Jason Voorhees
Jason Voorhees
Origin Friday the 13th
Debut: October 31st 2012
Career: Active
Finishing Move: With Arms Wide Open (Series of two powerbombs)

Jason Voorhees is the antagonist of the Friday the 13th slasher horror movie series, he is an active member of the M4G-Nation Blue roster.

He is a former one time Galactic Championship winner. He is among the creepiest members of the roster, as well as being a very well known punisher to his oppenents. He has shown a massive amount of pain intake, taking shot after shot after shot and still being able to win. Jason is also one of the best and rising stars in the entire M4G-nation


Debut and chase for Galactic championshipEdit

Jason made his debut in the Halloween royal rumble match, coincidentally coming out at the famed 13th spot. He eliminated Dexter Morgan, Billy the Puppet, Michael Myers, Joker, and Bowser, more men than anyone else and winning the match thus becoming the King of Halloween and earning a contract. He moved on and answered the Galactic Champion Jack-6's call for a new challenge. Jack-6 up to that point had not lost a match. They had a non title match with Jason somehow shocking the world by handing Jack-6's first lost in M4G-Nation.

Jack-6 called out Jason saying they will have a rematch for the Galactic Championship. Jason accpeted and the match was held on November 13th 2012. It was contested under iron man match rules. Jason was winning with 1 mintue left until Jack-6 pinned Jason with one second left on the clock to give Jack a draw and retain his title. Jason would confront Jack backstage saying he got lucky and had best watch his back. Jason would get that shot as one of the six men in the Galactic Championship elimination chamber match at Big Bang. The match featured The Hulk, Master Chief, Bojack, Bane, Jason, and the champion Jack-6. Jason would come out last and eliminate Jack-6 and Master Chief to become the new Galactic Champion.

Regin as championEdit

Jason's first title defense would be vs. Buu who won a series of matches to become the number 1 contender. The match would be held at Supernova. Jason wanted a ladder match and recieved it and was able to grab his title and beat Buu. Next for Jason was a triple threat match vs Master chief and Marcus Fenix at Northern Lights. He was able to find a way to defend the title. After that he had to defend the title vs. Cookie Monster in a Inferno match at Absolute Zero. He showed his sadtsic side as he thoroughly destroyed Cookie monster and set him on fire in order to retain.

For Jason his next challenger was Master Chief who won a ten man royal rumble match to become the number 1 contender. Jason had fought Master Chief many times on his way to become the champion and he even pinned him last at the Big Bang PPV. They had come to respect each other and had the match at Vernal Equinox. It was a long hard fought match but somehow Master Chief found a way to become the champion. Jason would have a match with Ryu who won a triple threat to see who would be the number one contender for the Galactic championship. It was a close match but in the end jason was able to beat Ryu for another shot for the galactic championship. Jason would battle Master Chief at Sonic boom in a ladder match for the championship. Jason would use every trick he had but was unable to claim the championship.

Return and fall from the topEdit

On July 7th 2013, Jason Voorhees returned to the M4G-Nation to defeat Kratos in a steel cage match. (It was rumored he took a break to kill teenagers at Camp Crystal Lake over June and July 4th weekend.). Over two months later, Voorhees automatically qualified for the Road to Gold Series based on his point rankings, he made a return following his induction competing in an opening 10 man Royal Rumble. Jason put up a srtong effort, but ended up as one of the several competitors eliminated by Zangief. The slasher horror icon then participated in a singles match against Kratos as part of the Road to Gold. However, he was defeated by countout in a dominant fashion. Jason would be unable to win any more battles ending in last place in Road to Gold. Jason would be unable to win a Money in the bank matchup won by Captain America or a Galactic Championship contendership match which vegeta won on November 20th.

M4G-Nation BlueEdit

Jason Voorhess would finally turn it around beating ThorM. Bison, and King Leondias to get into the M4G-Nation Blue Championship matchup alongside Ash Ketchum and Wolverine. However, he was unsuccessful in capturing the gold. However, Jason showed his raw power and made Wolverine submit to a torture rack on TMN Blue Episode 4 to earn a spot in the M4G-Nation Blue Championship Elimination Chamber match alongside Cookie Monster and defending champion Ash Ketchum. He would later be teamed with Spartan Fury against Ash Ketchum, Loki and Cookie Monster in a six man elimination tag match. He would eliminate Loki but was later eliminated by Ash. King Leonidas would pick up the win for his team being the sole survivor. Jason would be placed in a pod and would be the fourth man to enter into the match. He would eliminate Ash and made it to the final two with Kratos. Jason would later be pinned by Kratos. But because Jason was able to eliminate Ash from the chamber match, he would earn another title shot against Kratos, Ash, and later Cookie Monster. He would face off against Ash in an extreme rules match. The two titans of wrestling clashed but Jason would pick up the win after reversing a roll-up attempt by Ash. He would enter the 7th Royal Rumble at the number 40 spot but would be eliminated by Green Goblin. He would appear in the 2014 Halloween Royal Rumble and was able to win eliminating a Werewolf. He would appear on a M4G-Nation Blue house show, along with Ash and Jack-6, as members of Team Blue. He and and Team Blue would face The Unwashed and Jason would be the sole survivor facing Bane and would be pinned resulting in Team Blue to be fired until 2015.

2K15 Edit

Jason would return to M4G-Nation Blue at Space Jam with Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger after Bane's match with Captain Ultra. The three would brutally attack Bane thus sending a message to The Unwashed.

Entrance ThemeEdit

2nd and current theme of Jason

Friday the 13th theme song jason voorhees

Friday the 13th theme song jason voorhees


  • Jason is among the very select list of men to win a Royal Rumble in their debut, the other being Packard.
  • Jason was the first man to hand Jack-6 a singles action loss in the M4G-Nation as well as being the one to end his historic reign.
  • Jason's reign as Galactic champion lasted 4 months or 120 days.
  • In WWE 12 Jason's mask was white but in WWE 13 Jason's mask sported an orange tint.
  • Jason enters the ring in the same way as one of real life professional wrestler Mick Foley's personas, Mankind. This is a testament to the psychotic nature that Jason employs in many - if not all of his portrayals on film.
  • Jason's finishing move is a reference to the namesake song by post-grunge band Creed. During the performance of the move, either Pat James Reagan or Trevor (or both men) sing the song's chorus in a grizzled, slurred tone, often as a parody.
  • Since joining the roster, he remained in the top 5 in points the entire time he has been active, falling to 4th at his lowest point, he has also been ranked number 1 from Supernova until Vernal Equinox.


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