Galactic Throwdown II was an M4G-Nation PPV that occured on June 30, 2013.

This event was the longest PPV in M4G-Nation with the M4G-Nation Facebook page stating that the total run time for the PPV is 3 hours and 35 minutes. The main event was Jack-6 defending the M4G-Nation Championship against Bane. This event also featured the first ever Tag Team gauntlet for the Tag Team Championship.


Galactic Throwdown II featured professional wrestling matches that involve wrestlers from pre-existing feuds, plots, and storylines that play out on the M4G-Nation's daily episodes. Wrestlers will portray villains or heroes as they follow a series of events that build tension and culminate in a wrestling match or series of matches. In the M4G-Nation Galactic Throwdown was the first ever ppv therefore in many ways it is treated as the biggest show of the year. Galactic Throwdown is the M4G-Nation's verison of WWE's Wrestlemania.

Jack-6 retained the M4G-Nation Championship in a triple threat match at Sonic Boom with assistance of the Buu Supremacy's newest member Zangief. On the 28th of May, Jack-6 and Zangief's celebration of the victory was interrupted by Space Ghost who stated he had a friend who would be coming back to the M4G-Nation to stop Jack-6 and the Buu Crew. The man was later revealed to be Bane. Unlike the last time we saw Bane, Bane was pumped up with a lot more titan blood making him a lot more bigger than Jack-6. On June 15th, Bane won his return match against the Buu Crew's Marcus Fenix. Space Ghost declared after the match that Bane would get a title shot at Galactic Throwdown. However on June 17th, Jack-6 said he had to earn his shot. Jack-6 said Bane would get his shot if he wins an upcoming match with Zangief. Unfortunatley for Bane, his match would end in a double count out. Jack-6 would gloat about this fact on June 27th saying he may not need to defend his title at the upcoming PPV. Space ghost would stand on the stage stating that while Bane did not necessarily defeat Zangief, he also didn't lose to Zangief either. Jack-6 would then make a deal to shut up Space ghost and end the talk. Bane vs. Jack-6, with Jack-6 receiving a no DQ stipulation and his falls may count everywhere. Space ghost accepted the match meaning Bane vs Jack-6 remains on the PPV.

Master Chief finally ended his near 6 month feud with Jason Voorhees at Sonic Boom by defeating him in a Ladder match to retain the Galactic Championship. With Jason Voorhees seemingly done with the Galactic Championship, a new number one contender was to be decided. At Sonic Boom, Captain Pollution said to Master Chief that he was gunning for his title. In a Hell In A Cell match on the 9th of June, Kratos defeated Iron Man and Ezio to earn the right to challenge Master Chief for the championship at the 2nd Galactic Throwdown. After news of a tag team gauntlet emerged, Kratos gave up his spot in the Galactic Title match. He announced that a new number one contender would be decided in an upcoming Armageddon Hell In A Cell. The match took place on June 23rd and was won by The Hulk who pinned Captain Pollution to become the number one contender.

It was also announced that there would be a Harlots Money In The Bank Ladder match for the first time ever, that would take place on the PPV. The winner of the MITB ladder match would earn the right to a Harlots Championship match at any time she wants. Qualifiers were being set up to determine participants in the match featuring women in the top 10 of the leaderboard that were never champions. In the first match on June 4th 2013, Cammy defeated Kim Possible to qualify, and the next day, Jessica Rabbit defeated Princess Fiona to qualify. On June 11th Daphne Blake defeated Alice to qualify for the Money In The Bank ladder match. On June 12th Poison Ivy would defeat one half of the DD champions Dawn to be the fourth woman in the match. On June 20th Yoko Littner would beat Chun Li to become the fifth women to enter the money in the bank match. The match to determine the final entrant was held on June 22nd and was a fatal four way ladder match between Misty, Samus, Harley Quinn, and the newly debuted Supergirl, where Supergirl emerged as the victor.

Tien Shinhan would win a match vs. Deadpool while Trunks had won a match vs. Darth Maul. On June 16th Atom-Weight Champion Adolf Hitler would make a triple threat match between him, Trunks, and Tien at the event. 

At Sonic Boom, Link returned to confront M4G-Nation Champion Jack-6. He would then target the man who killed him 11 months ago, Buu. He would pursue the Tag Team Championship and team up with Captain Falcon to defeat Buu and Bojack on the 14th of June to win the titles. The Buu Supremacy would then announced a 6 team tag team gauntlet for Galactic Throwdown, with the Super Smash Bros defending against 5 other teams at the PPV. Buu and Bojack declared themselves as entrants. Kratos would also forfeit his Galactic Title shot so he and King Leonidas would be in the match. The rest of the entrants are yet to be decided.

