Intergalactic Championship
Current Champion(s): Deadpool
Date Won: November 6, 2016
Past Champions: Vegeta, Master Chief, Jack-6, Captain Pollution, Jason Voorhees, Ash Ketchum, Buu, Link, Sub-Zero, Thor

The InterGalactic Championship (formerly the Extra-Solar Championship, Pollution Championship, and Galactic Championship) is the secondary and second-highest ranking championship awarded to members of the M4G-Nation Blue roster.

Deadpool is the current champion in his 1st reign after defeating Captain Ultra and Superman at Galactic Throwdown 5.


The Extra-Solar Championship was the first championship introduced to the M4G-Nation a month or so after the league was launched. Two multi-man matches took place with the winners of both squaring off in a 20 minute ironman match to determine the new champion. Bojack and Master Chief would both win those matches and met for the title on April 25, 2012. Master Chief would win the match to become the first ever champion but 15 days later left the company and taking the title with him. While Master Chief would defend the championship at Shadow Force Wrestling, the M4G-Nation would crown a new champion on May 30th 2012 in Jack-6. In Shadow Force Wrestling, The Joker won the title at one point but it is not officially recognized as a title reign in the M4G-Nation.

Jack-6 would go on to have the longest Extra-Solar Championship reign in the history of the M4G-Nation with a 215 day title reign. The title would be renamed the Galactic Championship during his reign.

As the M4G-Nation had a roster split of M4G-Nation Blue and M4G-Nation Green, the championship would go to M4G-Nation Blue as Captain Pollution was drafted there. M4G-Nation Green had it's own midcard championship in the Solar Flare Championship. Now on blue and in his second reign as champion, Captain Pollution began referring to the championship as the Pollution Championship and feuded with Vegeta. When Pollution got himself counted out during his match with Vegeta at Space Jam, Blue General Manager Magneto restarted the match under no disqualification, no count out rules, and renamed the championship as the Intergalactic Championship.


# Wrestler Reigns Days Held Date Notes
1 Master Chief 1 15 April 25, 2012 M4G-Nation
2 Vacant - 21 May 9, 2012 M4G-Nation
3 Jack-6 1 215 May 30, 2012 M4G-Nation
4 Jason Voorhees 1 120 December 30, 2012 Big Bang
5 Master Chief 2  99 April 28, 2013 Vernal Equinox
6 Captain Pollution 1 56 August 4, 2013 Singularity
7 Master Chief


36 September 29, 2013 Big Bang 2
8 Captain Pollution 2 56 November 3, 2013 M4GaMania 2
9 Vegeta 1 100 December 9,, 2013 Space Jam
10 Ash Ketchum 1 25 May 8, 2014 M4G-Nation Blue Episode
11 Vegeta 2 36 June 1, 2014 Sonic Boom II
12 Buu 1 67 July 6, 2014 Galactic Throwdown III
13 Link 1 29 September 7, 2014 Singularity II: Duality
14 Sub-Zero 1 195 October 6, 2014 Solar Eclipse III
15 Thor 1 74 April 19, 2015 Absolute Zero 2
16 Sub-Zero 2 98 July 2, 2015 Northern Lights 3
17 Thor 2 29 October 8, 2015 Galactic Throwdown 4
18 Captain Ultra 1 366 November 6, 2015 M4G-Nation Blue Episode 50
19 Deadpool 1 285+ November 6, 2016 Galactic Throwdown 5

== Trivia ==

  • Master Chief is only man to have held the Galactic Championship three times.
  • The Joker's title reign is not officially recognized by the M4G-Nation due to him having won it while in Shadow Force Wrestling.
  • Besides the Internet Championship which can only be competed for on livestreams, the Galactic Championship was the last championship that the Adolf Hitler Supremacy needed to win to have won every male championship possible to attain. Captain Pollution would win them the belt.
  • As a rule made by Captain Pollution whenever he wears the belt he renames it "The Pollution Championship". This name was dropped after Pollution lost the championship to Vegeta.
  • Vegeta's title victory made him the second wrestler in M4G-Nation history to win three different M4G-Nation Championships. He had won the Hardcore Championship and Tag Team Championship before. Ironically enough on the same night, Ash Ketchum became the third wrestler to achieve feat. 
  • Ash Ketchum won the Intergalactic Championship to become the first ever Grand Slam champion as he had previously won the M4G-Nation Blue, Atom-Weight and Tag Team titles.