Princess Fiona
Princess Fiona
Origin Shrek
Debut: January 22nd 2013
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Donkey Shell (High-angle or release falling powerslam)
Princess fiona is a character from the Sherk movie series and is an active member of the Harlot's Division.

Princess fiona is one of the most powerful members male or female on the roster and has destoryed many in such a small amount of time.


Debut and Harlot TournamentEdit

Princess Fiona would make her debut vs two other new members of the roster Judy Jetson and Wilma Flintstone on Janurary 22nd 2013.  She would take the two in a handicap match but would destory both of them and win the match. Princess Fiona would then become the bodyguard of Bulma and would support her at Supernova in her title match for Harlot Championship vs Silk Spectre . Princess Fiona would help Bulma beat Silk Specte to become the Harlot Champion. Princess Fiona would then take part in the Harlot Tournament to crown the new Harlot Division Champion after Bulma was attacked by a hooded person.. Princess Fiona would be seeded number 4th and would take on 13th seeded and debuting harlot Hermione Granger. Princess Fiona would win the match with the orge hug submission and move to round two. In round two she would defeat Chun Li to advance to the semi final round. In the semi finals she would faceoff vs number one seeded Slik Spectre and would put up a strong effort but falied to win.

Losing StreakEdit

Princess FIona would then take part in a triple threat match for the number one contender spot vs Silk Spectre and Cammy. Princess Fiona would be pinned by Silk Spectre to win the match. Her next match would be vs Daenarys Targayren in a tables match on May 6th but Daenarys would get a win by K.O. after ddting her on the announce table. She has not been seen since. She would then try to to win a qualifying match for Harlot Division Championship Money in the Bank at Galactic Throwdown 2. She would go head to head with new star Jessica Rabbit and would be defeated failing to get to Galactic Throwdown.


Princess Fiona would team with her former partner Bulma to beat DD Champions Queens and Sevens to break her losing streak.

Enterance themeEdit

Mark Henry's Theme Song Lyrics

Mark Henry's Theme Song Lyrics


  • Princess Fiona has the same moveset, enterance, and theme song as real life WWE superstar Mark Henry. This is becuase of her extreme size and tendency to destory her oppenents like Mark Henry.
  • Princess Fiona is by far the largest Harlot. While every other Harlot could be in the atom-weight division if they were male Princess Fiona would be to heavy to be in the division.
  • The cast of M4G-Nation are scared of her Trevor espilcally and joke she would eat them if they didn't feed her turkey legs.