Over the course of the M4G-Nation series, several running jokes have been produced by the team of commentators. Listed below is the comprehensive list of nicknames, running gags, or any other form of esoteric remark used for humorous intentions.


Ash KetchumEdit

Co-commentators Packard and Trevor's disdain for the wrestler's obnoxious attitude and antics has lead them to sharply criticise Ash. Referring to him by the derogative epithet: "Ash "Fuckface" Ketchum". During a match with Darth Maul he has been said to have "Aids" and is not Ash "Fuckface Aids" Ketchum" or just "Aids".


Following her supposed death at the hands of an enigmatic, hooded figure. The group of commentators claimed that her funeral was only attended by her son Trunks, Trevor, and oddly, real-life wrestler Brock Lesnar (Believed to be a tribute to her entrance theme copying the aforementioned fighter's own theme). Trevor decided to further the absurdity of the funeral by joking that Brock Lesnar went as far as to dance on Bulma's grave site. 


The commentators continually mock Buu for being a sufferer of Lyme Disease.

Captain FalconEdit

The announcing team often proclaim that the F-Zero superstar is a hipster, largely due to his unorthodox wrestling attire.

Cookie MonsterEdit

Due to Cookie Monster's initials (CM), he is often used as a parody to real-life wrestler CM Punk. Gameplay wise, Cookie Monster completely mimics CM Punk's moveset in the ring, even imitating his own antics upon his entrance. To expand on the parody even further, Trevor has deemed him as the "Best in the street" (mocking CM Punk's self-proclaimed "Best in the world" status), as well as shouting "It's devouring time" during his entrance (mocking CM Punk's trademark shout "It's clobbering time").

Darth VaderEdit

Darth Vader is often professed to have previously won a fictional award for the 'Worst Father Ever', referring to his actions as a dark lord in the Star Wars film series.

Ezio AuditoreEdit

Packard deliberately mispronounces Ezio's name, referring to him as "Enzio". Furthermore, over the course of his journey to obtain the Atom-Weight Championship, the commentary team employed the nicknames "The Italian Stallion" and "The 4-Point Swing" to Ezio.

Harlots DivisionEdit

Packard will often say that the members of the division are dimes refering to them as 10's.  Dime (n) is slang for a perfect 10, so for example; Daenerys Targaryen would be a dime while Princess Fiona is a dull boring penny (a 1 out of 10)


Co-commentator Trevor claims that Jack-6, humourously, possesses a phobia of floors, particularly the concrete flooring located at ringside. Furthermore, his odd finisher "The Megaton Punch" evidently causes the announcing team to speak in a slow, exaggerated speech for the duration of the maneuver. This type of commentary is also found during steel cage matches. Jack-6 is also billed as "A robot builted by the future, sent to the past, to help the past save the future." But the crew often don't get it right mixing the word order up. 


When Jason first appeared in the royal rumble match on hallowneen many members of the crew said that they used weed to calm him down so he does not kill anyone. PacKard would aslo ask that Jason not kill any of the Harlot division and odle to the many girls he kills in his movies. Whenever he performs his Wide Arms Wide Open finsher the crew will sing the song of the same name by the band Creed in a mangled heavy metal hard to understand style of way. Whenever he leaves for any extended period of time it is assumed he went back to his camp crystal lake and killed many teenagers on his breaks.

Kimbo SliceEdit

Following his release from the M4G-Nation, the commentators joke that the real-life fighter currently works as the camera man for indoor and outdoor matches. Particularly in outdoor matches usually held for the Harlot's Division, it is often joked that Kimbo Slice performs his camera work on a helicopter operated by Mr. T. Color commentator Trevor also refers to him as 'Sliced Tea'.


King's jaguar mask has prompted PJR and Trevor to treat him as if he were a domestic cat, much to Packard and M4gnitude's dismay, who constantly refute PJR and Trevor's outlandish statements. This in turn leads PJR and Trevor to recite the famous "Meow Mix" jingle, if only to further irritate M4gnitude.


Link would be wished back to life by best friend Trunks. The guys would joke about this on June 14th during a match stating that both Trunks and Link have gained back sexual and emotional powers that allow them to win there matches.

Marcus FenixEdit

The wrestler deriving from the Gears of War third person shooter series is often associated with concussions, largely due to his finishing move solely focused at the head region but is otherwise  done so for no apparent reason. The commentary team also claim that Marcus Fenix was a graduate of the University of Phoenix, as a play on his surname.

Master ChiefEdit

Master chief has been known to be called "Master Chef" and also "Mantis Toboggan".


