2 (Ryu and Ryu Hayabusa).

The event also featured its second non title match, a singles match between debuting wrestlers Duke Nukem and Charmeleon.


# Match  Stipulation
1 Taylor Swift defeated Poison Ivy, Black Widow, Storm, and Chi-Chi to win the Harlot Division Championship. Championship Scramble match for the Harlot Division Championship.
2 Sephiroth Prime (Optimus Prime & Sephiroth) defeated Team Old School (Ash Ketchum and Brock) (c) to win the Tag Team Championship. Tag team match for the Tag Team Championship
3 Charmeleon defeated Duke Nukem. Singles match
4 Jack-6 (c) defeated Bane to retain the Galactic Championship. Singles Match match for the Galactic Championship
5 Buu defeated Yusuke Urameshi (c) to win the Inter-Universal Championship. Hell in a Cell match for the Inter-Universal Championship


M4G Nation PPV - Solar Eclipse 8 19 12

M4G Nation PPV - Solar Eclipse 8 19 12



Until Solar Eclipse 2 over a year later, Duke Nukem vs. Charmeleon was the most recent non-title match at a pay-pre0view event excluding Money in the Bank matches.