Captain America is a superhero from the comic book series of the same name and the Leader of the Avengers team in the Avengers comic book and television series. He is an active member of the M4G-Nation. He is currently retired from Green.

Among his list of accomplishments include being the first ever Money in the Bank winner, a former Inter-Universal Championship  and a two time and current M4G-Nation Championship Green . He has been a long time member of the roster and has fought most of the members of the roster. He has been a face for all of his career. Captain America has also proved to be one of the best fighters on the roster with all round skill and ability.


Early success and failuresEdit

Captain America's debut would be in an elimination chamber match with the winner proceeding as a number 1 contender for the Galactic Championship. The other fighters were Darth Maul, Yoko Kurama, Bojack, Pikachu, and Broly . Captain America would pin Broly and Yoko before tapping out to Bojack who would win. Captain America would then enter the first Royal Rumble match at number at number 13 but would last just 2 mintues before being knocked out by Hiei. Captain America would then team with Thor and Iron Man to form The Avengers to faceoff vs. the Justice League at that time of Batman, Flash, and Green Lantern. The Avengers would win with Captain America using the tombstone piledriver to pin Batman. Captain America would battle Hiei in a singles match but suffered defeat. Captain America would then form a tag team with Captain Planet becoming Team Excitement. They would beat Trunks and Link in the second round to move on to the finals of a tag team tournament. In the finals they would go head to head with Darth Maul and Dante who were able to defeat Team Excitement on June 20th 2012. Captain America would leave in order to try and refocus his singles career.


Captain America would return to fight Jack Sparrow and Darth Vader in a steel cage match on August 5th 2012. Captain America would find a way outside the cage to win. He would then compete in the first ever Money in the Bank Ladder Match on August 24th. The other fighters were Darth Maul, Ryu, Hulk, Marcus Fenix, and Blue Ranger. Captain America would win the briefcase meaning he could challenge any person at his leisure. The Captain would take part in a second Avengers vs. Justice League tag team match. The Justice league would be composed of Superman, Aquaman, and Batman. Captain America would team with The Hulk and Iron Man. Unlike last time where it came down to one vs. one The Avengers would sweep the Justice League effortlessly. Captain America would move on to team with Captain Planet vs. Trunks and Raphael at the TMN Tag Team Tourney, however Captain Planet would be pinned.

Cash in and Reign as championEdit

Captain America would take two months off and wait for M4Gamania. The Captain would cash in on newly crowned Inter-Universal Champion Darth Vader who barely beat Buu. The Captain would win the match and become the Champion.

The Captain would cut a promo 10 days later November 7th 2012 to explain his actions. He would thank the people for supporting him through his career, but would be attacked by Yusuke Urameshi. Captain America made a deal, if Yusuke could beat tag team partner Captain Planet he would get a shot. Yusuke would use a chair and get DQ giving Captain Planet the win and Yusuke would not be allowed to battle Captain America.. Captain America would then team with fomer partner Captain Planet vs. Blade and Black Dynmite. He would also sport a blue and red colored belt. However for the Captains they would lose the match when Captain Planet would be pinned. Captain America would answer the call of Darth Vader and Yusuke Urameshi saying he would take on those two and the winner of the royal rumble being held on December 22nd (which was won by Packard). Buu won the second money in the bank contract and cashed in for a shot in the match as well. The five would faceoff at Big Bang on December 30th 2012 in a championship scramble match. Captain America would come out with in the last five mintues fresh but was unable to retain as Darth Vader would win the match and become the champion.

Fall from GraceEdit

Captain America would take part in the third Avengers vs Justice League match Januray 11th match 2013. The Justice league would win the match. Captain America would face off vs. Jack-6 in a number 1 contendership match for the Inter-Universal Championship  on January 26th. The match was supposed to be Captain America vs. Goku but Jack-6 would interfere on his own behalf. They would fight outside the ring where Jack-6 would DDT Captain America on the announcers table. Jack-6 would win the match by countout while Captain America would have to leave the arena by stretcher. The Captain would have a few brusied ribs and a broken nose and would need to take time off.