After showing his face in the Royal Rumble match that took place on the 22nd December 2012, his character was unknown to commentator Packard. After a while, Myotismon recieved the nickname of "The Jamaican Vampire" largely due to his vampire-like appearance and the fact that his name ends in -mon. He is also constantly mocked for his abnormally elongated arms.

Princess Fiona Edit

Whenever she enters the ring Trevor will always react scared beacsue of her size. The crew will also make jokes about her eating her opponents and about having a box of Turkey legs next to them at ring side and that is why she fights.

Red RangerEdit

The superstar that was mentioned to be a real life squirrel in a comment from a fan; this was addressed in the Royal Rumble match that took place on the 22nd December 2012. In said match, commentator Pat James Regan made harsh, squealing noises that suggested that it wasn't a squirrel under the helmet, but actually Cthulhu, a fictional cosmic entity designed by writer H.P. Lovecraft, earning the Red Ranger the nickname "Cthulhu Squirrel Ranger."


Sometimes M4Gnitude will actively cheer Ryu in a match which will often make Packard mad. Forms of cheering include the little league chant "Let's go Ryu *Clap* Clap* *clap,clap,clap* or the repeat of his name. M4Gnitude will also often refer to the fact that Ryu is most of the time thought of as an underdog in most of his matches due to his poor winning streak and history on the M4G-Nation and will compare him to sports team underdogs in real life like the Pitssburg Pirates or the Chicago Cubs.


The team of commentators have a penchant for chanting Skeletor's name in a high-piched tone resembling his own voice used in the He-Man animated series. Furthermore, Skeletor's AI in WWE 13' has a habit of sliding out of the wrestling ring into ringside frequently, leading to much hilarity.


This wrestler that has been nicknamed "The Magician" due to the fact that he can make cars appear on the stage when he makes his entrance. Packard also refers to him as the "One Man Band" (a reference to professional wrestler Heath Slater), a nickname that has since been carried on into his finishing move.


Link would be wished back to life by best friend Trunks. The guys would joke about this on June 14th during a match stating that both Trunks and Link have gained back sexual and emotional powers that allow them to win there matches and also allow Trunks to become a super saiyan 2, as well as have much better sex.

Video proof STart at around 7:25 and keep going till 8:30
TMN - Buu Bojack vs Link MysterPartner - Tag Team Title Match - WWE 13

TMN - Buu Bojack vs Link MysterPartner - Tag Team Title Match - WWE 13

Yusuke UrameshiEdit

It is a running gag that Yusuke is deaf. He is also sometimes referred to as "Dashing Yusuke Urameshi" by commentator Trevor. Trevor aslo would sing Cody Rhodes "Only Smoke and Mirrors" but would change it to "Only Cuts and Brusies" to refer to Yusuke's body. (This is a play on real-life wrestler "Dashing" Cody Rhodes)


Buu CrewEdit

The Buu Crew is loved by Packard and will cheer/defend the members of the stable and the actions of the members to the other M4G-Nation crew annoyance. Another thing that has been noticed is that the Stable members use the Small Package more than anyone esle which was started by Jack-6 after he beat Goku at Northern Lights ppv with the move

In WrestlingEdit

The Announcing TableEdit

On several occasions, a participating wrestler would remove the table cover and any moniters on the announcing table for no apparent reason, much to the commentating team's dismay. In professional wrestling, this was used to set up an impending throw or slam onto the announcing table, ostensibly in order to prevent or mitigate harm to the defending wrestler. This is not entirely the case for the M4G-Nation, as many wrestlers neglect the table shortly after tearing the equipment from it. The sustainability of the announcing table was also questioned by the announcing team for its tendency to shatter with ease if the defending wrestler were to land (directly or indirectly) on it, regardless of the move perpetrated by the attacking wrestler.

Atom Weight TermsEdit

In matches consisting of members from the Atom-Weight Division, a number of terms were coined to describe it's high flying, accelerated pace of matches. The most notable of which is 'Flippyshit', first utilized by Packard, which originally found its use in the Atom-Weight Tourney, but since found its way into any match where springboards and other acrobatic aerial maneuvers are performed. Another term, but lesser known and long extinct, is 'Leaping Lizards', also devised by Packard - but served more as a catchphrase. Perhaps the reason of infamy for 'Leaping Lizards' was that it had been commonly used in the Atom-Weight Tourney, much to the ire of M4Gnitude, as exemplified in his exasperation conveyed at the first round bout between Matt Ishida and Krillin.

Dire StraitsEdit

Coined and utilized by head commentator M4gnitude to refer to the state of a wrestler, typically one that is "In trouble" (ex. facing several knockdowns by an opposing wrestler, especially if the he/she was in control of the match in a consistent, dominant fashion).

