Juliet Starling
Origin Lollipop Chainsaw
Debut: August 7th 2013
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Lollipop Chainsaw (Leg drop bulldog, with theatrics)
Juliet Starling is a character from the video game Lollipop Chainsaw and is an active member of the Harlot's Division roster.

Juliet was the first major rival of Taylor Swift and was a member of the first feud for the Harlot Division Championship. Juliet is a very strong powerful fighter and among the most athletic of the Harlots.



Juliet would make her debut on August 7th 2013 vs Storm. She would be unable to defeat Storm and lose the match.

Feud with Taylor SwiftEdit

Juliet's next match would be a tag team match. Juliet would team with Black Widow vs Misty and Harlot Division Champion Taylor Swift on September 18th 2012. Taylor would use a sledgehammer to beat Juliet down beat the ref would DQ Taylor giving Juliet her first win. This would be the begining of the Juliet Starling vs Taylor Swift Rivalry.  On October 10th Taylor would cut a promo stating she would lead the Harlots as the strong champion. Juliet would come out questioning this and telling Taylor to watch her back. One week later they would have a one on one match. Taylor Swift would come out on top winning the match but would be assulted by Bulma after the match with an iron pipe. On October 24th Bulma and Juliet Starling would team vs Taylor and Taylor's friend Megan Fox. Megan would pin Juliet winning the match. This would set up a triple threat match between Taylor Swift, Juliet, and Bulma at M4Gamania. Bulma would win the match becoming the new champion. 


Juliet would leave for a long time and would not return for 7 months before returning on May 21st for a tag team match. She would team with fellow returning Harlot Hitgirl vs then DD Champions Hermione Granger and Daphne Blake. Hitgirl would be hit with a seldgehammer while the ref was down and would be beaten meaning the returning Harlots losing the match. Juliet would try to win a 6 Harlot over the top rope rumble but was unable to score the win.


  • Juliet's record is 1-6 with her only win being a DQ victory
  • The M4G-Nation crew do not refer to her real name but instead use Lollipop Chainsaw