Captain America Injuryed

Captain America Injured vs. Jack-6

Captain America would return in a steel cage match on March 10th to face Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and Iron Man. Captain America would win the match by escaping the cage. The captain would then face Cookie Monster, Marcus Fenix, Hardcore Champion Vegeta in a number one contenders match for the Galactic Championship. The match would be won by Cookie monster. The Captain would once again try to get a chance for the Galactic Championship facing off in a ten man royal rumble match. He would come out 4th but would be knocked out by Kratos. The Captain would try again to win a rumble match hosted on April 13th. He would come out at #10 but would be kicked by King in 36 seconds. 

Once again Captain America would reform Team Excitement along with Captain Planet to take on M4G-Nation Champion Jack-6 and BoJack. Near the end of the match Captain Planet hit Bojack with a neckbreaker and would tag Captain America in, as Captain America walked in Captain Planet hit a DDT on his partner. Captain Planet would move Bojack on top of Captain America and the referee made the count. It appeared Captain Planet had joined the Buu Supermacy.

Captain America would try to win his second money in the bank match at Vernal Equinox. He would take on Yusuke Urameshi, Darth Vader, and Buu. The match is note worthy in it had all former Inter-Universal Champions and two money in the bank winners. Captain America would lose as Yusuke won the match.

He left the M4G-Nation for a while afterward, but returned on July 8 as a member of Team Goku during a State of the M4G-Nation event. On July 15, he also appeared with fellow Team Goku members Yusuke Urameshi, Boba Fett, and returning Dante.

He would beat MegaMan by countout in the 1st round of a tournament for a shot at the Internet Championship. He lost to V in the second.

He was the 20th entrant in the August 2013 Royal Rumble and was eliminated by Dante.

Road to GoldEdit

Captain America started of his journey in the Road To Gold Series by losing the inaugural Royal Rumble. He then lost a fatal fourway match involving Cookie Monster, Darth Maul, and Yusuke Urameshi. Losing a few more matches Captain America would finish 12th with 4 points.

Heel TurnEdit

Captain America would win the money in the bank ladder matchup on November 16th 2013 becoming a two time money in the bank winner. After months of holding on to the contract, he cashed it in on Ryu after the interference of Devimon and Cell in Ryu's match against Quan-Chi on M4G-Nation Green. Cap was successful in regaining the world title and revealed his alliance with Cell and Devimon. This was the first time Captain America had ever been a heel in the M4G-Nation. He would face Ryu later in a Steel cage match and after a long, grueling fight Captain America would escape the cage. He would then face Ryu and Kazuya in a triple threat match and was unable to pick up the win resulting in him losing the championship to Ryu. He would again face Ryu in a singles match and would again pick up the win against Ryu at Singularity 2 winning the title and becoming a three time champion. Paul Phenoix would try to cash in but Cell would attack him causing him to lose the chance to cash in vs Captain America. This would result in Captain America vs Paul Phenoix where Captain America would win. He would defend the M4G-Nation Green Title at Solar Eclplise 3 vs Vegeta where the two fought to a stand still until Captain America would come out on top.

Forced Retirement from Green Edit

At the Northern Lights 3 Pay Per View, Captain America would challenge Master Chief for the Green Championship, which Captain America had lost at the previous pay-per-view to Master Chief. Master Chief, however, only agreed to the match under the stipulation that if Captain America lost, he would be forced to leave M4GNation Green forever.

At Northern Lights 3, Captain America, in spite of delivering two Stars and Stripes facebusters on the outside of the ring, would lose to Master Chief. He was subsequently and immediately forced to leave M4GNation Green forever.

Enterance ThemeEdit

1st Theme

Marvel vs Capcom 3 OST Theme of Captain America (Full Version)

Marvel vs Capcom 3 OST Theme of Captain America (Full Version)

2nd and Current Theme 

Captain America Soundtrack- 25 Captain America

Captain America Soundtrack- 25 Captain America


  • Captain America would win the first Money in the Bank and use his money in the bank vs. Darth Vader(Ironically Captain America would lose the title to Darth Vader in the championship scramble match at Big Bang.)
  • His finisher used to be the Tombstone Piledriver.
  • Captain America is the first superhero to win a championship in the M4G-Nation and aslo the first to claim a major title.
  • Captain America is the first man to successful cash in Money In The Bank twice.
  • Captain America is one of two men who have become three time world champiosn the other being Jack-6.
  • Captain America is the only person to win Money in the Bank twice and be able to cash in both times winning a championship.


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