Daenerys Targaryen captured the Harlot Division Championship at Sonic Boom, defeating Taylor Swift and Harley Quinn in a triple threat Steel cage match. Taylor demanded a rematch, but so did former champions Bulma and Silk Spectre. The three would argue for weeks until it was decided that a triple threat match between the three of them would determine who's first in line for a title shot. On June 19th, Silk Spectre won that match to become the number one contender for the Harlots Championship at Galactic Throwdown.

A six woman battle royal consisting of one member from each tag team was held to determine the #1 contender for the DD Championship. Several novice to veteran members of the Harlot's Division competed, including: Bloodrayne representing Queens and Sevens, Lollipop Chainsaw representing Hit Squad, Hermione Granger for the former DD Champions Gryffonwhores, and Emma Frost being the representative of Frost Nips. The match also saw two new debuts, each representative of an undisclosed tag team. One debut was Morrigan Aensland from the Capcom fighting video game series Darkstalkers, and Elastigirl deriving from The Incredibles motion picture. In the closing moments of the match, Bloodrayne managed to eliminate Hermione Granger and thus earned a title shot with Harley Quinn against The Jigglypuffs for the DD Championship.


# Match Stipulation
1 Adolf Hitler (c) defeated Trunks & Tien Shinhan to retain the Atom-Weight Championship Triple Threat Match For The Atom-Weight Championship
2 Queens and Sevens (Harley Quinn and Bloodrayne) defeated The Jigglypuffs (Misty and Dawn) (c) to win the DD Championship Tag Team Match For The DD Championship
3.1 Neo-Underworld (Myotismon & Skeletor) defeated Mortal Kombat (Sub-Zero & Scorpion) via countout One out of seven matches held in a gauntlet match for the Tag Team Championship.
3.2 Spartan Fury (King Leonidas & Kratos) defeated Neo-Underworld (Myotismon and Skeletor) Two out of seven matches held in a gauntlet match for the Tag Team Championship.
3.3 Spartan Fury (King Leonidas and Kratos) defeated The Supremacy (Buu & Bojack) Three out of seven matches held in a gauntlet match for the Tag Team Championship.
3.4 Spartan Fury (King Leonidas & Kratos) defeated  2 Fast for Speed (Dale Earnhardt Jr. & The Flash) via countout Four out of seven matches held in a gauntlet match for the Tag Tea Champonship.
3.5 Super Smash Bros (Link and Captain Falcon) (c) defeated Spartan Fury (King Leonidas and Kratos) Five out of seven matches held in a gauntlet match for the Tag Team Championship.
3.6 Westeros (Khal Drogo and Poseidon) defeated Super Smash Bros (Link and Captain Falcon) (c) via submission Six out of seven matches held in a gauntlet match for the Tag Team Championship.
3.7 The match between Westeros (Khal Drogo and Poseidon) and The Blues Brothers (Vegeta and MegaMan) ended in a double countout Seven out of seven matches held in a gauntlet match for the Tag Team Championship. Due to a draw; in order to determine a champion, a sudden death rematch was initiated.
3.8 The Blues Brothers (Vegeta and MegaMan) defeated Westeros (Khal Drogo and Poseidon) via knockout to win the Tag Team Championship The first member of a team to successfully land a finishing maneuver on their opposition will win the Tag Team Championship.
4 Daenerys Targaryen (c) defeated Silk Spectre to retain the Harlot Division Championship Singles Match For The Harlots Championship
5.1 Batman defeated King (c), Skeeter Valentine, and Cookie Monster to win the Hardcore Championship Fatal 4 Way match for the Hardcore Championship.
5.2 Jesus defeated Batman (c) to win the Hardcore Championship. Jesus attacked Batman backstage for the title.
6 Master Chief (c) defeated The Hulk to retain the Galactic Championship Singles Match For The Galactic Championship
7 Poison Ivy defeated Cammy, Jessica Rabbit, Daphne Blake, Yoko Littner, and Supergirl in a six-woman Money in the Bank ladder match Harlots Money In The Bank Ladder Match
8 Bane defeated Jack-6 (c) via knockout to win the M4G-Nation Championship No Holds Barred Match For The M4G-Nation Championship (No Holds Barred Stipulation only applies to Jack-6. Only Bane can get disqualified and he must get a pinfall or submission in the ring)
  • (c) indicates the current reigning champion by the time the match officially began.

Fan-Made PPV Promo VideoEdit

This is a fan-made PPV promo created by YouTuber Zingestu:

M4gnation Galactic Throwdown II Hype

M4gnation Galactic Throwdown II Hype


M4G-Nation PPV - Galactic Throwdown II - June 30th, 2013

M4G-Nation PPV - Galactic Throwdown II - June 30th, 2013