Origin Marvel comics
Debut: May 30, 2013
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Rock Bottom and people's elbow

Deadpool is a mercenary who was a former member of Shadow Force Wrestling that now is currently a member of the M4G-Nation roster.

Debuting on the 30th of May, Deadpool is one of the newest members of the M4G-Nation roster. Deadpool has already made a big impression on the M4G-Nation as a fan favorite, with athletic abillity that gives the likes of Spiderman and Tien a hard time and an ambition to become the Atom-Weight Champion.


Not much is known about the early days of Wade Wilson. What's clear from a number of stories and Marvel media is that Wilson's upbringing was pretty rough. So much so that Wade turned to a mercenary lifestyle, initially only accepting jobs against those that deserve death. However some time later, Wade found out that he had cancer and he decided to take part in a Weapon X experiment which turned his life upside down and prevented his death. Instead of killing him, it gave him a healing factor which heals him more than the cancer could actually kill him. The expirement gave him a lot of things, including superhuman speed and strength. After becoming severly mentally unstable, Wade Wilsom escaped Weapon X and became the mercenary known as Deadpool. He takes offers to kill anyone, good or bad, and his healing factor has made incredibly cocky in battle with little regard for stratergy. Deadpool also has a unique abillity of "breaking the fourth wall"... possessing an awareness about his status as a fictional character. 


Deadpool was one of 4 debutants in a fatal four way match on May 30th featuring himself, Spiderman , Captain Falcon and Mega Man . Despite not winning the match, he established himself as a popular character with the fans and with the M4G-Nation commentary team. Desperate to hone his skills,

Deadpool went to former Atom-Weight Champion Trunks for advice on how to get better on June 6th 2013. After words with Trunks, Deadpool fought former Atom-Weight Champion Tien Shinhan (who was making his return to the M4G-Nation after nearly a month out of action. Deadpool would be defeated again at the hands of the three-eyed warrior. Deadpool shook Tien's hand post-match, showing great respect to the Dragonball Z warrior.

Atom Weight Tournament 2013Edit

Deadpool would be seeded number one in the Atom Weight Tournament of 2013. In round one Deadpool would knockoff upset minded Captain Falcon to move on to round 2. Deadpool would then get a rematch against Tien where Deadpool picked up the victory allowing him to move on to the semi finals. He was defeated in the semi finals by then Hardcore Champion, Jesus. Deadpool would enter the fifth royal rumble match and his first ever. He would enter from the 35 spot and would get rid of Goku and Red Ranger before being knocked out by Link.

Road to GoldEdit

Deadpool would then be entered into the first ever Road To Gold Series. He would lose the opening battle royal and  then would lose the first one on one match vs Vegeta. He would then fail to become the Atom Weight Champion at Big Bang 2 (2013). Deadpool would fail to win a fatal four way or a battle royal finishing 7th in the tournment with 4 points. Deadpool would fail to win atom weight title at M4Gamania 2 trouble in Jamaica or win a chamber match.

Championship goldEdit

Deadpool would win a tournment to become the third ever Internet Championship. He would team with M4G-Nation Green rookie Shadow The Hedgehog to become the tag team Chaos Theory. They would defeat Spaceballs and would face Red Death for the #1 contender-ship but would lose. Deadpool was put in a Royal Rumble match on a M4G-Nation Green house show at #40 and eliminated the Hulk to win a shot at the M4G-Nation Green Championship at Galactic Throwdown 3. Deadpool would later address the M4G-Nation on how excited he was to face Ryu for the M4G-Nation Green Championship but was cut off by Quan Chi saying he did not earn the contendership. Deadpool would challenge Quan Chi to a match later that night where if Quan Chi won, he would face Ryu at Galactic Throwdown 3, but if Deadpool won, Quan Chi would have to go to the D-League for one season. Deadpool won his match to solidify himself as a legitimate contender for the M4G-Nation Green title. He would put up a good effort against Ryu but would lose. Deadpool would then be put in a match against the returning Master Chief and would pull an upset pinning the former Galactic Champion. He would be later put in a fatal four way ladder match against Vegeta, Ryu, and Boba Fett for a shot at the M4G-Nation Green Championship. Try as he might, Deadpool would fail to win losing to Vegeta.

Entrance ThemeEdit

Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Theme of Deadpool

Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Theme of Deadpool


  • Deadpool is one of few fictional characters in the M4G-Nation who can break the fourth wall. Despite having this abillity, he's yet to break the 4th wall in the M4G-Nation and actually remains in character during his M4G-Nation scenes.
  • He is the only person in the M4G-Nation to have won a Royal Rumble from the last spot.
  • Deadpool holds the record for longest time holding a championship at 444 days and counting.
  • His nickname in wwe 2k14 is sexy Deadpool Due to his entrance.

Accomplishments Edit