Shadow Force Wreslting is a former company that was suppose to work in conjucntion with M4G-Nation.

The two sides had agreed to become partners and would work together to be the top creative WWE gaming experiances in the world. Shadow force wreslting no longer exist.


The channel began about at about the same time as M4G-Nation. Both sides would agree on a merger of two rosters and would work together. The deal would be announced on May 9th. As part of the deal certain members of both rosters would be traded to each other.

The first match in Shadow Force's hsitory would be the day after and would have Ben Tennyson vs Sheldon Cooper with the winner becoming a number one contender for the Interplanetary Championship which was won by Ben. The next match took place on May 24th with a triple threat match between Peter Griffin, Deadpool, and Deathstroke. Peter would win the match by pinning Deathstroke. 

The third match would be a championship scarmble match for the Galactic Championship. It would feature champion Master Chief vs Joker, Pauly D, Dr Doom, and Kratos. The Joker would get the pin with the joker becoming the Galactic Champion. 

The fouth match would be the Mask vs Reptitle for the second spot in the InterPlanetary championship in a steel cage on May 31st 2013. Reptitle would climb out the cage and win the match setting up Ben Ten vs Reptitle for the InterPlanetary Championship.

The fifth match would try to find new number one contenders for the Solar Tag Team championships. It would pit Reno and Rude vs Venom and Carnage with the winner going on to fight Cid Highwind and Snow Villers. The spiderman villans would win the match and move on to the finals.

The next match was the Solar Tag Teams championship crowning between Cid and Snow(FInal Fantasy) and Venom and Carnage on June 14th 2012. Final Fantasy would win the match and become the solar tag team champions. 

This would prove to be the final match in Shadow Force wreslting history. Behind the scences issues arose bewteen the two groups as M4GNITUDE was tried of doing videos for both SWF and M4G-Nation. Other issues included a lack of viewership, any fun storylines, etc.

The company would shut down soon after. the channel remains up showcasing the 5 matches it still had


Known members of the Shadow Force RosterEdit

Master Chief would take himself and the Galactic Championship to SFW but would not have very much luck there losing the title to the Joker.

Kratos would start his career there and after the shutdown of SFW would join the M4G-Nation where he would go on to become a former Hardcore and Tag Team Champion.

Deadpool would appear in one match in a losing effort. Later would join M4G-nation's roster in hopes of becoming champion.

Peter Griffin

Tha Mask




Solar Tag Team Champions Cid and Snow

Galactic Champion Joker Would appear on State of the M4G-Nation attacking Tien and is for all in tense and purposes a member of the M4G-Nation.

Sheldon Cooper

Ben Tennyson

Dr. Doom

Pauly D