Seriously Too Cool
Seriously Too Cool
Members: Red Ranger

Skeeter Valentine

Origins Power Rangers (Red Ranger)

Doug (Skeeter Valentine)

Debut: June 8, 2013
Careers: Active
Finishing Moves: Red Ranger - Red Surprise (Front facelock flipped over into a neckbreaker slam.)

Skeeter Valentine - Patty Mayonnaise (Spinning powerbomb)

Seriously Too Cool is a tag team in M4G-Nation made of Red Ranger and Skeeter Valentine

The team is a new one that has devloped becuase of a common dance based themes.


Skeeter Valentine and Red Ranger first formed a tag team after competing against one another on St Valentine's Day of 2013. Skeeter won the match but the two dancing wrestlers gained mutual respect for one another. The two eventually began teaming with one another after demand from fans and the commentary booth (particularly Trevor). They teamed for the first time against Bane and Space Ghost on March 21st 2013. They won off a neckbreaker by Red Ranger and earned the right to fight Spartan Fury in a number one contendership match 7 days later. However, they were unsuccessful in beating the former champions.

After their match with Spartan Fury they persued singles titles with both of them going after the Atom-Weight Championship and Skeeter taking part of a 10 man battle royal for a Galactic Championship match. Both men were even entrants in the 4th ever Royal Rumble but neither man won it. They would return as a tag team against Buu Supremacy members Captain Pollution and Jesus on June 8th 2013. Before they could get to the ring Buu and Bojack the Tag Team Champions would assult both of them and leave Red Ranger unable to fight. Skeeter would try to win the now handicap match but was unable to win and would be double chair shot afterwords. It is unknown if both are able to complete.


  • There name, enterance, and gimmick all mirror that of real life WWE tag team Too Cool