The members of the M4G-Nation crew have joked that there camera crew, ground crew, and other members of the backstage production staff are all famous fictional characters or real life people who support the M4G-Nation. The following people have been named as members of the support staff.

Support StaffEdit

Camera Crew: The Camera Crew has been said to be worked on by head camera man 2012 hall of fame member Mace Windu. This is hinted at in the Cookie Monster vs Vegeta backstage fight for the Hardcore Championship.

Kimbo Slice or Slice T is said to be another camera man who gets the wide shots during matches. In recent times it has been joked that he is a part of M4G-Nation security staff.

Mr.T has been said to the man who covers the matches in the Harlots division and uses a helicopter to get the shots from above. He is also comfirmed to work security at the M4G-Nation events.

Food: Terry crews has been joked about as the man who comes around the fans with Buffalo wings and the man who shoots the sauce into the crowd. He is also the one that gives out the Mc Rib whenever a Harlot is pinned on either symbol.

2012 hall of famer Ron Swanson has been joked about as being the head of the Medical staff, builder of the sets of the M4G-Nation, weaponds makers, and trainer of the Ron Swanson secret Dojo underneath the ring. It has also been joked about that he trains wrestlers in a secret dojo under the ring.

Kenny powers has been said to lurk in the rafters as the head of M4G-Nation security and watches out for any problems between the talent.

John Clayton is a referee during WWE 12 while Fred Jones from scooby doo has been in the M4G-Nation since. 


  • Except for Terry Crew and John Clayton all members of the back staff have wrestled in matches 
  • Most of the backstaff are members of the hall of fame.