Goku dsad
Origin Dragon Ball
Debut: May 23, 2012
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Spirit Bomb (Corkscrew 450 splash)

Kamehameha (Inverted fisherman brainbuster)

Goku is the protagonist of the famous Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z manga and anime series. Goku competes as an active member, is the leader of Team Goku, and is a seasoned veteran of the M4G-Nation roster.

Goku is one of the most skilled fighters on the roster and has fought the best. Goku's style is a extreme high-flyer based. He uses the springboard move than anyone else but can aslo deal damage in the form of power. Goku is very strong and is not easy to beat.


Kakarot was born to the saiyan warrior Bardock on Planet Vegeta and was sent to earth just before the planet with the mission to destroy all life on earth. After landing on earth and bumping his head, Kakarot completely forgot about his saiyan heritage and was slowly able to adapt to life on earth with the help of Master Roshi and his best friend Krillin. Named Goku upon arrival on earth, he fought to protect his adapted home planet and developed a sometimes dangerous tendency for forgiving his enemies. Despite being extremely kind-hearted, Goku is a proud warrior with an eagerness to test his abilities against the most powerful of opponents. He strives on becoming better and pushing past limits, and has overcome ever obstacle in his path.


On and Off Goku would make his debut on May 23, 2012 in a three stages of hell match vs. Yusuke Urameshi. Goku would fail to win the M4G-Nation Championship from Yusuke and lost the match. Goku would take a month to regroup and would come back on july 5th 2012. He would face Optimus Prime in a falls count anywhere match. Goku would find a way to win the match. Goku would team with fellow super saiyan Vegeta vs. Optimus prime and Sephiroth. Goku would fail to win the match. Goku would try to win the second ever royal rumble match coming out at 25. Goku would fail to eliminate anyone and would be eliminated by Darth Maul. Goku would again take more time off but would return to team with Vegeta to take on Soild Snake and Ezio in a tag team tournament match but Goku would be knocked out by Ezio. Goku would leave again and not return for months. He would face Marcus Fenix on December 13th and would lose again. Goku would enter the third royal rumble match. He would come out at 39th and would take out The Kratos and last to number 3 before being knocked out by Packard.

Refocus and chase for the M4G-Nation ChampionshipEdit

Goku would start the new year on the right foot winning a triple threat match vs. Sephiroth and Red Ranger to become the number one contender. Goku would win the match but before he could try to win the championsip Jack-6 would attack him back stage. On Feburay 4, Jack-6 cut a promo about the bodies he has broken. But Goku would come out stating he was fine and they would have a match for the M4G-Nation Championsip right there. Goku would fail to win the championship as Jack-6 would DQ himself. On Feburary 9, Goku would take on Darth Vader to determine the number one contender match and Goku would win the match to become the number one contender for Jack-6's title. But the lights would go out and Jack-6 and Buu and Marcus Fenix would assult Goku.  Goku would call out Jack-6 six days later saying Jack-6 was a coward and would hide behind his own guys. Jack-6 would trick Goku again and he, Buu, and Marcus Fenix would once again assault him in the middle of the ring. They would battle at Northern Lights in a match of the year canidate but Jack-6 would roll up Goku to win.

Goku would take a bit of time off to take part in a movie promo match for Battle of the Gods vs Bills. Goku would lose the match however. Goku would beat Buu in order to get a number one contendersip match Goku would get help from Master Chief and Raphael in order to battle the Supermacy. Jack-6 would make a special match at Aboslute Zero. It would be Jack-6, Marcus Fenix, and Bojack vs Goku, Master Chief and Raphael with the captain of the winning team attaining the M4G-Nation Championship. Goku would accept. The match would come down to Goku vs Jack-6 and Goku would try but would be unable to win the match and the championship for the third time.

Supermacy Wins and InjuryEdit

Goku would take on Bojack in a singles match and win the match. Goku would try to win the fourth royal rumble match ever. Goku would come out at 18th and eliminate Skeeter Valentine and Speed Racer before being knocked out by Bane. Goku was set to face Vegeta and Cookie Monster in a triple threat match on April 19 but would be taken out by new Supermacy member Captain Planet/Pollution and sustain a broken jaw. 


On July 8, Goku returned in a limousine with Team Goku veterans Raphael and Boba Fett, but also new allies Captain America and Dante. He did not speak in the return. A week later, he attempted to recruit Bane to Team Goku in order to fight against the Supremacy, but Bane neither accepted or declined at the time. However, a week later Space Ghost stated Bane would not join. Goku did not appear again until Singularity where he offered to manage Master Chief in his fight against Captain Pollution, but Master Chief told him not to. Later when Pollution was about to break Master Chief's leg, Goku appeared and threw him out of the ring. Goku next appeared in the fifth Royal Rumble event, coming out at number 36, but failed to eliminate anyone before being eliminated by Deadpool. He would return to singles competition facing Bandit Keith for a spot on the M4G-Nation Green team for the 7 on 7 match. Goku would put on a dominate fashion but failed to put away the former M4G-Nation Champion even after delivering two kicks to the head and a stunner.

Finally a ChampionEdit

After Quan Chi had vacated the Solar Flare Championship, Goku was placed in a fatal-four way against Zangief, Predator, and Boba Fett. Goku would fight Predator for most of the match and would make Predator tap out to a bear hug. This would give Goku his first ever title in his M4G-Nation career. Goku would then defend his title for the first time against Zangief and Devimon at Vernal Equinox 2. Goku would retain the title after pinning Devimon.

On June 1st 2014 Goku defended his Solar Flare Championship against Darth Vader this was a good match guku prove him self to hang in their but came up short being hit with the ddt for the 3 count a short months later guku appeared in a tag team match with his former rival Yusuke Urameshi they took on former atom weight champion android 17 and debuting Jin Kazama which Goku and Yusuke Urameshi won with a kick to the head from Goku on the Jin. they parcipated in another match on September 15 2014 against Red Death with a facelock submission by Goku tapping out Red Tornado. As of this point Goku and Yusuke Urameshi are knowed as super best friends. The Super Best Friends eventually went up against the Xotica Xpress at Solar Eclipse 3 for the Tag Team Championship and won the match.

Entrance ThemeEdit

Dragonball Z - Super Saiyan 3 Ascension Theme

Dragonball Z - Super Saiyan 3 Ascension Theme


  • In WWE 12 Goku was pale and his uniform was not torn, in WWE 13 Goku would receive a tan and his clothes are torn. However, sometimes his clothes are normal in WWE 13 as well.
  • In WWE 12, Goku (as well as fellow saiyan Vegeta) appears in his Super Saiyan form. However, while Vegeta is returned back to his normal state in WWE 13, Goku retains his Super Saiyan form. Goku is the only Dragonball Z fighter to have been a Super Saiyan in both WWE 12 and WWE 13. However, Goku loses his Super Saiyan form in WWE 2K14. Broly appears as a Super Saiyan in WWE 12, but has yet to appear in WWE 13. Trunks has been present on both WWE 12 and WWE 13, but has yet to be seen in the form of a Super Saiyan. 
  • Goku holds the record for longest time never winning a championship being three years since being put on the M4G-Nation roster.
  • Goku has one of the quickest entries in the M4G-Nation at about 35 seconds. This entry is that of real life WWE superstar Hurricane Helms. He also has no nameplate at all for his entry in WWE 13. In WWE12, his nameplate referred to him as Super Saiyan Goku.
  • Goku uses his aerial finisher more than almost any other active wrestler, if not every member of the roster.


Solar Flare Championship (1 Time, Current)