Daenarys Targaryen
Origin Game of Thrones
Debut: April 8th 2013
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Targaryen Stranglehold (Crippler Crossface)
Daenerys Targaryen is a character from the Game of Thrones tv series and is an active member of the roster.

Daenerys is a former one time Harlot Division Championship having beaten Taylor Swift at Sonic Boom PPV event. She is known to be one of the hardest members of the roster despite being a rather new member of the roster. She has shown a personality of not caring about anyone and only wants to win.


Impactful beginningEdit

Daenerys would make her debut vs Lara Croft in a one on one match on April 8th 2013. She would make Lara Croft tap out and win her debut match. She would then appear on Vernal Equinox after the match between Taylor Swift and Bulma. She would assult Taylor Swift and make it known she was going after her title as Harlot Division Champion. Her next match was a tables match vs Princess Fiona on May 6th and would win by K.O. after She hit a ddt on the announce table. In the first State of the M4G-Nation she would appear backstage with Harley Quinn of Queens and Sevens. They would make a deal to work together to beat Taylor. Taylor Swift would overhear this and would make a triple threat match for the Harlot Division Championship in a steel cage at Sonic Boom to end talk of Taylor not being able to take down either. At Sonic Boom Daenerys and Talor Swift wear climbing different walls. Harley would choose to distract Taylor long ehough for Daenerys to climb out and become the new Harlot Division Champion.

Regin as ChampionEdit

Daenerys would take on former Harlot Division champion Silk Spectre after the latter won a triple threat match to become the number one contender. The match would happen at Galactic Throwdown II where Daenerys would come out on top to retain her championship. She would then get a challenge by Taylor Swift for the championship. Daenerys and Taylor would agree to a Inferno match along with a bet. If Taylor won then Daenerys would be out of a job as long as Taylor was champion. But if Daenerys won then Taylor would be sent to rehab to get cleaned up. Daenerys would then team with Morgan and reutrning Harlot Wonder Woman to take on Taylor's Gang Bang. Wonder Woman would get pinned by Daphne Blake for the win. Daenerys would win the match setting Taylor Swift on fire at Solar Eclipse 2 . Daenerys would then on a episode of The State of the M4G-Nation make a challenge for the championship with 5 winners of over the top rope battles to a 6 woman match at Big Bang 2 (2013). Daenerys would get taken out by Bulma who would go on to win the match and the championship.