Money in the Bank Briefcase 3

A picture of the real life briefcase

The Money in the Bank Briefcase is an item fought for in Money in the Bank Ladder Matches in the M4G-Nation.

The briefcase in the games is an odle to the real life Money in the Bank briefcases exclusive to the WWE.

General InfomationEdit

The Money in the Bank Briefcase contains a match contract, which will be suspended 20 feet above the ring. Wresters will grab ladders and try to climb to the top to obtain them. The matches have a minimum of 2 fighters and a maximum of 6. The one to climb to the top, and unhook the briefcase wins. The contract within allows the winner to 'cash in' their briefcase at any time of their choosing within one year of winning the match. The opposing wrestler would have to be inside the ring before the match could start. The match after would be contested under any rules that the briefcase holder requests. 

Winners and CashsEdit

1. The first winner was Captain America, who won his briefcase on August 24, 2012. He would wait two months before cashing in on the M4G-Nation Champion Darth Vader who had just won the title from Buu on October 28, 2012 at M4Gamania. Captain America fresh and ready would defeat a weakened Darth Vader in three mintues to win the Championship.

2. Buu would win his Money in the Bank Briefcase on December 8th 2012. He would cash in order to involve himself in the Champioship Scramble match at Big Bang. Buu would come out fourth but was unable to win the championship, which Darth Vader won.

3. Yusuke Urameshi would win his Money in the Bank Briefcase on April 28th at the PPV Vernal Equinox. The match he won is notable for also having former champions Captain America, Buu, and Darth Vader. Yusuke would use the briefcase nearly an hour later vs Jack-6 who was able to defeat Yusuke.

Harlot Money In The Bank winners and cash insEdit

1. Posion Ivy won the Money In The Bank briefcase at Galactic Throwdown II. She attempted to cash it in at Singularity, but was stopped by Daphne Blake. She would lose the briefcase to Daphne on August 21st 2013 in a triple threat ladder match involving Yoko Littner. Daphne Blake became the Money In The Bank holder. She cashed in her briefcase on September 19, 2013 to win the Harlot Division Championship from recently crowned champion Bulma.

List Of Money In The Bank Ladder MatchesEdit

No. Match Title Event Date Time Winner
1 Captain America vs Marcus Fenix vs Ryu vs The Hulk vs Darth Maul vs Blue Ranger Inter-Universal Championship M4G-Nation August 24th 2012 11:21 Captain America
2 Buu vs Yusuke Urameshi vs Bane vs Sub-Zero vs Ryu vs Ironman Inter-Universal Championship M4G-Nation December 8th 2012 4:08 Buu
3 Captain America vs Yusuke Urameshi vs Darth Vader vs Buu M4G-Nation Championship Vernal Equinox April 28th 2013 14:08 Yusuke Urameshi
4 Posion Ivy vs Daphne Blake vs Cammy vs Jessica Rabbit vs Yoko Littner vs Supergirl Harlots Championship Galactic Throwdown II June 30th 2013 - Posion Ivy
5 Vegeta vs Batman vs Jason Voorhees vs Captain America vs Ash Ketchum vs Leonidas M4G-Nation Championship M4G-Nation November 16th 2013 - Captain America

Participant ListEdit

Superstar Apperances Victories
Captain America 3 2
Buu 4 3
Yusuke Urameshi 2 1
Ryu 2 0
Darth Vader 1 0
Sub-Zero 2 0
Ironman 1 0
The Hulk 1 0
Blue Ranger 1 0
Bane 1 0
Marcus Fenix 1 0
Darth Maul 1 0
Ash Ketchum 1 0
Leonidas 1 0
Vegeta  1 0
Jason Voorhees 1 0
Batman 1 0


  • Only Captain America has been able to cash in the MALE world championship. He is also the first person to ever win it and cash it in TWICE.
  • The waiting time between winning the case and cashing in had gotten shorter and shorter with each case in. (Captain America 2 months, Buu 28 days, Yusuke 1 hour.) This trend broke with the Harlots Money in the Bank contract.
  • Darth Vader's two reigns as M4G-Nation Champion both invovled someone cashing in the briefcase.
  • Whoever wins the money in the bank contract is often given the name Mr. or Ms. Money in the Bank.
  • Poision Ivy is so far the only person to lose her Money in the Bank contract.