Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster as the Hardcore Champion
Origin Sesame Street
Debut: October 31, 2012
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Cookie Crumbler (Anaconda Vise)

GTS or Go To Street(Fireman's carry dropped into a knee lift)

The Cookie Monster is a muppet from the children's TV show Sesame Street, who is currently a full-time wrestler for the M4G-Nation Blue roster.

Cookie Monster is a former Hardcore Champion in the M4G-Nation, and has competed for the Galactic Championship. In the M4G-Nation. Cookie Monster is often compared to WWE Wrestler CM Punk (Due to a joke on the mystery of CM Punk's initials). Normally, he performs CM Punk's entrance while making his way down to the ring and using CM Punk's moveset in matches. M4G-Nation commentator Trevor has developed on this by giving him the nickname "The Best In The Street" as a parody of CM Punk calling himself "The Best In The World". Also, Trevor tends to shout "It's Devouring Time" parodying CM Punk, who normally says "It's Clobbering Time".


Halloween Royal RumbleEdit

Cookie Monster first debuted in the M4G-Nation as the number 4 entrant in the WWE 12 Halloween Royal Rumble for a spot in the M4G-Nation. He lasted nearly 15 minutes Nd eliminated Freddy Krueger before being eliminated by Billy the Puppet.

Return and Chasing ChampionshipsEdit

He would return to the M4G-Nation on February 7th 2013, defeating Vegeta backstage to become the Hardcore Champion for the first time. He would successfully defend the title immediately afterwards against Bandit Keith. Cookie Monster would hold on to the championship until the Northern Lights pay-per-view, where he lost it to Vegeta in a triple threat TLC match also involving Space Ghost.

Cookie Monster would go on to become the number one contender to the Galactic Championship, by winning a fatal four way match also involving Captain America, Marcus Fenix and Vegeta on March 22nd 2013. He would get the shot at Absolute Zero in an Inferno Match with reigning champion Jason Voorhees, but was unsuccessful in winning the championship.

Cookie Monster also entered the 4th official Royal Rumble in M4G-Nation history, entering as the number 4 entrant similar to how he was the 4th entrant in the Halloween Royal Rumble. He lasted 7 minutes before being eliminated by Marcus Fenix.

Downward SpiralEdit

Since then, Cookie Monster has had little luck, losing to Vegeta firstly. He also lost a chance to be in a number one contendership match for the Galactic Championship, failing to win a triple threat match also involving The Hulk and Ryu. Cookie Monster would try to win back the Hardcore Championship again in a fatal four way extreme rules match vs BatmanSkeeter Valentine, and champion King at Galactic Throwdown 2. Batman would pin Skeeter to win the match. He was a competitor in the fifth rumble match. He entered as entrant number 29. He didn't score any elimantions and got quickly eliminated by Sub-Zero.

Road To Gold SeriesEdit

Cookie Monster became one of the first fighters in the Road To Gold Series and fought in the 10 man rumble match to kick it off but was kicked out by Zangief rather quickly. He then lost a fatal fourway for the Hardcore Championship against Captain Falcon, Myotismon, and Red Ranger.

He then resumed the Road To Gold series, picking up a huge fatal four win over Captain America, Yusuke and Darth Maul on September 5th, putting himself 2nd in the standings.

Despite being in the Road To Gold Series, he would be in the M4G-Nation Championship Qualifier against Dante and Link on September 20th with the winner being booked in the triple threat match at Big Bang 2 for the M4G-Nation Title. Cookie Monster would end up winning the match, meaning that not only would he compete for the M4G-Nation Title for the first time but he would headline a PPV for the first time. The rules of Road to Gold stated that Cookie Monster must drop out of the Road to Gold in order to complete in the M4G-Nation Championship match. Cookie Monster would fight bravely but would be pinned by Bandit Keith.

Entrance Theme Edit

Sesame Street- Cookie Monster Sings C is for Cookie

Sesame Street- Cookie Monster Sings C is for Cookie


  • When he appeared at the WWE 12 Halloween Royal Rumble, he was one of the tallest guys in the match and weighed a considerable amount. However, when he first appeared on WWE 13, he was a lot more slim and was considerably smaller than in WWE 12.
  • Cookie Monster is the first person to successfully win the Hardcore Championship off the 24/7 rule, and is the first person to win a championship in the M4G-Nation via Knock Out.
  • Cookie Monster has a career 4-6 record


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