Origin Dragon Ball
Debut: September 4th 2012
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Dragon Rader
Bumla is a character from the Dragon Ball franchise and is a member of the Harlot's Division.

Bulma is a former two time Harlot Division Champion and has been on the roster for a longtime. She is often one of the best known members of the roster and has beaten many of them.


Debut and early daysEdit

Her first debut match would be on September 4th 2012 vs Sailor Moon and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Bulma would be pinned by Sailor Moon and lose the match. On october 10th 2012 she would attack Juliet Starling backstage. a week later after Taylor Swift's victory over Juliet, Bulma would attack her with a lead pipe. She would then be in a tag team match with Juliet as her partner vs Taylor Swift and Megan Fox. Bulma's partner would be pinned by Megan fox losing the match. At M4GaMania is would be Bulma vs. Juliet vs. Tayor Swift in a triple threat for the Harlot Division Championship. Bulma would win the match by pinning Tayor Swift in order to win her first ever Harlot Championship.

Championship Gold and StrugglesEdit

Bumla's first match would be a title defense at the Big Bang. She would face off against Taylor Swift, Slik Spectre, Cammy. Kim Possible, and Daphne Blake. It would come down to Bulma and Slik Spectre. Bulma tried but Silk was able to pin her and become the champion. Bulma would get a rematch vs. Silk at Supernova. Bulma - with help from Princess Fiona, would win the match and become the champion again. However the day after on January 28th as she was cutting a promo, a hooded person attacked her and would chokeslam her through the ring and set her on fire. Bulma was thought to be dead. It turned out that this was all a part of Taylor Swift's plan. A tournament would be held to crown the new champion. Taylor would take Daphne Blake's spot in the finals and became the new champion while Daphne would become one half of the DD Champions alongside Hermione Granger.


Bulma would return on March 30th to warn Taylor she was going after her after the Absolute Zero PPV. On April 3rd, Bulma would speak her mind proclaiming she was not dead, recovered from her injuries, and that the DD Champions would not save her. Bulma would again speak on April 17th challenging Silk Spectre to become the number one contender. Daphne would come out to confront Bulma. M4G-Nation security would then arrest Daphne and take her away upon discovering that Daphne herself was the hooded figure behind Bulma's supposed death. One week later Bulma would go head to head with Silk Spectre for the number one contendership. Bulma would win the match and was set to face Taylor Swift at Vernal Equinox. Bulma however failed to win the match and become the champion again. She would be attacked after the match by Daenarys Targayren. On State of the M4G-Nation Taylor would question Bulma about the rumor that she was going after the Harlot's Championship. Bulma wanted a match right there to settle the issue and Silk Spectre would come in saying she wanted in too starting a three person standoff.

On the next State of the M4G-Nation Taylor would be in the ring saying she should be the number one contender. Bulma and Silk would tell Taylor there would be a triple threat to find the new number one contender. Silk Spectre would pin Taylor Swift winning the match and leaving both Bulma and Taylor in the dust. Bulma would team with her former bodyguard Princess Fiona to beat DD Champions Queens and Sevens. Bulma and Princess Fiona then teamed up once more to fight for #1 contendership at the titles, and successfully did so when they defeated former champions The Jigglypuffs. At their scheduled title match contested under 'Oakland Rules' (Tornado tag team Hell In A Cell), Bulma was unable to break up Harley Quinn's roll-up pin on her teammate, and was thus unsuccessful in winning the championship.

Entrance ThemeEdit

WWE Brock Lesnar New 2013 Next Big Thing Titantron and Theme Song with Download Link

WWE Brock Lesnar New 2013 Next Big Thing Titantron and Theme Song with Download Link


  • Bumla enterance mirrors that of real life WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar. Members of the crew will say the line Here comes the pain becuase of this.
  • 3 members of Bulma's family has won a championship in the M4G-Nation. Bulma has won the Harlots Championship while her husband Vegeta has won the Hardcore Championship and the Tag Team Championship. Their son, Trunks, has won the Atom-Weight Championship.