DD Championship
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Hermione Granger shown with the DD Championship title belt.
Current Champion(s): N/A
Date Won: N/A
Past Champions: The Griffonwhores, The Jigglypuffs, Queens & Sevens, Menage A Trois

The DD (Double D) Championship was a title contested for by the female tag-team division.

The title is currently retired.

Past ChampionsEdit

The GriffonwhoresEdit

Following her loss at the hands of Daphne in the semi-final match held in the Ice Cream Social tournament, Taylor Swift revealed in a promo that she will take Daphne's place in the grand final match set at Absolute Zero against Silk Spectre in exchange for the newly introduced DD Championship belts initially granted to her by commentator Packard to use at her own disposal. Thus, Daphne Blake and Hermione Granger became the inaugural champions.

Their first title defense was held on April 23, 2013. However, as Daphne was arrested a week prior to the match, Hermione was forced to fend for the titles by herself in a handicap match against the Queens and Sevens team of Harley Quinn and Bloodrayne. In the timespan of approximately nine minutes, Hermione Granger successfuly defended her title against the harlots.

By their second title defense held at Sonic Boom, The Griffonwhores were soundly defeated by The Jigglypuffs.

The JigglypuffsEdit

The tag team duo of Dawn and Misty qualified for a shot at the recently unveiled DD Championship by defeating the team of Chun-Li and Samus Aran, and the returning wrestlers Hit Girl and Juliet Starling a few days later. Reigning as an undefeated tag team, the duo were then scheduled to challenge The Griffonwhores for the title in a tag team tornado match. Notably, all four participating harlots were undefeated at the time.

Moments into the match, Dawn began to focus on Hermione Granger at ringside, pummeling her through the announcing table as well as the barricade adjacent to it, while veteran wrestlers Misty and Daphne Blake squared off in the ring. By the match's conclusion, Hermione, in a desperate attempt at redemption for the damage she sustained at the hands of Dawn, attempted to springboard towards the rookie wrestler, but was met with a superkick instead during her descent. As Daphne was distracted by Misty's offense, a battered Hermione was pinned for the match, and The Jigglypuffs reigned as the second champions. They were then beaten by the team of Harley Quinn and Bloodrayne as Queens and Sevens.

Queens & SevensEdit

A six woman battle royal consisting of one member from each tag team was held to determine the #1 contender for the DD Championship. Several novice to veteran members of the Harlot's Division competed, including: Bloodrayne representing Queens and SevensJuliet Starling representing Hit SquadHermione Granger for the former DD Champions Gryffonwhores, and Emma Frost being the representative of Frost Nips. The match also saw two new debuts, each representative of an undisclosed tag team. One debut was Morrigan Aensland from the Capcom fighting video game series Darkstalkers, and Elastigirl deriving from The Incredibles motion picture. In the closing moments of the match, Bloodrayne managed to eliminate Hermione Granger and thus earned a title shot with Harley Quinn against The Jigglypuffs for the DD Championship.

In spite of Harley Quinn and Bloodrayne being uncoordinated, foolish, and hardly cooperative at times (infuriating Trevor in the process), the Queens and Sevens were surprisingly able to triumph over the Pokemon female characters and attain title gold. The duo were then able to retain their titles once more against Pain Train in an 'Oakland Rules' (Tornado Tag Team Hell In A Cell) match after Harley Quinn managed to pin Princess Fiona when the two were engaged in a series of repetitive pinning counters. They eventually were deprived of the gold at Solar Eclipse 2 against Menage A Trois.

Menage a Trois Edit

The enigmatic pair of masked women made their on-screen debut attacking several other female wrestlers. While their intentions and name are unclear, they were referred to as 'Lucha-Whores' by Packard and Trevor before their introduction under the ring name 'Menage A Trois'. Despite the fact that the commentary booth (kayfabe) are unsure of the identities and origins of these characters - although M4Gnitude declares that one of whom seems familiar to him, they were able to land a title opportunity by defeating the tandem of Silk Spectre and Elastigirl in their wrestling debuts.

At Solar Eclipse 2, the duo toppled reigning champions Queens & Sevens in a Tornado Tag Team Tables match. They established their first title defense successfully against Frost Nips at Big Bang 2.

Reigns Edit

# Team Reigns Date Days Held Event
1 The Griffonwhores (Daphne Blake  & Hermione Granger) 1 March 31, 2013 56 Absolute Zero
2 The Jigglypuffs (Dawn & Misty) 1 May 26, 2013 35 Sonic Boom
3 Queens & Sevens (Harley Quinn & Bloodrayne) 1 June 30, 2013 63 Galactic Throwdown II
4 Menage a Trois (Kunimitsu & ????) 1 September 1, 2013 Unknown Solar Eclipse 2
5 Retired - N/A N/A N/A


  • The title belt is the second in M4G-Nation history to be awarded without the requirements of a title match. The other being the M4G-Nation Championship replacing the now defunct Inter-Universal Championship as the premier title.
  • The belt is also notable for being the first to be defended in a handicap match.