Hermione Granger
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Origin Harry Potter
Debut: February 17th 2013
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Gryffindor (Firemans carry dropped into a single knee lift to the face.)
Hermione Granger is a character from the Harry Potter book and movie series. She is a active member of the M4G-nation Harlot's Division.

She is a one time DD Championship winner alongside Daphne Blake as the The Griffonwhores and a member of Taylor Swift's three person stabl known as The Gang Bang . She is a rather new member of the roster but already has made a huge impact on the roster. She is young and will have a bright future as a member of the harlots division.



Hermione would make her debut vs Princess Fiona in the Ice Cream Social in round 1 on February 17th . She would be destoryed by Fiona and tap out to the Orge Hug submission.


She would then be one of the hooded women who attacked Harlots. On March 27th not only was this revaled but also that she had sided with Taylor Swift and became one half of the DD Champions alongside Daphne Blake and become The Griffonwhores . On April 17th Bulma arrested Daphne leaving Herione to defend the championships in a handicap match vs Queens and Sevens members Harley Quinn and Bloodrayne. Herione would win the match keeping the titles. Hermione would work with Packard and Taylor to get Daphne out of jail and were able to get her stable member back. It was during this time that it was revaled that they were lesbains and their relationship existed sometime after becoming the champions. They would have their first match vs returning Harlots Hit girl and Juliet Starling aka The Hit Squad. Hermione would during the match take out Fred Jones and would use a sledgehammer to beat down Hit girl and win the match. They would defend the DD championships at Sonic Boom vs Juggypuffs in a tornado tag team match. During the match Herione was destoryed by Dawn as she hit a moonsault of the top rope into the annouce table, spear through the barricade, and superkick im mid air. Hermione would be pinned and losing the championships.

Hermione would try to win a 6 Harlot over the top rope battle to try and win a shot for the DD Championships. She would make it to the final two before falling to Bloodryane. Hermione would then team with the rest of the Gang Bang vs Harlot Divison Champion Daenerys Targaryen, Morgan, and returning Wonder Woman. The Gang Bang would win the match.

Enterance ThemeEdit

The Runaways - Cherry Bomb lyrics

The Runaways - Cherry Bomb lyrics


  • Hermione has a record of 2-2
  • Hermione and Daphne are lesbains based on enterance and backstory from the reddit making them the first ever couple in M4G-Nation
  • Hermione moves like real life WWE superstar Batista