Origin Street Fighter
Debut: May, 6, 2012
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Shoryuken (Sitout lifting double underhook facebuster)
Ryu is a fictional martial artist, and the flagship character of the popular 2d fighting game series Street Fighter, who currently competes in the M4G-Nation.'

Having debut on May 6, 2012, Ryu is one of the senior performers in the M4G-Nation, first appearing on the 18th episode in a triple threat match against former wrestlers Donald Trump and Piccolo. Since then, Ryu has appeared in numerous other matches, including 3 Royal Rumbles - where he garnered six eliminations in total. He is also one part of the tag-team R2D2 alongside Ryu Hayabusa. He is currently the M4G-Nation Champion.


Ryu was orphaned as a kid with little knowledge of his actual parents. He was eventually adopted by a fighter known as Gouken who began teaching Ryu martial arts. Since then Ryu's life has revolved around combat. At the age of 23, Ryu began travelling the world alongside best friend and rival Ken, frequently fighting in the World Warrior tournaments. While Ryu normally fights with a great sense of honor, Ryu's desire to be the best can allow him to be engulfed with the Satsui No Hado. This dark energy is what posses fellow fighter Akuma and Ryu can have little to no control of his body while in this more powerful form. Through it all, one of Ryu's biggest attributes is his tenacity and never-give-up attitude. Even after defeat, he still travels around the world to improve his skills and prove himself to be the best Street Fighter in the world.


Ryu's first appearance was that of a triple threat match against Donald Trump and Piccolo, having won that match, Ryu was then eligible to participate in a 6-man ladder match for the Galactic Championship (then known as the Extra-Solar Championship), which included Bojack, Optimus Prime, Jack-6 (The winner), Captain Planet and Marcus Fenix. Having suffered a loss in his singles match against real-life rapper 50 Cent, Ryu then joined forces with the name sharing Ryu Hayabusa to form R2D2. Their debut came at August 4, 2012, where they were unsuccessful in defeating Sephiroth Prime, having his teammate pinned by Optimus Prime's Optimus Bomb. Following an unsuccessful Money in the Bank match, Ryu participated in the TMN Tag-Team Tourney with returning partner Ryu Hayabusa. However, the duo experienced yet another defeat in the first round at the hands of Team Old School.

A month after his dissapointing defeat in the Tag-Team Tournament, Ryu returned in one of the M4G-Nation's first matches simulated in WWE '13, fighting the debut wrestler Bandit Keith in a tables match, which he emerged victorious. Three months following his debut in WWE '13, Ryu had sought the Galactic Championship, battling Buu and Rorschach in a triple threat #1 contender match for title gold. Despite a valiant effort, Ryu was unable to advance on, having been pinned by former M4G-Nation Champion Buu after a debilitating arm drag toss off the top turnbuckle. Ryu's most recent match was that of a tag-team match against Boba Fett and Django. Having reformed team R2D2 after a brief hiatus, Ryu went on to defeat the newcomer Boba Fett via submission, declared by play-by-play announcer M4gnitude as the "Walls of Ryu" (parodying pro wrestler Chris Jericho).

The next of Ryu's sporadic appearances was in the 40-man Royal Rumble held on April 13, 2013 where he managed to eliminate Sub-Zero, Vegeta, and the M4G-Nation's first ever Royal Rumble winner Yusuke Urameshi before being eliminated by Trunks.

Ryu would then fight in a triple threat match vs Cookie Monster and The Hulk for the right to take on Jason Voorhees with the winner becoming the number one contender for the Galactic Championship. In the match vs. Jason, Ryu came very close to winning but was unable to get a pinfall and lost the match. Ryu would try to rewin the Hardcore championship on June 20th 2013 in Championship Scramble with KingThe FlashDale Earnhardt Jr. , and the champion Poseidon. Ryu would be the final superstar to enter the match but would unable to become the champion as King won the match.

Vying for championship gold once more, Ryu was a participant in an Armageddon Hell in a Cell match to determine the #1 contender for the Galactic Championship. Despite pinning for several near falls, Ryu was unable to challenge Master Chief for the title a second time.

Ryu would become a member of the first ever Road To Gold Series and would battle in a ten man rumble. He would make it to the final two vs fellow street fighter Zangief. Somehow, Ryu was able to beat Zangief and scored himself 10 points and the early lead of the road to gold. The series ended with Ryu in 1st place. Therefore, he'd be the last man to enter the M4Gamania 2 gauntlet match to determine the number one contender for Bandit Keith's M4G-Nation Championship. Ryu defeated Zangief in the gauntlet and went on to defeat Bandit Keith in an Iron Man Match causing him to become the M4G-Nation Champion. He would defend the title against people such as Bandit Keith, Kazuya and Boba Fett. But would lose the title to a cash in by Captain America.

Reclaiming the Championship Edit

Ryu would fail to gain back the championship from Captain America in a cage match, but would finally do so in a triple threat match against Captain America and Kazuya. This would mark the start of Ryu's second reign as M4G-Nation Champion. At Galactic Throwdown III, Ryu successfully defended his championship against fellow long-time M4G-Nation underdog Deadpool following a variation of his Shoryuken attack. He would lose the championship to Captain America once again later on. He would be place in a fatal four way ladder match with Boba Fett, Deadpool, and Vegeta. He would climb the ladder a few times but Vegeta would pick up the win.

Entrance ThemeEdit

Ryu Theme (Metal Version)

Ryu Theme (Metal Version)


  • The commentary team mispronounces Ryu's name, incorporating a long 'I' sound instead of a long 'E' sound. His tag-team partner Ryu Hayabusa, however, has his name pronounced correctly.
  • Ryu's overall match record (excluding Royal Rumbles) is 4-11.
  • Packard seems to dislike Ryu, among several other wrestlers in the M4G-Nation.
  • M4GNITUDE is a huge fan of Ryu, due to him coming so close to winning big matches.
  • Despite the Shoryuken being a rising uppercut-like maneuver in Street Fighter canon, the M4G-Nation's version of Ryu carries a far different approach to the attack.
  • Ryu is described as a moderately sized wrestler who surprisingly implements a notable amount of acrobatic moves to his arsenal, such as the Hurricanrana. He shares this trait with a select few amount of other wresters, such as King and Space Ghost.