(Note that this is a work in progress. This list is subject to progressive change as new wrestlers are introduced to the M4G-Nation roster and more finishing moves are discovered.)

Finishing Moves are wrestling maneuvers that usually end in a victory, they (ostensibly) are unique to each individual wrestler and its name may even become trademark to said wrestler, utilizing the much more popular nickname in its stead (An example being the Jumping Cutter, also known as an RKO, whereas its name was popularized by professional wrestler Randy Orton).

Finishing moves typically last for many years or may change depending on the wrestler's gimmick. A wrestler may utilize more than one finishing move at a time, with the other move normally being a submission hold if the wrestler's initial finisher is not a submission hold in the first place. (A popular example would be The Undertaker, who carries the Tombstone Piledriver and Hell's Gate as each of his finishing moves).

In the M4G-Nation, a character's finishing move is usually preceded by a successful performance of their signature move on the opponent, which, depending on the wrestler, then proceeds to a taunt given by the wrestler as their opponent recovers from the impact of the signature maneuver. Over time, a character's finishing move may change as well in order to accomodate a gimmick change. However, since its transition to WWE '13, many finishing moves were altered.

Below is the list encompassing all current finishing moves by wrestler (in alphabetical order):

Male WrestlersEdit

Wrestler       Finishing Move Finishing Move (Description)
Ash Ketchum Ketchum Fisherman driver
Bandit Keith American DDT Two toe kicks followed by a snap DDT, with theatrics
Bane Soul Crusher Two single knee backbreakers followed by a swinging side single knee backbreaker
Batman Bat-Driver Cradle Piledriver
Bojack Unbound Inverted electric chair dropped into a double knee facebreaker
Boba Fett Swinging Side Slam Boba Fett first performs an inverted facelock, then hoists his opponent over his shoulder before performing his finisher
  • Buu Ball
  • Super Buu Ball
  • Firemans carry cutter
  • 450° splash, with theatrics.
Captain America Stars and Stripes Inverted electric chair dropped into an uppercut followed by a double knee facebreaker
Captain Falcon Falcon Punch K.O Punch
Captain Pollution Force of Illusion Spinning crucifix side slam.
Cookie Monster
  • Cookie Crumbler
  • Go to Street
  • Anaconda vise
  • Firemans carry dropped into a single knee lift to the face.
Dante 666 Tiger feint kick to the head of an opponent draped over the second rope followed by a springboard splash.
Darth Maul Sith Legacy Argentine single knee gutbuster
Darth Vader Force Chokeslam Two handed choke suplex - with theatrics.
Deadpool Spear
Ezio Assassin Suplex followed by a bridging swinging fisherman suplex
  • Spirit Bomb
  • Kamehameha
  • Corkscrew 450° splash
  • Inverted fisherman brainbuster
Green Goblin Snap DDT
The Hulk Hulk Smash Spinning firemans carry toss
Iron Man Sponsored by Stark Industries Fisherman driver
Jack-6 Megaton Punch Gut punch followed by a Windup K.O Punch.
Jason Voorhees With Arms Wide Open Series of two powerbombs
The Joker Single-Knee Facebreaker
Khal Drogo Drogonian Death Drop Series of three powerbombs
King King of the Jungle Firemans carry cutter - with theatrics
King Leonidas Spartan Kick Bicycle Kick
Kratos Blades of Chaos Samoan drop transitioned to a swinging side slam
Link Ocarina of Time Belly to back spinning mat slam
Marcus Fenix Locust DDT Swinging snap DDT
Master Chief Spartan Laser Firemans carry cutter
MegaMan Blue Bomber Barrage of gut punches and spinning back knuckles, ending with a windup K.O punch
Myotismon Crimson Lightning Over the shoulder sitout sidewalk slam.
Poseidon Tidal Wave Crucifix brainbuster
Raphael Tortuga Tornado Argentine neckbreaker
Red Ranger Red Surprise Front facelock flipped over into a neckbreaker slam.
Ryu Shoryuken Sitout lifting double underhook facebuster.
Scorpion Scorpion Powerbomb/Deathbomb Crucifix backbreaker transitioned to an elevated crucifix powerbomb
Sephiroth One Man Band Release powerbomb, with theatrics
Skeletor Mount Doom Bridging firemans carry slam
Skeeter Valentine Patty Mayonnaise Spinning release powerbomb
Space Ghost
  • Coast to Coast
  • Brak Attack
  • Jumping neckbreaker off the top turnbuckle - with theatrics.
  • Sitout chokeslam
Spiderman Spider-Driver Canadian destroyer
Sub-Zero Deep Freeze Neckbreaker Muscle buster
Tien Shinhan Tri-Beam Two handed chokeslam
Trunks Burning Attack Gutwrench hold transitioned to a crucifix hold dropped into a roundhouse kick
V Overture Series of Mongolian chops, ending with a 360° jumping corkscrew roundhouse kick
Vegeta Final Flash Inverted electric chair dropped into a 360° jumping corkscrew roundhouse kick
Yusuke Urameshi Spirit Gun Spinning argentine toss
Zangief Red Cyclone Three German suplexes

