Eli Manning
Origin Real Life
Debut: November 19, 2012
Career: Released as of February 5, 2013
Finishing Move: The Fourth Quarter (Firemans carry double knee gutbuster)
Eli Manning is the Quaterback for the New York Gaints and a former member of the tag team Sports Authority alongside fellow real life athlete Lebron James .


Eli Manning Made his debut on November 19th 2012 winning his debut match vs Batman. Eli would then try to win the royal rumble matchon December 22nd. He would come out 29th lasting 5 mins and 20 seconds before being elimimated by Red Ranger.

Eli Manning decieded to team with Lebron James and became Sports Authority. They would take on Myotismon and Skeletor on Januray 14th 2013 in there first tag team match. They would defeat them to move on and try to take on Team Mortal Kombat. But before there match Sports Authority would pay off Mortal Kombat $100,000 to not fight. Mortal Kombat would give up there spot giving Sports Authority a straight up shot at the Tag Team Champions Spartan Fury at Supernova . They would put up a strong effort and win by countout but fail to gain the championships as the titles can only change by pinfall or submission. Sports Authority would get a rematch vs Spartan Fury in a tlc match on February 5th 2013. Spartan Fury would retain easily.

Eli Manning would be released soon after


  • Eli in his first apperance would copy the movenments of Brock Lsenar pissing off the crew of M4G-Nation.