Ezio Auditore
Origin Assassins Creed and Power up heroes
Debut: June 10th 2012
Career: Active
Finishing Move: The Assassin (Suplex transitioned to a bridging swinging fisherman suplex)
Ezio Auditore da Firenze is a character form the famous and widely popular Assassin's Creed Video Game series and is an active member of the roster simply referred to as Ezio or Ezio Auditore.

Ezio is a member of the Atom-Weight Division and has fought for the Atom-Weight Championship for a long time. Ezio is known as one of the stand up guys and has defended many members of the roster as well as being one of the few to stand up to Ash Ketchum


On and OffEdit

Ezio would make his debut vs. fellow Assassin Solid Snake on June 10th. He would put in a strong but losing effort.

Ezio would not appear until the September 2nd 2012 royal rumble match. He would come out at number 14th but would be quickly eliminated by Sub-Zero. Ezio would next fight in a fatal four way match vs. Hiei , Blue Ranger , and Darth Maul winning the match. Ezio would take part in the TMN Tag Team Tourney teaming with former rival Solid Snake. They would be seeded 7th and would knock off Goku and Vegeta in round 1 to move on. In the Quarter finals they would lose to the #14 seeded Bojack and Marcus Fenix. Ezio would rest and return on December 20th teaming with Speed Racer vs. Trunks and Skeeter with the winning team getting a shots at Ash's Atom Wieght Championship. Ezio would lose the match and fail once again in his quest for the Atom Weight Championship.

Royal rumble Appearance and Renewed career.Edit

Ezio would try to win the royal rumble of December 22nd 2012 and would put up an amazing performance. Ezio would last 25 minutes and 37 seconds. He would also eliminate King, Darth Maul, Sub-Zero, The FlashJason VoorheesKing Leondias, The Hulk, and Stone Cold Steve Austin before Iron Man ended his run.

Ezio would use this to jump up in the points and would try to win the Atom Weight Championship. He would fight in a fatal four way match vs. Jesus. Darth Maul, Speed Racer and would pin Jesus to win the match. He would face Red Ranger in an extreme rules match. They would fight for a long time but Ezio would defeat Red Ranger to earn the right to face Ash for the Atom Weight Championship at Supernova. Ezio would put up a strong effort but would be pinned by Ash retaining his title. Ezio would then be warned by Ash on February 12th to watch his back because Ash would take out Ezio. Ezio told Ash he knew how to protect himself. Ezio would be walking home from the arena on February 18th and Ash would claim credit for the attack and would wish Ezio luck from the hospital.


Ash would defeat Adolf Hitler and would try to assault him when Ezio returned to save him. Ezio would cut a promo on April 10th. Ezio would first say that he was back and yes he was the one to cost Ash Northern Lights. He would go on to say he did not care about the title but bringing justice to Tien and everyone in the Atom Weights for everything Ash has done. Ezio's first match would be the royal rumble of April 13th 2013. He would come out at number 36 and eliminate Trunks before being knocked out by winner Boba Fett.  After Vernal Equinox Ash would say he got robbed by Darth Maul and wanted a rematch. But new Atom Weight Champion Darth Maul, Ezio, and Tien would beat down Ash for revenge. Ezio would then try to win the elimination chamber match on May 16th 2013 to try and get a shot at the atom weight title. Ezio would come out fourth but would be pinned by Hitler.

On June 1st Ash was would be kicked out of the Supermacy by Captain Planet. Ezio would attack Ash backstage and smash his head into a car window. Ezio would then get in action and try and become the number one contender for the Galactic Championship at Galactic Throwdown 2 in a triple threat hell in the cell  match vs Ironman and Kratos. Ezio would be put on the top rope and would be unable to stop Kratos from putting away Iroman.

Theme SongEdit

Assassin's Creed 2 Theme Soundtrack - Ezio's Family

Assassin's Creed 2 Theme Soundtrack - Ezio's Family


  • Ezio's finishing move encounters a glitch in WWE 13', where the referee does not count the pin until the resulting pinning maneuver teleports both the attacking and defending wrestler to the middle of the ring maintaining the same position. This in turn leaves the defending wrestler with ample time to kick out.