Mortal Kombat
Mortal Kombat
Members: Sub-Zero



Origins Mortal Kombat
Debut: November 1, 2012
Careers: Active
Finishing Moves: Sub Zero - Deep Freeze Neckbreaker (Neck Breaker)

Scorpion - Scorpion Powerbomb (Brainbuster)

Reptile - Venom Bite

Mortal Kombat is a tag team/stable in The M4G-Nation that competes actively on it's roster. They are the former 1 time Tag Team Champions in M4G-Nation. They are made up of Sub-Zero and Scorpion who are characters from the highly popluar Fighting game Series Mortal Kombat. They have been teaming together for a long time and have been active members of the tag team division. 


Early timesEdit

They both started out in singles careers but neither had any luck. Sub-Zero had failed mutiple times to do anything major and Scorpion was newer to the roster. They decided to to team up and see where they could go. Their first match together was on November 1, 2012 vs Speed Racer and Marty McFly . They showed some decent teamwork and were able to win their first match in M4G-Nation.

They took two months off during that time training together to become a better team. They would return on January 7, 2013 to take on Ghost to Gotham (which consists of Bane and Space Ghost) to take down the newly formed team. They were then set to try to take on Spartan Fury for the Tag Team Championships but were bribed $100,000 by Sports Authority to take the night off and not fight. Team Mortal Kombat took the money and watched Sports Authority lose to Spartan Fury at the Supernova PPV and in a TLC rematch later.

Tag Team GoldEdit

Mortal Kombat had the money but they wanted the gold and decided if Sports Authority could not obtain the title then it was their turn. They would be granted a match vs. the champions at Northern Lights PPV. Spartan Fury were hot coming off a victory over Atom-Weight Champion Ash Ketchum and M4G-Nation Champion Jack-6. Mortal Kombat would find a way to win the Tag Team Championships and defeat Spartan Fury. They would then defend them again vs Spartan Fury at Absolute Zero. It was during this time that Iron Man began to start to manage them. They were able to retain the titles.

They would next defend the titles vs. Wolverine and King who became the new number one contenders beating Boba Fett and Django and The Supremacy. They would Face off at Vernal Equinox in a Hell in a Cell Tornado Tag Team Match. Mortal Kombat once again found a way to retain. Mortal Kombat took on Myotismon and Skeletor in a not title matchup May 3 2013. They would win the match but afterwards were attacked by Buu and Bojack of the Buu Supremacy. The Supermacy would win a number one contendership match vs King and Wolverine to face Mortal Kombat at Sonic Boom. They would put up a amazing effort but Bojack and Buu would win the match to become the tag team champions. Afterwards, the new champions would double choke slam the former champions. They participated in the 1st match of the Galactic Throwdown II (2013) tag team gauntlet and lost against Neo-Underworld. The two would then lose to The Westeros at Solar Eclipse 2.

Adding membersEdit

Mortal Kombat would add Reptile to the group and would pull off a major upset defeating La Pollution on November 9th 2013. Sub-Zero and Scorpion would be unable to win fatal four ways while Reptile was unable to win the Internet championship. Afterwards Sub-Zero and Scorpion would defeat La Pollution once again and would faceoff vs TMNT in a TLC match on December 20th, 2013. Mortal Kombat would destory the turtles in route to becoming the M4G-Nation Blue roster number one conteders for the Tag Team Championships.


  • Sub Zero has been made fun of for breaking his neck every time he fights.
  • During their entrances, one of them would move like real life WWE superstar CM Punk and the other like Luke Gallows.
  • Sub-Zero and Scorpion are actually bitter rivals in Mortal Kombat canon.
  • None of Mortal Kombat has ever been able to win a singles matches with every win coming in tag team matches.