Jack-6 vs Jason
Jack-6 vs Jason
Jack-6 on left, Jason on the right
Origin Tekken, Friday the 13th
Debut: November 5th 2012-December 30th 2012
Career: Both Active
Finishing Move: Jack-6: Megaton Punch (Gut Punch followed by a Windup KO Punch)

Jason: With Arms Wide Open (Series of Two Powerbombs)

Jack-6 vs Jason was a short little rivalry that happened from November 5th 2012 to December 30th 2012. While the rivalry was short it is one of the most important rivalries in the history of M4G-Nation history and has affected the future of the M4G-Nation.

This rivalry features, Jack-6  a robot from the popular fighting game series Tekken and Jason Voorhees , the antagonist of the Friday the 13th slasher horror movie series. This rivalry was fought over the Galactic Championship and had some of the best moments from M4G-nation history.


Before the battlesEdit

Jack-6 would win the match and thus began his run to the top. He would win the Galactic Championship (then known as the Extra-Solar Championship) in a six man ladder match on May 30th after Master Chief vacated the title. Jack-6 would then go on to have the greatest reign in the history of M4G-Nation history.

Jason made his debut in the Halloween royal rumble match, coincidentally coming out at the famed 13th spot. He eliminatedDexterJigsawMichael MyersJoker, and Bowser, more men than anyone else and winning the match thus becoming the King of Halloween and earning a contract.

The beginning of the warEdit

Jack-6 would come to the ring on November 5th to tell the world that he has faced everyone that there is in M4G-Nation and beat them all. He asked if there was anyone worthy of his Championship and issued a challenge. The challenge would be answered by Jason who would proclaim himself to be the next Galactic champion. They would have a non title matchup. In one of the biggest upsets of all time Jason would knock off Jack-6 handing Jack-6 his first ever singles lost in M4G-Nation history. Jack-6 would put his title on the line in a 20 minute Ironman match which Jason accepted. The match would happen on November 13th. With one minute left Jason had the match won, but Jack-6 would get a pin with 1 second left to force a tie and Jack-6 would retain.

Unresolved issuesEdit

Jason would confront Jack-6 on December 5th backstage stating they both know they have issues and that Jason still wanted to beat Jack-6. Jack-6 would claim he no longer had to fight him and told Jason to run off. However Jason would face Jack-6 once again at the Big Bang ppv as one of the six men in the Elimination chamber. Jason would also have to fight The Hulk, Bane , Bojack, and Master Chief. Jack-6 would start the match while Jason would come out last. In a major turn of events Jason would pin Jack-6 ending Jack-6's historic reign as champion. Jason would go on to the win the match and become the new Galactic champion.

Moving on and renewal?Edit

Jack-6 would proclaim he no longer seeked the Galactic championship, Instead he would go after the M4G-Nation Championship. Jack-6 would beat Darth Vader at Supernova to become the new M4G-Nation champion. Jack-6 would go on to battle Goku three time and won each match and would become the leader of the Supremacy. He would also beat Yusuke Urameshi to retain his title.

Jason would battle Master Cheif and Marcus Fenix, and Cookie Monster before falling to Master Chief in a one on one match to lose the Galactic championship.

Rivalry OverviewEdit

This rivalry was one of the shorter rivalries in history but left a huge mark. Both Jason and Jack-6 are two of the top wrestlers in all the M4G-Nation and both are at the top of the points. Jack-6 vs Jason produced three classic moments in history. The first was Jason pinning Jack-6 to hand the first loss in Jack's career, Jack-6 pinning Jason with one second left in the ironman match, and Jason pinning Jack-6 in the chamber to end Jack-6's reign. This rivalry over the Galactic Championship has been called a precursor for the M4G-Nation Championship. It was this rivalry that sent Jack-6 to the main event and Jason to near main event status.


It has been rumored that Jason may be the man to end Jack-6's reign as M4G-Nation Championship. Jason was the first man to hand Jack-6 his first loss and was the one to become the Galactic Champion by winning the chamber match (Jason also was the one to pin Jack-6 in that match officially ending Jack-6's reign). Jason has never loss cleanly to Jack-6 and Jack-6 has never beaten Jason, only tied. With Jason losing the Galactic Championship to Master Chief, and Jason having the most points in the rankings, (with Jack-6 being second) this evidence may prove the notion that Jason may be the only candidate to end Jack-6's reign as the face of the M4G-Nation.


  • Jack-6's first and so far only singles lost was to Jason in a non title match. Jason's first win was vs Jack-6.
  • Jack's Galactic title reign was 214 days and Jason's was 120 days. These are two of the longest title reigns in the history of the M4G-Nation.
  • Both of these guys are the number one and two in points. (Jason has more than Jack-6)