Origin Dragon Ball
Debut: May 6th 2012
Career: D-League
Finishing Move: Special Beam Cannon (Facelock transitioned to a knee strike to the gut followed by a lariat.)
Piccolo is a warrior from the Namekian race from the Dragonball franchise and is currently signed for the M4G-Nation, working in their developmental D-League as a representative of the M4G-Nation fans.

Piccolo is one of the strongest non-saiyan warriors in the Dragonball franchise but barely featured in the M4G-Nation. He made only four appearances in the M4G-Nation and failed to make much of an impact during his time there. However, having been given a second chance by the fans in the D-League Piccolo has a new fire under him which resulted in him beating The Riddler to become the current TMNXT Champion.


Piccolo is the reincarnation of his father King Piccolo and was born to avenge King Piccolo's death at the hands of the saiyan Goku. After narrowling losing a fight to him, he eventually became allies with his former rival. Piccolo would also play huge part in Goku's son Gohan's life training him and teaching him how to live on his own in the wild. After being killed by the saiyan Nappa and later revived, Piccolo eventually became one of the strongest Z Fighters in the Dragonball Z franchise. At one point in the series during the Android saga, Piccolo was the strongest Z Fighter around after fusing with Kami to become much stronger than the Super Saiyans Goku, Trunks and Vegeta.


WWE 12Edit

Piccolo debuted on May 6th 2012 as part of an extreme rules triple threat match involving Ryu and Donald Trump. However, Piccolo was unsuccessful in picking up the win and ended up getting pinned by Ryu for his efforts.

Piccolo would come to the aid of Tony Hawk next and feud with Android 17, who had been terrorizing Hawk. Piccolo agreed to a two on one handicap match with himself and Hawk facing the Android. The two would defeat Android 17, with Piccolo avenging his defeat to him in the "Imperfect Cell" saga.

Piccolo would team up with Tony Hawk again to compete in a four team tag team tournament to determine the number one contenders for the tag team titles. However, they would lose to the team of Dante and Darth Maul.

Piccolo would not reappear in the M4G-Nation until August 6th 2012, where he would be a part of a 4 man battle royal also involving Johnny Bravo, Ezio, and then Inter-Universal Champion Yusuke Urameshi. On negative points, Piccolo needed a win to boost up in points and with a pinfall over the champion, he'd recieve a World title shot. While he pinned Johnny Bravo off the Special-Beam Cannon, he was eliminated by Yusuke Urameshi.


Piccolo would later return to the M4G-Nation as a member of The IceBergs in the M4G-Nation's newly formed D-League. He was voted into the team alongside Mr. Popo, The Riddler, The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, The Terminator and James Bond. He lost in his return in a 6-man battle royal against Thor, Mario, Popeye, Johnny Bravo, and Sonic The Hedgehog. However he would win a ten man battle royal to become the number one contender for the TMNXT Championship. He would faceoff vs the then champion The Ridder in a ladder match where Piccolo would grab the title to become the new TMNXT Champion.

Theme SongEdit

Epic DBZ Themes Extended Piccolo's Theme HD

Epic DBZ Themes Extended Piccolo's Theme HD


  • Piccolo is the only Namekian to ever appear in the M4G-Nation
  • Piccolo is 1-4 all time and won his only match in a handicap match