Lock of the weekEdit

Started by M4Gnitude during matches on both he main roster and the D League he would place "locks" on guys he thinks will win the match. Somtimes Packard and Trevor will comment on this statinng he already used one or will use there own locks. Known locks are Lo Jack lock, Bicycle lock, Phone lock, Door lock, Johnny's Lock, Locker lock, and of the course the Master Lock.

Little League ChantEdit

When the guys in the booth want to cheer for someone they will begin the little league chant(M4Gnitude is the biggest user of this) often doing "Let's go ______" *Clap* *Clap* *clap,clap,clap* or chant the wrestler's name over and over again like "Link, Link, Link, Link" getting louder and louder over time. Packard hates the little league chants which promt whoever is doing it to keep going making Packard more annoyed.

The Harlot Wrestling RingEdit

Because the ring mat used in Harlot matches contains a logo of a butterfly and a dolphin, the commentating team jokes that color commentator Trevor is forced to hand out various articles of food (choice varies with each match) to the audience if a wrestler is successfully pinned for a three count on top of either one of these symbols.

The M4G-Nation ElbowEdit

The name handed to a drop toe-hold + elbow drop double team combination. The name was popularized due to its widespread use during tag team matches, especially involving the computer A.I participants.

The Steel Cage MatchEdit

WWE 13's feature for the objective of steel cage matches involves both wrestlers performing a weary, yet melodramatic crawl towards the egress of the cage upon one wrestler performing a successful superplex. During this event (often indicated by a cutscene showcasing the superplex), the commentary team would speak in a sluggish and stressed fashion until one wrestler manages to exit the ring. Sometimes this match is referred to as a "Nicholas Cage" match by Packard and Trevor, mostly to irritate M4GNITUDE. 

Submission ManeuversEdit

During the performance of a particular submission move enacted by a wrestler, the commentary team makes use of catchphrases that may or may not pertain to the move itself or any terms associated with it. This includes:

Camel ClutchEdit

Trevor often shouts "Make him humble!" at this maneuver, referencing real life pro-wrestler The Iron Sheik, a known specialist of the Camel Clutch submission hold itself. Furhermore, Trevor references the historic Wrestlemania III battle between Andre the Giant and Hulk Hogan, mentioning the arena where the match was held followed by its number of fans in attendance (Pontiac Silverdome and 93,000, respectively)


Upon the performance of this move, either Trevor or M4gnitude would often chant "The Octopus!" in a frantic, repetitive tone, mirroring WWE commentator Michael Cole.

Walls of _____Edit

Upon noticing a wrestler perform an elevated boston crab submission hold, better known as the "Walls of Jericho", either M4gnitude, Trevor, or Packard would state the title of the submission hold, but replace "Jericho" with the name of the wrestler initiating the maneuver (Ex. Walls of Vegeta, used when Vegeta performed the move on Django).


Many members of the roster have extreme powers. These inculde Goku being a super sayian, The Hulk being a monster power house, to Buu and his powers and all the heroes. To make things "fair" all superpowers are outlawed by the M4G-Nation crew as well as any resources that would give a fighter an edge. This has been joked to make everything too fair but is needed so Dale Jr. does not get killed by Kratos or the Hulk destroying Ash. 

Unfair Helmet VictoryEdit

In order to completely replicate a notable few characters' appearances, helmets are permitted to be worn in-match. This is often used to preserve the character's identity if their unmasked selves are unknown or unreleased to the world - such as Master Chief. Additionally, this may also be used if the mask is a mandatory component for a wrestler's costume - as in the cases of Red Ranger and Blue Ranger. The commentary team, particularly Packard, views this as unfair, as it grants the wrestler a large advantage in terms of wrestling moves that utilize, and target, the head region.


Occasionally in any match featuring members of the Harlot's Division, a wrestling move that causes the defending female wrestler to fall supine to the ground may unintentionally reveal her exposed undergarments to the camera (usually because the defending wrestler wears a skirt or a short dress). Immediately upon its discovery, the term for this event is coined as "Unmentionables". Packard and Trevor are the commentators notable for the use of this term in female oriented matches, who then usually succeed the term with "Take a drink".

Outside of WrestlingEdit

Iron Sheik Tweet of the DayEdit

At the end of the video, Trevor will read random Tweets sent from real life WWE superstar Iron Sheik's Twitter account. Many of these Tweets are known to be full of cuss words, and/or referring to sex, Hulk Hogan, and/or any female celebrity icon using phrases derived from his wrestling persona.

Ryback Tweet of the DayEdit

They began on October 17th using real life WWE superstar Ryback's tweets to random fans and or other wrestlers in place of the Iron Sheik.