Origin Street Fighter
Debut: December 12th 2013
Career: Active
Finishing Move: (Push followed by a Kick to the head)
Cammy is one of the most popluar characters in Street Fighter and is an active member of the M4G-Nation Harlot's Division.

Cammy is thought of by many fans to be the sexest women on the whole Harlot's Division roster. She is also among th best fighters on the roster. Cammy debuted around the begining of the WWE 13 being used and has fought in many many matches in the M4G-nation and remains one of the top contenders in the Harlot's division.


Debut and runs for GoldEdit

Cammy would make her debut in a fatal four way match vs Taylor Swift, Emma Frost , Harley Quinn on December 12th 2012. She would pin former Harlot Division Champion Taylor to qaulifty for the six pack Harlot Division Championship match at Big Bang. On December 21st she would face Silk Spectre in a tune up match and would win giving her a real shot at being the new champion.  At Big Bang Cammy would eliminate Daphne Blake and make it to the final three before being eliminated by Bulma in the match. Cammy would next be ranked number 3 and would take part in the Ice Cream Social. On February 16th she would take on Princess Peach in a round one match. Cammy would beat Peach moving on to round two where she would face Daphne Blake on March 13th but would be upset by Daphne. Cammy would then take part in a triple threat match vs number 4 seed Princess Fiona and SIlk Spectre on April 7th 2013 for a shot at the Harlot Division Championship. She would try hard but SIlk Spectre would pin Princess fiona to win the match.


Cammy would take a month off but return on May 14th to beat Poison Ivy. Cammy's next match would be a Money in the Bank qualifier vs KIm Possible. Cammy would win becoming one of the six harlots taking part in the first ever Harlot Money on the Bank at Galactic Throwdown II but failed to win the match. On July 31st 2013 she would beat Hitgirl in a one on one match.

She would then battle in a fatal four way match vs SupergirlRei Ayanami, and Kim Possible winning the match and becoming the number one contender for the Harlot's Division Championship.

Theme SongEdit

Super Street Fighter IV - Theme of Cammy

Super Street Fighter IV - Theme of Cammy


  • Cammy has a career record of 6-3 in her career.
  • Cammy is a favorite of Trevor 
  • Cammy has since debuting been in the top ten in points on the Harlots Division and being as high as number 3.
  • Cammy has been named the "second prettiest girl" based on how she is skilled enough to be champion but has never beeen able to get to the top.