Female WrestlersEdit

Wrestler              Finishing   Move                 Finishing Move (Description)
Alice DDT Virus Jumping DDT
Bloodrayne Rain of Fire Spinning firemans carry neckbreaker
Bulma Dragon Radar Chokeslam backbreaker followed by a spinning lifting sitout double underhook facebuster.
Cammy F.U Kick Roundhouse Kick
Catwoman Stinkface
Chun-Li Lightning Kicks Barrage of kicks in quick succession.
Daenerys Targaryen
  • Targaryen Stranglehold
  • Dragon Fire
  • Crippler crossface
  • Combination of punches and kicks, ending with an asian mist spray followed by an enzuigiri.
Daphne Blake Damsel in Distress Front flip neckbreaker
Dawn Coast-to-Coast/ Van Dawninator Corner-to-corner missile dropkick
Elastigirl Spinning side facebuster
Emma Frost Frozen Tundra Suplex slam
Harley Quinn Doctor J Spinning lifting sitout double underhook facebuster
Hermione Granger Gryffindor Firemans carry dropped into a single knee lift to the face
Hit-Girl Batgirl Low blow followed by a roundhouse kick to the face
Jessica Rabbit Toon Town Scissors kick
Juliet Starling Lollipop Chainsaw Leg drop bulldog, with theatrics
Kim Possible Ron Stoppable Series of three roundhouse kicks
Kunimitsu Crucifix Piledriver
Misty Bubble Beam Inverted facelock dropped into a cutter
Poison Ivy Poison Mist Asian mist spray followed by a double knee backbreaker
Princess Fiona Far-Far-Away Slam/Donkey Show/World's Ugliest Slam High-angle falling powerslam
Rei Ayanami Genesis Superkick
Samus Morph Ball Firemans carry gutbuster
Silk Spectre Nightowl Sitout fisherman suplex facebuster
Taylor Swift Guitar Hero Arm wrap followed by a stunner
Yoko Littner M82 Barrett Double underhook backbreaker drop


Wrestler Finishing Move Fiishing Move (Description)
Blade Chokebomb
Burger King BK Value Meal Slap followed by a low blow ended with a firemans carry cutter, with theatrics
Charmander Backpack Stunner
Cyclops Snap DDT
Dexter Secret Laboratory Reverse over the shoulder facebuster
Iron Patriot Patriot Slam Modified fisherman suplex
Kick-Ass Ass Lock Omoplata crossface
The Man in the Yellow Hat Curiosity Jumping DDT
Mr. Freeze Deep Freeze Delayed chokeslam backbreaker
Nightcrawler DDT
Piccolo Special Beam Cannon
Sonic The Hedgehog Emerald Hill
The Riddler Mind Eraser Three quarter facelock legsweep DDT
Ronald McDonald Rope-A-Dope Elbow strike followed by a left hook, ending with a K.O punch, with theatrics
Woody Woody's Roundup Sharpshooter

Released/Retired Wrestlers (Male)Edit

Wrestler     Finishing Move Finishing Move (Description)
???? Ape Shit Somoan drop followed by a firemans carry cutter
50 Cent AK-47 Side kick to the gut followed by a snap DDT - with theatrics.
Adolf Hitler Blitzkrieg Suplex stunner
Android 17 17 Stunner Osaka stunner
Bills Choke Suplex
Brock Fissure Sitout lifting double underhook facebuster.
Cid Highwind Highwind Standing moonsault side slam
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Daytona 500/Checkered Flag Sitout facebuster
Django Unchained Argentine backbreaker
Donald Trump You're Fired! Lariat, with theatrics
Duke Nukem Balls of Steel Eye rake followed by a seated three-quarter facelock jawbreaker.
Eli Manning
  • Fourth Quarter
  • New York Giant
  • Fireman's carry double knee gutbuster
  • Snap DDT
Elvis Presley Swag Elbow Elbow drop, with theatrics.
The Flash Flash Drive Canadian destroyer
Frieza Death Ball Swinging side slam backbreaker followed by a double underhook powerbomb followed by a DDT.
Ganondorf Gerudo Stunner Inverted electric chair dropped into a stunner.
Gordon Ramsay Hell's Kitchen Over the shoulder spinning facebuster
Han Solo Millenium Falcon Shooting star press
Jack Sparrow Black Pearl Crucifix hold transitioned to a spinning side slam
Jesus Jesus Elbow/Christian's Elbow/God's Elbow Running delayed high-impact elbow drop, with theatrics
Kenny Powers Stunner Seated three-quarter facelock jawbreaker
Kimbo Slice Kimbo Kombo Argentine hold transitioned to a spinning crucifix toss.
Krillin Destructo Disc Canadian Destroyer variant
Lebron James Release Powerbomb
Matt Ishida Were-Claw Torture rack followed by a spinning release slam
Optimus Prime Optimus Bomb Elevated crucifix hold followed by a spinning sitout pinning powerbomb
Russel Brand Dirty Kick to the Face Bicycle kick, often performed following a failed clothesline by the opponent.
Snow Villiers Sovereign Fist Argentine hold transitioned to an inverted brainbuster
Stone Cold Steve Austin Stone Cold Stunner Toe kick followed by a seated three-quarter facelock jawbreaker
Superman Chokeslam
Tim Tebow Tebow Slam Swinging side slam
Tony Hawk The Birdman 450° splash - with theatrics
Voldemort Avada Kedavra Jawbreaker followed by a sitout facebuster.
Wolverine Snap DDT

Released Wrestlers (Female)Edit

Wrestler Finishing Move Finishing Move (Description)
Android 18 The Awakening Single knee facebreaker, with theatrics
Buffy Choke Standing Moonsault Side Slam
Chi-Chi Ox-Bomb Fisherman driver
Launch Launch Pad Choke rib breaker
Megan Fox Fox Factor Sitout facebuster
Princess Peach Mushroom Kingdom Inverted facelock lifted into an over the shoulder spinning facebuster
Tifa Lockhart Broken Hart 450° frog splash
Videl Saiyan powerslam Lifting spinning DDT
Wilma Flintstone W Factor Sitout facebuster