Queens and Sevens (likely to be alternatively spelled as Queens and 7's) is an all female stable in the M4G-Nation. It is a parody and a female counterpart to the Aces & 8's, a professional wrestling stable found in the TNA wrestling company. Currently, it serves as the youngest stable in the M4G-Nation. They are former DD Championships after Harley and Bloodryane won them.


The faction's birth occured in a preliminary match for the Ice Cream Social tournament between Judy Jetson and Harley Quinn, where color commentator Trevor likened the situation with the hooded figure responsible for Bulma's death to TNA's Aces and 8's storyline, much to Packard and M4gnitude's dismay. Packard continued to add to Trevor's sprouting idea during said match by assigning Harley Quinn as its leader. The group began recruiting members of the Harlot's Division behind the scenes.

A select few inclusions of female wrestlers later, the group then sought after the DD Championship. Taking the numbers advantage into account, they chose to fight one-half of the Griffonwhores, Hermione Granger , for the title while her tag team partner Daphne Blake was incarcerated for attempted murder of Bulma. Regardless, Hermione managed to retain the titles in a handicap match against two of the stable's members - leader Harley Quinn and new inductee Bloodrayne.

Following the release of one of their unnanounced members Wilma Flintstone from the M4G-Nation, Queens and Sevens then began a feud with Harlot Division Champion Taylor Swift, as they were fed up with Swift's dominance in the Harlot Division and the neglect and disparagement that the group receives because of this. In the first episode of State of the M4G-Nation, Daenerys Targaryen conspired with team leader Harley Quinn backstage to conclude Taylor's title reign. Unbeknownst to them, Taylor Swift had eavesdropped on their conversation, and in response appeared an episode later, challenging both Daenerys and Harley to a triple threat steel cage match for the title at Sonic Boom. In the pay-per-view match, Daenarys Targaryen emerged as the victor as well as the Dawn and Misty being the new DD Champions, meaning that Queens and Sevens chief rival no longer owns any titles or power in the Harlots Division.

Now that the titles were out of The Gang Bang's hands Queens and 7's sought the title themselves. Yoko Littner would win a spot in the Harlot's Division Money in the Bank match at Galactic Throwdown II by beating Chun-Li. While Harley was unable to make into the match too. Bloodrayne won a six Harlot Battle Royal and scored a match with the DD Champions The Jigglypuffs by knocking out stable rival Hermione Granger. Yoko would fail to win the Harlot Money in the Bank but Harley and Bloodrayne would win the DD Championships.

The new DD Champions would lose there first match as champions to Bulma and Princess Fiona. They would be attacked by two masked Harlots who would later turn out to be Menage A Trois. They would battle the masked Harlots at Solar Eclipse 2 where Harley and BloodRayne would lose the championships. Harley won a non canon battle royal in honor of cosplay girl Jessica Nigri.

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