Harlot Division Championship
The Harlot Division Championship Belt
Current Champion(s): N/A
Date Won: N/A
Past Champions: Bulma, Silk Spectre, Taylor Swift, Daenerys Targaryen, Daphne Blake

The Harlot Division Championship (Often shorthened to Harlot Championship) was a title awarded to members of the titular Harlot's Division. It is one of the two female oriented championships defended within the corporation, (the other title being the DD Championship), and is the M4G-Nation's version of the several other women's championships that populate (or have populated) other professional wrestling leagues.

The title is currently retired.

Past ChampionsEdit

Taylor SwiftEdit

Despite losing in the semi-final round of the Ice Cream Social against Daphne Blake, Taylor Swift managed to substitute for Daphne's position after agreeing to a deal that allowed her to face finalist Silk Spectre in return for awarding the newly introduced DD Championship to Daphne and Hermione. The following match held at Absolute Zero experienced a plethora of high-flying maneuvers and near falls, however, Taylor Swift had managed to attain victory over the former Harlot Champion, and therefore celebrate her second title reign.

Since then, Taylor Swift was successful in retaining her title against Bulma at Vernal Equinox, before her defeat at the hands of Daenerys Targaryen at Sonic Boom.


Bulma's involvement with the Swift/Starling feud was neither one of a Heel or Face, as she was shown mercilessly attacking both rivals in promos, yet agreeing to become temporary tag-team partners with Juliet Starling. These questionable acts proved that Bulma pursued the championship on her own, and neglected to forge partnerships with either faction. This type of behaviour led her to unexpectantly capture the Harlot Division Championship at M4GaMania.

At the pay-per-view following M4GaMania, Big Bang, Bulma was unable to retain her title against Silk Spectre, and although she later regained her championship at Supernova with the assistance of manager Princess Fiona, she was chokeslammed into the ring by an unknown entity in a post pay-per-view promo afterwards, killing her in the process. Since then, the title was deemed vacant, and a tournament was held to determine a new champion. Nearly a year after she was revealed to be alive and well, Bulma pursued the title multiple times until September of 2013, where she would become the last woman standing in one of several preliminary battle royale brawls, therefore granting her eligibility for a shot at the Harlot Division Championship at Big Bang 2, where she would last eliminate Juliet Starling to become a three time champion. Her celebration would be severed promptly after her win, however, as Daphne Blake cashed in her Money in the Bank contract just afterwards to wrest the title from Bulma.

Silk SpectreEdit

A favorite within the commentary booth (particularly PJR) Silk Spectre acheived title gold at Big Bang in a 6-man Battle Royale which also included former champion Taylor Swift, reigning champion Bulma, and contenders Kim PossibleCammy, and Daphne Blake. The Watchmen superstar's reign lasted until her defeat against Bulma at Supernova.

Daenerys TargaryenEdit

Immediately initiating her title pursuit on her debut, the wrestler deriving from the acclaimed Game of Thrones television series conspired with Queens and Sevens leader Harley Quinn backstage in a group effort to dismantle Taylor Swift's reign as Harlot champion, inadvertently discussing their plan to an eavesdropping Swift in the process. Daenerys Targaryen qualified for a shot at the Harlot's Championship in a promo conducted by Taylor Swift, where she announced that the champion will face Daenerys Targaryen and Harley Quinn in a triple threat steel cage match for the upcoming pay-per-view, Sonic Boom.

During said match, Daenerys Targaryen and Harley Quinn's plan came to fruition. As Taylor and Daenerys would clamber the cage in a race to escape the structure, Harley thwarted Taylor in the meantime, allowing Daenerys to exit over the cage without interference from a distracted Taylor and celebrate her first ever title reign. She then succeeded in defending her title against former champion Silk Spectre at Galactic Throwdown II (2013), and against Taylor Swift at Singularity in an Inferno Match. By Solar Eclipse 2, she retained her title and undefeated streak against Cammy in a ladder match. By Big Bang 2 however, Targaryen was the fourth to be eliminated in a battle royal match for the championship. The match was eventually won by Bulma, who immediately lost the title to Daphne Blake.

Daphne Blake Edit

Daphne Blake's pursuit of the coveted women's championship began after challenging then Money in the Bank winner Poison Ivy, who won the briefcase in a Pay-Per-View match also including Blake herself. She demanded that they will have a match against each other for the briefcase. After Yoko Littner introduced herself to the feud, Blake won the briefcase from Poison Ivy in what was a triple threat ladder match. Biding her time, Daphne Blake refrained from cashing in the briefcase until Big Bang 2, where she would capitalize on a weakened but newly crowned champion Bulma by cashing in and winning the title.

Retirement Edit

The title was officially retired at Big Bang 3, when Elsa made her debut in possession of the Blue Divas Championship. The Unwashed created the title and awarded it to her as part of her relationship with Sub-Zero, a member of the stable.

Championship HistoryEdit

# Title Holder Reigns Date Days Held Event
1 Taylor Swift 1 August 19, 2012 71 Solar Eclpise
2 Bulma 1 October 28, 2012 63 M4GaMania
3 Silk Spectre 1 December 30, 2012 29 Big Bang
4 Bulma 2 January 27, 2012 1 Supernova
5 VACATED - January 28, 2013 63 M4G-Nation
6 Taylor Swift 2 March 31, 2013 57 Absolute Zero
7 Daenerys Targaryen 1 May 26, 2013 126 Sonic Boom
8 Bulma 3 September 29, 2013 0 Big Bang 2
9 Daphne Blake 1 September 29, 2013 Unknown Big Bang 2
10 RETIRED - March 1, 2015 - Big Bang 3